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  1. I think a single player version would be a nice edition with the online aspect being a bonus for players, I love open world games and I love being able to play games with people but the most popular games in open world are single player, take the elder scrolls games for example. I think if the game is bleeding players like it has been since open world came out then the devs should consider making it a single player, or creating a single player game that the community can modify and enjoy. Many games these days are really popular because of the ability for players to modify them. Elder sc
  2. you don't need an internet connection to play most steam games, you can play in offline mode.
  3. I understand it will take time, i'm not saying add it today or this week, I just think adding it would be a good thing.
  4. Yes, but it's still requires an internet connection, what I'm suggesting is a single player, which means no players other than you.
  5. Hello, I wanted to suggest the possibility of adding a single player mode to this game, seeing as the online side of it died due to it no longer allowing solo players to play without being attacked by groups. Your game is heavily unbalanced in the online so would it be possible to add a single player to it, same game just doesn't require you to play it online, it's a great game to play when you get the chance to leave port, but because of the issues the game has at the moment your player base has fallen rapidly. I think a single player aspect would benefit your game, it gives people
  6. Have you guys considered adding ships from movies as premium content? That way you get a boost in funds and people can get well loved ships from movies, I'd personally pay for that sort of content. Just an idea. It would also bring a lot of new players to the game, I know a movie franchise that would bring a ton of fans to sail 3 well known ships of the Caribbean.
  7. Is this ship being added to the game? If so I would pay for it as a premium just saying.
  8. I'm fine with pvp, but when you get ganked by a group of players who choose to attack one person with 10+ ships, but won't engage a fleet when faced with one it goes to show how the players in these types of groups are just pussies. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/396708542388720400/A51B11B3EFBE9A7B6499573B2C9F91939BC97828/
  9. Hello, I am sick to death of losing ships and durability because devs refuse to fix this bullshit. There needs to be a punishment for ganking players who have no way of defending themselves against a group of players and AI ships. I don't like the mechanic of loosing my ships and dura's because the devs don't care about fair. I was sailing from a port towards kingston when a group of spanish players ganked me and would not let me leave upon request, due to not having any desire to engage anyone. This sort of attack is taking the fun out of the game, I used to play a lot but now i mana
  10. I too have experienced this sort of exploit, as well as a member of our fleet who was ganked twice in an hour by the Danes. This sort of behavior goes against the core of the game, which is naval combat, I do not find the lack of sportsmanship on the side of those who use this exploit to get easy kills or captured ships and then logoff to avoid the reprisals waiting for them when they come out, to be any where near fair on those trying to enjoy the game. I think that the devs should pull their fingers out and fix this issue so that players who play the game the way it's meant to be played
  11. And this is our point, the tactic was used, but now players know the result they jump straight to it and so it should be dealt with. They remove the fun from the game, I refuse to play games I used to love because companies ruin the game by keeping aspects about it in, that eventually take the game from original purpose. Call of duty, with their we'll save the genre by adding halo jump, is one prime example. The point is the game hasn't even reached full release and already it's losing its identity as a naval combat game. If you want to ram stuff go get a girlfriend and leave the gam
  12. Diceman, It would seem from all your arguing about keeping it as is, suggests that you yourself use this tactic as many of my fellow captains here are describing. Jumping into battle, the enemy is preparing their ships to move in line Oh look... A daft idiot moron of a player has decided to smash into the side of a bigger ship with his pittiful one to sink it before it can wipe the floor with him, therefore negating the idea of the game, yes it's valid and was used, but I doubt captains of that era did such stupid things. I want to play this game as it was intended, and we all do, you
  13. Hello, I would like to ask the devs to consider a one off ship to be added to the game as a tribute to a ship lost at sea more than 264 years ago, and discovered in 2008 by the Odyssey Explorer. I would like to see her in game as a tribute to those lost at sea while serving on one of the greatest ships in the British navy. As a game based on the era of the Age of sail I think adding her would bring joy to many players. Here are the plans I could find so far: Her Stern: Her Bow: Please consider her for the game, as she will make a great ad
  14. Hello, I just read the first page of your what faction to be topic and I have to say I find it very offensive. I'm all up for a joke and everything but your sitting their throwing slander into other countries faces and thinking it's funny! I'll have you know that only 10% of our sailors were fat, it's called privilege of rank, secondly the french language is by far the easiest to understand... it's a nation specifically adapted to saying "Slap me thrice and hand me to my momma" in as many ways possible, in one dialect. Sure that earns them a pat on the back.
  15. You can't just complain about the fact that we're a big nation, it just means that people choose to join the British nation, you can't limit things to work for smaller nations because you don't like the fact that a certain nation is popular.
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