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  1. This is a ship I'd like to see in game: San Juan Nepomuceno, 74 gun Spanish 3rd rate. Read about it here: book page 274, google page 300 if you are reading from google play. https://books.google.com/books?id=-sTFAAAAMAAJ Edited: Churruca (captain of the San Juan Nepomuceno) is the Spanish Cochrane or Nelson, and is extremely famous. If he had been in control of the combined fleet at Trafalgar, it might have had a different result. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosme_Damián_de_Churruca_y_Elorza
  2. Who is waving money at the devs? No one. And are the devs not listening? You've been around for 1 day, how do you know? The developers have worked closely with players, more so than any other game I've known about, and probably to the detriment of the game, because no one can agree. You have several blocks of players with different ideas and different playstyles and there is very little overlap. So you change one thing and you have one large block of players happy but you have another large block very unhappy and writing negative reviews and writing rants on the forums. The devs then ch
  3. I agree, but the OP ships need to be fixed. The Agamemnon is an aged Ardant class 64 gunner. The Indy is a razeed Ardant. They wouldn't have razeed it if it was "OP." The Agamemnon should be on par with the Constitution, but certainly not OP. United States class Superfrigate (Constitution) carried a max broadside weight of 888 lbs vs the Ardant's 566 lbs. P.s. Agree with the galleon, we don't need them, they are too old. Game takes place at the turn of the 19th century, the vast majority of the ships are around that time and the map starts out after the American Revolution b
  4. World of Warships is a completely different type of game.
  5. The game data goes off speed for points of sail for every 15 degrees, so having a 32 point compass wouldn't match with what is in game. Also, our compass is pretty small. If we could hit a key to bring up a larger compass, it would probably be beneficial, but we would still need the ability to look at a 24 point compass for speed reasons.
  6. So Macjimm started messaging me the other day asking questions. His questions itched the part of my brain that has wanted a relatively accurate trip length estimator. I've wanted this tool for 2 years now, and so here it is. I'm sure someone more skillful will come up with an easier to use and more intuitive tool, and maybe Obi will incorporate this or something similar into tdamap.com, but until someone else does it, here is the first route planner and time to arrival estimator for every ship in game that takes into account skills, wood, mods, and cargo weight (it does not take into accoun
  7. Ya, you are right. I wonder if this variable is found in the game files or api someplace else.
  8. What are you talking about? This comes from the api. The question was how do you get ship speed from the api. Parse game labs javascript variable to get the ships, get MaxSpeed, get SpeedToWind, plug in the number I gave above (13.03), and you get each ship's speed values from the api for each point of sail. Then if you want to get fancy have the player choose their wood, modules and skills, all from the values in the api, and you get their modified speed. Trial and error? Took like 10 minutes to figure out by looking at the ship entries and finding the proper formula.
  9. Not true, it is possible. MaxSpeed * SpeedToWind / 13.03 Tested on Lynx and Victory, works. I assume this is how @balticsailor does it here: https://plot.ly/~jodgi/7.embed speeds at pos. mods and wood not included, though, I haven't looked into adding wood and mods to the formula I gave above. I assume it is possible if you look at the api long enough. Example: Lynx "MaxSpeed":184.694412231445 "SpeedToWind":[0.532278835773468,0.646284937858582,0.734185039997101,0.760524809360504,0.812957763671875,0.93157172203064,1.00052952766418,0.927837312221527,0.925526
  10. Well, I jumped the gun, this was set up and they were testing demasting. This is confirmed by Seawolf. My mistake. Even the stuff Vicious was saying was a joke. Edited my post with the correction.
  11. [picture removed] Well, I jumped the gun, this picture was set up and they were testing demasting. This is confirmed by Seawolf. My mistake. Even the stuff Vicious was saying was a joke. Please ignore and or delete at your pleasure.
  12. Mediums will do more damage, require less crew, fire faster. I've been undergunning raiders for 2 years now. Your guns might do less damage than your opponent's guns, but that won't matter much when they bounce off your sides and you send your broadside through the enemy's stern. In long outdrawn fights you might wish for heavier guns, but as a raider whose defense is speed and not wood/hp, you want to avoid long drawn out fights where you are trading broadsides.
  13. Dude, I don't care about your alliances with who or what. I don't know what pacts you have or don't. My world doesn't revolve around you. I don't even keep up with politics. In fact, I had ignored you for quiet awhile now, until you randomly out of nowhere started crap again with me yesterday. I play pirate now, remember? Don't know a single clan in the US faction or Spain since everyone moved to global. However, I find it kinda funny you are complaining about being tag teamed but then decide to attack two underpopulated nations and start two more wars on two more fronts and we don't h
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