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  1. Did you test prior to Early Access? No? So how do you know how it was like when there were no timers? No one fought much, unless they could guarantee no one would jump in 30 minutes later or if they had reinforcements on the way, or they were setting up a trap. Why? because it was proven that unknown ships jumping in around that time would sway the combat and there wasn't anything you could do. Doesn't matter how well you fought, fresh ships will always win. That isn't skill. You don't want a skill based game like Game Labs has always talked about. You want a zerg based game. You can't sail and can't fight so you want warping spaceships to save you. Your ineptitude in combat means you always have to have someone come to your rescue. Since that isn't possible right now, people like you and fox2run cry on the forums. Back in early Open World, TDA was the Zerg. We had the numbers, we had the skill, and the organization. When we were within sailing distance of each other, no one could touch us. We had an app that broadcasted our positions to each other. My map wasn't just for the community, we had a private version that showed our locations to each other so we could always find each other's battles. The crying on the forums by the British at St. John's and English Harbor, plus the suggestions of Mr Doran and his Rakers (and I siding with them), introduced timers and reduced them further. I don't know that the devs share your viewpoint. If they did, there would be no timers. There are timers, so obviously they do not share your viewpoint. Basically, how you want the game to be is that anyone within 900km (more than the length of Hispaniola) to be able to join into a battle. Say the devs reintroduce the pvp zones again at La Navasse. The larger zerg always wins. Whether Pirate or British, whoever can get more people into a battle in the circle will win. People complain about sailing, why not just have a button that if you are within 350,000 game units you have the option to teleport to battle? You want to see numbers drop? Watch as everyone leaves when there is no time limit to join battles because people have developed tools that pinpoint their location every second and broadcast that to their teammates. Someone could very well have it now, but the join timer means it doesn't matter much. Also, why should we go back to stuff we previously had that was proven not to work just because you weren't around? Should development go in one continuous cycle of restesting already tested features proven not to work just because someone new comes along? Also, unended timers will kill solo player gameplay. You don't have a clan, you stand no chance in pvp. The complaint is that solo players have it very hard already.
  2. Maybe invisible ships should still show up, but it doesn't give name or nationality, or even which ship. They show up as an unmarked ship class. 6-7 rates show up as a plan vessel that says unknown 6-7th rate. Same for 4-5th rates and 1-3rd rates. When you are invisible everyone else is that way to you.
  3. Personally I don't like invisibility. If we have invisibility, it should be both ways. Now that could simulate fog of war and make it harder for gankers. Technically I think we could have what we do without invisibility. Have invisibility for 10 seconds (for connection reasons) and just have a speed buff for 45 seconds (so 10 seconds invisible and 35 seconds visible).
  4. This is a ship I'd like to see in game: San Juan Nepomuceno, 74 gun Spanish 3rd rate. Read about it here: book page 274, google page 300 if you are reading from google play. https://books.google.com/books?id=-sTFAAAAMAAJ Edited: Churruca (captain of the San Juan Nepomuceno) is the Spanish Cochrane or Nelson, and is extremely famous. If he had been in control of the combined fleet at Trafalgar, it might have had a different result. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosme_Damián_de_Churruca_y_Elorza
  5. Why do you need to sail the entire length of the map in a short amount of time? For what reason? And why stop with your idea of how long it should take? Why not make it take 30 minutes to travel the entire length? 10 minutes? 1 hour? When that happens, scale and size are an illusion and the world is actually very small, so what is the point of the large map? If you don't want to sail the distance, don't, do something much closer. The speed after invisibility is pushing it. Both Eve and Elite Dangerous has extreme distances and travel times, and both games prosper, and there isn't anything to do in the mean time while you travel. Routes are basically autopilot. Point to the next destination and warp. Sail Away has a like 1:1 scale of the world. It took me like 7-8 real time days to travel from Mass. to the Bahamas.
  6. Lol...no, it is a matter of your opinion. You want to be able to gank a battle that is 60-90 minutes away because you and your friends can't operate on their own. Want to help your friends out or get help? Sail together.
  7. Just make it a 3rd rate with a 3rd rate BR. No need to nerf.
  8. It probably isn't stuck. Same happens to me on a poor connection (12mbps down, 0.7 mbps up). Yes, you can play on this connection, but anytime you do an f11 or crash report it takes forever to upload the logs. I've only had maybe 2 crashes over the past 2.5 years for Naval Action though. I'm not sure about Live, but on the testbed it takes your ship out of combat if it is ai only.
  9. Not really, it's how most things work unless you have a contract that says otherwise. Read #7 http://store.steampowered.com/subscriber_agreement/
  10. Uh, no. You go to a movie and you pay such and such for 2 hours of entertainment. You buy a blu ray and you get the features listed on the disk. You then don't get to demand more features like interviews, deleted scene and such be added after you buy the blu-ray. You buy a game, and steam values full value at 2 hours, you can refund prior to 2 hours. If he has a few dozen hours in the game the devs don't own him or us anything more. Naval Action has a list of features. One of them was: Enormous open world – Large open world, recreated based on 18th Century maps, historical harbors, positions, and town names. We do not believe in the various modern hand-holding markers, thus player position is not shown on the map: you will have to navigate yourself using compass, sun or landmarks. PS. battles are instanced to allow extremely complex sailing and fighting calculations for 50 ship battles. P.s. Games aren't investments. You can't create a tutorial for a game that isn't finished, otherwise they spend half their time creating/updating tutorials every time they change something. They've already stated a hundred times that tutorial will come after game is mostly finished. Does anyone remember the Early Access Flag? You bought an Early Access game. It isn't finished! A quarter of the negativity could be cleared up if people would read Early Access, game is not in a finished state yet. Expect poor optimization, poor graphics, tons of bugs, unfinished mechanics, and constantly changing gameplay.
  11. I never said another company would own the engine or decide how it is used. You said another company can get involved. It can, if Game Labs and another company agree on a contract.
  12. Looking at Taleworld's steampage doesn't show you who made the dlc. Different companies made the different dlc, and Blood and Gold is a completely separate game, using the same engine, made by the same company that developed With Fire and Sword, Snowbird games. If Game Labs decided to, they could do the same thing. Legal teams can come up with contracts to suit whatever the need is. But I hope they continue with Naval Action, and honestly all this talk is crap. Admin hasn't stated they are giving up.
  13. He paid for Naval Action when it was how it was. What did we have back then? Same map, slower speeds. How many hours does he have? Most of us have gotten the full value out of Naval Action that we get with most other games. He was warned before he purchased the game, and there were plenty of youtube videos, about the amount of sailing you do and the size of the world. He doesn't like that? That's his fault, he still bought the game despite all the stuff out there saying that was the case. I'm of the opinion now that loss only really matters for 1-4th rates. Loss for 7th rates should be tiny, 6th rates slim, 5th rates manageable (casual can afford say 4 a day). 4th rates, 1 a day. This includes cannons, ship, modules. For this to work, we'd need different module costs for the ship class. Making copper plating or any other module for a 7th rate would be cheaper than for a 4th rate. Of course, I've made up these numbers, but they should give the idea.
  14. It could happen. Look at Mount and Blade with Fire and Sword, Viking Conquest, Napoleonic Wars, or especially Blood and Gold Caribbean. Different companies, modified engines, same overarching title (except Caribbean). Not saying that I want it to happen, but I hope the devs don't give up hope.
  15. You'd have to ask the different pirate alliances who took part. I'm sure Vicious has an exact count somewhere.
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