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  1. Yes, that's correct Malachi. In game right now, the swedish flag is really the swedish civil flag with our police emblem on, which I think is really weird... The correct naval flag would be the one that Norbi shows up there, "örlogsflaggan". I hope the devs fix this soon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_flags_of_Sweden EDIT: The flags seems to be right now. Ignore my reply
  2. High-quality blueprints of various ships from Fredrik Henrik af Chapman's book Architectura Navalis Mercatoria: http://www.sjohistoriska.se/sv/Fordjupning/Sok-i-samlingarna/Arkiv/F-H-af-Chapmans-arkiv/ChapmanNet/ChapmanNet1/
  3. Aye, it was Sweden's offical state and war navy flag. Mid 17th century - 1815 state and war navy flag. (This one should be in-game) 1815 - 1844 state and war navy flag. (Union with Norway) Merchant navy flag. Until 1844. Merchant navy flag. Used for ships in distant waters. 1815 - 1844. Admiral ensign. 1815 - 1844.
  4. Ah, thanks guys. Edit: More ships will come in the future. The devs are currently working on the most famous ships.
  5. Where can I find the ships that are currently in development or is that the list on the first page? Thanks.
  6. Lovely pictures you got there Wind. It's a very fine museum indeed. They actually built a replica of one of its 24 pounder cannons and found that it was remarkably good in penetrating armor as shown here:
  7. The swedish ship HMS Dristigheten was built as a 64-cannons ship-of-the-line in 1785, but after a restoration in 1806 she got additional 10 cannons, making her a 74-cannons ship of the line. I would really wish to see this beuty in the game. Ship plans: http://samlingar.maritima.se/marketstore/servlet/export/ExportFile?RECORDID=RITN_0035445_1&POS=1&TYPE=SCREEN More ship plans: http://samlingar.maritima.se/marketstore/servlet/export/ExportFile?RECORDID=RITN_0035445_1&POS=2&TYPE=SCREEN Figurehead: http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dristigheten_(1785)#/media/File:Dristigheten_ga
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