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  1. https://www.aos.ultimateadmiral.com/post/naval-gameplay
  2. Sir Edward Pellew's career would make for some pretty great gameplay, especially given we will finally have a game with ship-to-shore operations fully realized.
  3. Really beautiful, but the relative scaling does give an odd feel, and might subvert authentic tactics to some degree (too easy to sail huge ships right up to coast and disembark huge numbers of troops without having to endure fire from land batteries).
  4. Another good example of ships under battle sails: https://goo.gl/images/w1n2c5
  5. Looks like NA and Ultimate General had a baby, and it is a really, really beautiful one. This is shaping up to be a dream game come true. Few comments / questions after perusing the new site: One thing that seemed very off in the battle video was the sail animation, with speed reduction seeming to go from topmost to bottommost sails and ships often left fighting with only main sails set. This looks very strange. The main (lowest) sails should be taken in first, then topgallant (highest) and finally top (middle) sails. It is arguable that ships should even fight a close action with main sails set as this greatly increased the chance of fire (could be an interest mechanic / trade-off for using full sails in combat). See “battle sails” as below: Will there be European and Continental American environments also? Everything shown so far seems to be tropical / Caribbean. More smoke please. Lots more. Will shallows, reefs and other underwater topography play a role in battles? This was a huge influence on ship-to-shore operations and could offer up a great deal of tactical variety in gameplay, with smaller (or shallower drought) ships being required in certain circumstances.
  6. More crew visualized? Ship-to-ship boarding visualized? Undersea topography in ship-to-shore operations? (Shallows, reefs, consequences for ships of different drafts.)
  7. Single player Naval Action in the works? RTS / sim blend?
  8. Hello Game-Labs, breaking radio silence after some time away adopting three children (from Ukraine!). Missed you guys, but testing something like this is probably more my speed nowadays. Sounds like you all are cooking up another thought-I-could-only-dream single-player game.
  9. In the case of Alcmene, IIRC her QD/FC 4pdrs were replaced with 6pdrs in British service after capture.
  10. You are possibly thinking of Rule the Waves from NWS, already mentioned above. Really not that old (2015), but sacrifices graphics for having just about everything else you could ever dream of in a wargame / sim for this era. Really the only things missing are beautiful 3D ships (with first person bridge and gunnery views), seas, coastlines and weather conditions. (hint, hint Gamelabs Small order, right?) Here is a nice overview of previous PC games for this era: http://www.wargamer.com/articles/the-wargamers-guide-to-ww1-naval-wargames/ p.s. title suggestion: Rise of the Dreadnoughts
  11. Devs will always put a gun in every gun port and even some places with port lids that aren't gun ports.
  12. Hard choice, but more diversity in the 3rd rates along with a port battle system that encourages their use (BR and battle group based) would probably be most beneficial for the game. As such, I'm leaning towards Montanes or Temeraire. A third rate line-up as follows (using game armaments) would be ideal, and allow for restoration of historical armament on Bellona: Bellona: Deck 1: 9pdr / 32pdr carronade Deck 2: 18pdr Deck 3: 32pdr Montanes: Deck 1: 9pdr / 32pdr carronade Deck 2: 18pdr Deck 3: 36pdr Temeraire (Pluton variant): Deck 1: 9pdr / 32pdr carronade Deck 2: 24pdr Deck 3: 36pdr Dutch Wreker is pretty awesome, but doesn't seem to fit with 3rd rates in game terms. Really more a 2nd rate, or 2.5 rate in terms of armament and crew (and in fact some in the class were refit as 2nd rates).
  13. Sensitive topic, and nice to see an attempt to tell the story from the native side, but I hope you don't fall into the "noble savage" trap.
  14. PvPers only really hate being forced to PvE to progress or be competitive, or the use of PvE content to actively avoid PvP.
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