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WIP - Sea Legends


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I would sail it like it is, atm.....😬

Looks good...!

"This is going to be so much better than SoT.
or any other age of sail game for that matter."

I'm sure that the models will be way better than everything we have right now. Concerning modeling we're in good hands here.🤩

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Went to Ottoman coast 3 weeks ago to research sea,sky, clouds, wind patterns and collect references for Sea Legends. Here is what we got in game several weeks later. Of course quality is not final. 

Ottoman coast real life vs in game comparison shots. 

Sea Legends Coast of Turkey.png

One cannot stop imagining hunting smugglers in these ottoman waters working under patent from Venetian traders 


On other fronts. Team is growing and now consists of 1 technical artist and 1 generative text researcher/programmer, which is more than enough at this stage (I do not count as team).

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56 minutes ago, iKhone said:

I m not sure about the implementation of constellation to know your current situation. Plus the scenary is europe so with the actual system (without the "gps" perk) is enough.

I think that it is not different from measuring latitude with the sun (you also need a sextant and focus on the Pole Star). 


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