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  1. After I visited the Vasa museum last week I've changed my mind. It was clearly not designed and built properly as you stated, so I take back what I said earlier. Anyway, a tips to the devs, it'd might fit in NA for a aprils fools some year...
  2. Yea, I saw that. I should've said the first three decker blueprint that was built, and not only proposed
  3. You really deserve a medal for this find, Ponk! This is the only swedish three-decker blueprint that I've seen on the internet so far, and I've made a lot of research! Thank you!
  4. Well, I'm going to lay my vote on Wasa and cross my fingers... "Du skall svara mig inför Gud, om du stryker flagg!" ("You shall answer me before God, if you surrender!") Captain Horn af Rantzien, final words to Lieutenant Lagerstråle onboard HMS Wasa, during the battle of Hogland.
  5. Haha, will Diana win the second place with 0,68 % more votes than Venus (and Wasa)? A really close call if you ask me.
  6. Hm... "Carl XIII" with Carl XII's signature? Something isn't right here... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_XII_of_Sweden
  7. Well, since we haven't found any blueprint of her yet, it is almost impossible to make a proper 3D model of her. And by the way, regarding the name, her original name is actually "Stora Cronan". Which I think would be the correct name for her if she ever gets added into the game.
  8. Yes, that's correct Malachi. In game right now, the swedish flag is really the swedish civil flag with our police emblem on, which I think is really weird... The correct naval flag would be the one that Norbi shows up there, "örlogsflaggan". I hope the devs fix this soon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_flags_of_Sweden EDIT: The flags seems to be right now. Ignore my reply
  9. It's swedish indeed. A rough translation of the text in the bottom right is: "...The amirality has ordered 14 June 1728, to make a blueprint of a man-of-war with 60 cannons, after the dimensions of the ship(?) A.Brehmen ....150 foot long, 39 foot wide...Karlscrona (Karlskrona) 25 June 1728." I'm going to make some more research but I'm not sure if this ship was ever made though. I don't recognize any name.
  10. HMS Kronan also carried 3-36 pounds bronze cannons. But something I found funny is that they could only fire the largest pieces 6-8 times an hour because of the heat in the bronze. They had to use water to cool them down.
  11. Yes, and it's not entirely impossible for someone to make a second account to lay a vote more on the prefered ship... So, it'd be very unfair in my opinion if one ship won over another with just a few votes. But I guess rules are rules.
  12. Yeah, right. As you probably know, this would be the correct naval flag for Sweden: (Mid 1600-1815) Very good job anyway with the ship Malachi!
  13. Ah, right. It'd be a shame if it doesn't get added then.
  14. Wow! Really great job man! I only got a litte question, are you a dev or are you just building for fun? You don't have the staff title here on the forum so I just don't really understand.
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