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  1. I would like to see ships crafted with a name (not given by player but generated) which leads to a random chance of crafting a famous 'named ship' but only one can be persistent in the world at any one time e.g. player crafts a Leda class frigate and by chance gets the Trincomalee (maybe give a small buff/paint etc to set them apart from the not so famous sister ships) I'm sure the community could give a list of appropriate names for the database, in their native language, to give to the majority of the crafted vessels but only one of each famous ships
  2. what are this autowin modules you speak of?
  3. I would welcome sli. The game runs pretty good at the moment but, as possible new features are added they could possibly reduce performance making sli/crossfire users benefit
  4. Traders should be given the option to semi-surrender in the instance which causes his ship to lower sails and not move (within the first 10 mins of combat) The attacker then has to get in boarding range to transfer cargo. The trader gets to keep his ship and maybe all his crew (depending on the attacking captain's whim) It seems the only reason destroying cargo is for people that want to teleport and should not be in the game for deny rewards for the hunters.. without rewards there is little to gain and no game
  5. Hussar pvp 1 1. Bounty hunter ( can find approximate location of one individual once per day ) 2. Spy Master ( can enter other nations national chat once per day ) 3. Bootlegger ( can disguise shown national flag in Open sea ) 4. seaman specialist ( increased speed in OS and bad weather? ) 5. Warfare master ( increased reload speed + morale boost ) 6. Drill master ( Decreased boarding prep time or musket accuracy maybe cannon reloads ) 7. Sneaky git (able to disguise ship in os to that of trader version. obvious ship limits)
  6. Bellona lower gun deck single shot firing order is broken minor problem but still an error check issue and repair
  7. I like the new model, you have to know your enemy better than before and what range your guns will penetrate. Besides the grape issue, this has introduce more tactical play which can only be a good thing in the long run.... more testing needed but it gets a + from me
  8. why does double shot have to be a skill or a consumable? I don't understand why not just give it severe range/ penetration penalties.
  9. I would like 5 or 10 min initial timer then based on proximity 1min at 1000meters, 2min at 800m, 4min etc or something to that effect... (off the top of my head)
  10. there should be no global channel or trade channel imo
  11. my suggestions for this title Make server one full hardcore 1, All ships one Dura (makes all crafted ships usable) 2, Pirates perma death (introduce a leaderboard for 'Most Wanted' and bragging rights) 3, Pirates get no gold for damage or sinking (they have to capture for rewards) 4, NO teleport (if teleport to capital then with no ship or cargo) Some other proposals for all servers... Small/large battles should not give gold or xp that translates to the OW. It should have its own leaderboard and have no bearing on the OW Unify Gold I've no idea why we have two types of gold Captains carry their gold with them at all times, and if captured or sunk, will lose that gold solution is to add banks at large ports to store excess gold need for your voyage... would it make you defend it ??? Crafting Crafting notes are ONLY obtained from crafting a vessel. e.g. Build a lynx get a crafting note for a lynx only... build four you will have enough notes to build an exceptional one..normal xp gains ranks and new BP's/ RNG Bp drops. simple Instances de-masted ships should not be able to turn currently you cannot disable a ship obviously the 'Boarding Interrupted' problem needs resolving I have more but I don't want to blow your minds, simple little changes that vastly increase the challenge.
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