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  1. For me this is the biggest and best news since the announcement of Elite Dangerous for the PS4! Thank you Devs!!!
  2. Wel thats it for me.No PVE,no longer interested in the Game.WHY should i HAVE to keep in a "PVE Zone" that has so few British Ports on?Bad move Developers.I shall be uninstalling NA,shame as it was shaping up to be a great game,now you killed it!
  3. I like the idea of not having just one "standard" of crew.Back in the day when a ship was short of crew they were garnered in several ways. 1."Removing" Crew from Merchant Vessels(Most of these would be accomplished Seamen) 2.The Infamous Press Gang(Mainly low grade Seamen if at all,most likely Landsmen. 3."Volounteers",either from Shoreside or from other ships,even Enemy ships(Most of these were seasoned seamen but of dubious quality especially if they came from another ship.) So how would we "impliment this"? Looking at Number one is simple,when you take a Merchantman or Warship there would be a certain Number of Seasoned Crew available to use.Their Quality would be fairly standard. Number 2,When you dock in a port there is a Perecentage Chance of getting hold of Extra Crew of Varying Quality.Obviously Free Ports would also have the same % chance of obtaining Crew.This would be a small number,we arent talking Hundreds here but a dozen or score of Bodies. Number 3.This mechanic could be one done on a Clan Level.You apply to the Clan for more Crew(these being trained Seamen)Also a random chance off the odd Volounteer would happen when Visiting ports. There would need to be a system of "distribution" of Expert/Seasoned Crew between Gunnery,Sailing and Survival mechanics(Similar in the way we have crew management in a Battle Instance)The more Seasoned/Expert Crew you have the more of an impact on that ships ability to sail,fight and survive.Nations could have a randomly generated "arrival" of a Fleet which would enable Clans to receive replacements for Captains in their Clans.There also could be a mechanic for "training" up these Crew. As a ship fights on,then the Crew would get more experienced(similar to the Officer you can recruit)Possibly you can accrue "Crew XP" which post Battle you can apply to crew to improve their Quality. Just a few thoughts.
  4. Sadly since they made the total overhaul of the Trading side of things i havent been back.The idea of sailing for HOURS and Hours to gather some Fine materials that were at a certain port only to find by the time you get there they have gone has in my mind wrecked the game.Untill the Trading side is sorted out i shant be back.
  5. If we lose the PVE server i for one will NOT move to the PVP server,i will just quit!So leave the PVP server alone!
  6. Not impressed with the loss of my Gold ships that cost me a LOT to get only to have them reduced to MC vessels!I am NOT going to fanny about building what i already had.This patch has killed my enthusiasm for NA.Now on the backburner till it gets sorted!
  7. Dislike it.Material weights are crazy and coupled with the nerf on Cargo space for the Indiaman it makes Trade Missions ridiculous.To take 500 French Livres to PR would take around 4 to 5 Trips of over 800 Nm each way!I am not prepared to sit at my computer for hours on end travelling back and forth to complete a mission to get some much needed gold.I do like the Trading tool but it needs some more refinement,maybe have a "regional" Filter so you can find Materials close to you rather than having to go through the whole list.I havent tried the Combat changes yet so cant comment.
  8. I am liking this patch.......however,the reduction in Hold Capacity for the Indiaman was not a good idea at all,unless we will be getting a bigger Indiaman.
  9. Master Mariner Budd,give me a call when you can craft me an exceptional 3/5 Agammemnon.I will pay top Gold and or Resources.
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