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  1. Can I play the carry it to the absurd too? I really want to wait 9 hours for the outgoing tide only to have to stay in port because a low pressure system brought opposing winds, and so I can wait another 24 hours. I really want to wait a few weeks in florida to get a decent weather window to cross to the bahamas. I look forward to having to sail for 50 hours to get from Belize to Kingston because I have to sail over the top of Cuba or bash upwind at real world speeds. I want to be dismasted in a storm and sit for days or weeks hoping someone comes by and is willing to tow me to a port. To me this is the ultimate in gaming. Jodgi and I disagree on a great number of things. On this he and I are in complete agreement.
  2. Force no. Encourage yes. I have people I cooperate with. I enjoy that aspect of the game and suspect they do as well. I do not want to be forced to. Nor should I be.
  3. I can see where a system like those two has advantages over the current. I could probably get with the idea more if it wasn't possible to burn exponentially more crafting notes to no gain though. I did a 3 note frigate yesterday and ended up with awful. 1 perm 3 regular Green stiffness Blue Planking Under the current system that is bad enough, under the proposed I'd be crushed. The one downside I see to that system is that it may lead to a giant gulf in ship quality between casual and hardcore players. All in all though I'd like to see it tried out before early release.
  4. As I understand it we all get yachts now because we're Alpha testers. When we go beta on steam the yacht will be a symbol of who we are. People willing to play a game that needs a ton of work and may never come to fruition. Plus help point that ton of work in directions the playerbase has thought about and discussed. Non Alpha testers will likely have the lynx is my guess. We'll have a bit of a leg up in the yacht, but nothing that won't be equaled out in a few days, the knowledge is the big leg up and there will be many forum posts and gnashing of teeth that the game is unfair because we hunt them like curs even when we are in smaller ships than they are. I'm sorry but I have issues with tinkering with the dura system to protect people from making stupid mistakes. If they think small ships are beneath them let them go broke. If they think that the frigate is a learner ship let them try it and go broke. I have friends that would have happily released cap frigates and trincs to me when I was just starting to learn square riggers in the merc. They would happily have laughed at me in ts when I lost it because I didn't know what I was doing.
  5. Again speaking as a crafter your suggestion would leave me with no customers beyond people that have never owned a certain ship type and people wanting refits. We have a basic brig. It's any ship you've capped. Anyone in a yacht can learn to cap out a brig and thus have all the learner brigs they want at no cost to buy or equip, only to repair.
  6. When I was a young pollywog (a term used for a sailor that has not sailed across the equator) I sailed the lynx you began with that came with 5 duras. I beat that thing like it was my stupid half brother. It wasn't until I got a couple of ranks under my belt that I felt prepared to sail something bigger. I moved up to the Mercury(it wasn't a crafted ship then, so I would do a brig today). By the time I could fully crew a merc I had more than enough gold to buy, equip, and insure the thing. By the time I ate all the duras on it I had more than enough to purchase my next ship with all the associated costs. The current system offers you ships at no cost with no cost repairs. I seriously do not understand how this is hard on new players. The thing that is hard on new players isn't the economy, it's the perception that the yacht is somehow just a starter ship and should be canned at the first possible second. Want new players to prosper? Tell them to beat the snot out of the free ships until they can afford to lose 2 ships they can crew.
  7. A graduated system may work. One thing I haven't seen mentioned here is that crafting is a graduated system in reverse. I can craft 1.something frigates in a day if I use other people to make the parts for it. As we don't know what the crafting hours for a connie may be my lowest guess would be a max of one per day if no parts are crafted. To keep up with demand you would have to have many crafters for each pvper. Devs have said there will be a pve server. I have no doubt that many of the crafter/pve'ers will go there even though that's me and I won't. I really hope you never want to pvp a Constitution if it has 1 or 2 duras. Because the line of people wanting me to craft them a connie would be out the door with waiting times to match it.
  8. Just an example chosen because of a nation of exceedingly low population post wipe. Not a reference to any actual events. If people got negative xp and gold for attacking mids and ensigns they'd surely stop attacking them and knowing what rank someone is happens when you hail the ship merely by clicking on it. Even easier if they put a reputation system in that discourages attacking people of significantly lower rank and/or sailing significantly smaller ships. Coolbord, Jeremie and Tiburon are neutral ports near the brit starter port. It has become a magnet for PVP activity for that reason. Imagine if a group of pirates and brits took up residence in San Mateo attacking every US vessel that came that way they could catch. There's your equivalent to being british. Same as it was pre-wipe when players hung out just south of EH. If you play during US prime you're doubly protected as most of the other nations are heavily populated by players that play during euro prime time.
  9. Interesting take, but I'll happily provide a counter example. Day before yesterday I answered a number of the most basic questions from 2 different new players in brit chat. You know the ones, can I look through my telescope outside of battle, is there a map, how do I get gold, those types of things. The players that I answered questions for both were sunk within 24 hours of starting the game. That's not a problem at all. You take your chances when sailing out from port. Had they run into new players from other nations and been sunk I'd be cheering. The problem is both were sunk by frigate class vessels helmed by experienced players. IIRC one of the new guys was in a brig and one in some sort of trader. Their calls for assistance surely was not baloney. 1 day in does not make you anything but a seal with a learning curve like NA has. Exactly how sad is it that I feel the need to tell new players that if they don't want to be seen as easy prey they need to get far the hell away from Kingston? I'm not SLRN, and have no idea what they do, when, why, or where, they do it. I'm actually an american that sails as a brit, so I tend to see what is happening during US prime hours. If SLRN is clubbing US seals then I will happily say that they deserve negative XP, negative gold. If DA is clubbing swede seals same thing. I don't care what nation is holding the club or which is looking up at it.
  10. A quick google search of prevailing wind patterns for Jamaica showed me that the winds in that area are from the east for 10 months of the year. The other two months they are from the ENE. Great if you want to go to Belize, pretty awful if you want to go anywhere eastward. I really see prevailing winds in the game as a bad solution to a very small issue. Same as I see reduced OW speeds. As an edit I just looked at Belize. The news is even worse if you want to travel eastward. Winds from the east for 12 months of the year. Want to buy a cheap Santissima go to belize because no one will want to bash that thing upwind for 500 miles.
  11. Seal clubbing is happening daily. Brit chat is continuous calls for assistance mainly by new players and almost always from near Tiburon and Jeremie.
  12. Spork

    Remove all MODS

    Until such time as officers and/or captains skills come into being modules are the only practical way to test the affects of buffs and debuffs. As such I have no real issue with them beyond the devs time it takes to tweak them. This will change a bit when ship crafting becomes tuneable and we can turn out ships to order.
  13. This is one of my main concerns with NA in its current form. There is no real protection for new players. There are 0 penalties to the commodore in a pimped ship sitting just outside the protective zone waiting for Norman Newbie in his shiny new yacht to come along. Midshipmen and ensigns of other nations are just soft candies waiting to be gobbled up.
  14. I do want weather changes for sure. As for slowing down OW travel well. no please. I recently decided to travel from the yucatan peninsula to dominica without teleporting. The trip took me pretty much the entire day with breaks to go eat and do normal real life things. If you slow down OW travel the game would end up being isolated pockets of players that never interact with one another even if they want to. If you add in trade winds, well, I'd still be tacking my way across the map.
  15. I use a capped trader brig to transport. Speed is my only defense and the only effective one that I've found. Trader snows don't carry enough cannon to truly defend themselves from other players or AI and are too slow to make a dash for it when chased.
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