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  1. That depends on the target position, course and speed and your position, course and speed.
  2. From my just-started British 1910 campaign where I accidentally let the AI auto-design my legacy fleet, I give you HMS Dread...not! But seriously, this isn't a dreadnought. It's semi-dreadnought with the speed of a pre-dreadnought, and with an absurd mix of secondaries, tertiaries, etc. (I especially love that ultra-efficient use of a 319t barbette).
  3. Awesome! But what is "Super HE"? I know there were "Super Heavy" shells (e.g. US 16-inch), but that seems to be covered in a separate design choice in the designer for light / standard / heavy shells (would be nice if this could be picked per gun-caliber, rather than forcing it on all guns / ammo carried).
  4. You can roll a mission that has your ships intercepted returning from another battle, or vice versa against AI ships. Anyways, I'm pretty sure something is wrong with the auto-designer for CLs: I've noticed that sometimes (but not always? Or just always with a recent update?) when you select a CL hull for building, the armor defaults to 0 for all values. It seems the AI starts with 0 armor in its design process, loads up on guns (here it has 4x 6-inch and 12x 4-inch on less than 3,500t), then adds HP, then fills what tiny leftover displacement it has with minimal armor values
  5. The ambush locations are often hilarious. Just ambushed a German battleship and armoured cruiser in the Irish Sea northeast of the Isle of Man in Solway Firth. Those guys were seriously lost! Also started at 2km from them in clear, morning conditions. They were clearly too busy trying to figure out where the hell they were to notice 12x coal-burning destroyers approaching at high speed.
  6. Maybe you weren't supposed to be able to tell which direction she was sailing? 😜
  7. That's not how it works. You don't end up with a surprise on delivery (well, except those "hidden" surprises like grossly overweight, belt under water, etc.). Spain issued the specifications and obviously approved the designed plan. Likely they had their reasons for the central bridge (I'd guess it economized on armor protection for the conning tower), but it was certainly an anomaly for a barbette ship of her era (maybe you are thinking of older ironclads that still considered the quarterdeck the command position?). The Marceau she was based on had the bridge / CT up front.
  8. Since she was based on a French ironclad design, one of them might serve as a reasonable substitute, although I don’t think we can replicate the idiocy of placing a funnel in front of the bridge. However, what is needed even more than a hull is a set of “Mark 0” guns to replicate this older generation of armament (lighter for the caliber, but generally in barbettes rather than gunhouses and with extremely slow reload). http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNSpain_126-35_m1884.php
  9. Secondaries other than 2- to 3-inch casemates are totally excluded from light cruisers until, I think, a much later date. That means you can have at most 4x 2-inch guns or 4x 3-inch guns on the ship. That’s it. In reality, of course, such ships were well-equipped with anti-torpedo boat batteries in addition to their main battery. Secondary guns of at least 2- to 3-inch single open mounts need to be allowed at all dates. We also are still unable to mount 6-inch casemates or 6-inch guns as secondaries on any Armoured Cruiser hulls, even though this was nearly universal in reality.
  10. It was an error fixed in most recent update to Beta 1.03 (Jan 19).
  11. I don’t see what is gained by such incrementalism. Actually will delay campaign development by generating useless (in context of final campaign) feedback. Lack of art assets can’t possibly be an actual barrier to implementation of other nations as Britain and Germany have only a fraction of what would be needed for a fully fleshed out campaign.
  12. AI continues to be obsessed with absurdly over-arming and badly under-armoring light cruisers: The AI designer seems to be very focused on filling all available deck space with guns. One thing that might help the AI designer a bit is to follow a rule of not placing guns in positions that have firing arcs of less than, say, 120 degrees: But regardless, you can see that this would not be feasible at all in reality due to the area needed to work the guns. If the side guns turned at all to the side, there would be no way for the gun crew to work the gun with the gun in the mi
  13. Thanks Nick. Haven't updated yet, but just had a successful battle end with a Peace Treaty offer when I exited the battle, which I agreed to. There was still another battle present on the world map unresolved, but I assumed hitting next turn would end the war. Instead the next turn was processed and a port strike mission (against England, btw, but location shown is coast of France!) popped up. Can't close it, so it seems I am forced to continue the war, but without any indication of the peace treaty not happening. In my opinion, peace treaties should not happen when exiting a battle dur
  14. Well, didn’t encounter these extremes, but usual formation problems persist. Weird inability to maintain spacing (probably because AI has no concept of slowing formation to achieve spacing and instead constantly tries to accelerate following ships). Following ships constantly snaking back and forth behind ship they are following / in formation with instead of sailing in line. Some ships randomly slowing way down because another ship behind them gets too close, consequently breaking both of their ability to keep formation. Only solution is to detach all ships and reform over and over again,
  15. AI ships are still turning almost in place while barely moving. AI CL makes near 180 degree turn in its own length, or maybe less: Here is another example. The red X is a fixed point in the sea: Just in case you were wondering about its condition at the time (not that a ship should be able to do that an any condition, of course): Also those turrets! 😆 Have to look at these damn CLs in every mission of this campaign. My eyes!
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