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  1. News about Sea Legends are still announced in this forum or are they tranferred to another server (as done with NA) ?
  2. I love the beautiful pictures. I hope there will be a hotkey ingame to hide all menues for taking perfect screenshots.
  3. Es hat saumäßig Spaß gemacht, in der KRAKE-Community mitmachen zu dürfen. Urlaub nehmen für den Release? Klar, unbedingt. 20 KRAKEN im TS, die sekündlich am Release-Tag auf den reload-Button geklickt haben, um als erster auf dem gewipedten Server zu sein, das werde ich nie vergessen. Multiflip gegen die Preußen am Wochenende, der Wecker klingelt mitten in der Nacht und die Ehefrau fragt nur verständnisvoll: "Portbattle...?" Ich würde die Erfahrung gegen nichts in der Welt eintauschen wollen.
  4. Would be awesome to hear a whistle and the rumble of drums when you start to tag another ship. If sailing in a group it would be helpful for them if they hear that sound as well.
  5. War in carribean was often driven by war in Europe. Let the Admirality tell you weekly, which nations are (randomly) at war with each other. Only these nations can take ports from each other. Nations in peace may also attack each others ports, but winning a port battle will not turn over its nationality but the winner is rewarded with half of the port income for 2 days. PVP in open world is not affected and always allowed. Randomly announced war will prevent smaller nations to be wiped off the map in 1-2 weeks if they dare to attack a bigger nation.
  6. Let's cheer up the poor sailors on trading ships (only them) with some stuff: East India traders chest +1% speed bonus Ingredients: 5 Languedoc violins, 5 carolina Tobacco, 5 danish beer
  7. same Idea - it just took me too long to get the historical background o)
  8. I also would like to introduce an upgrade for the mortar brig lovers. In anciant times these kind of thrown bombs were used to bring fire and fury to enemy fortifications if filled with flammable liquids. So maybe we (LAMA) should introduce Greek Fire - Fire probability is 50% if hit by mortar strike Ingredients: 5 Gunpowder, 5 Chile Salpeter, 5 Diplome d'Artillerie, 5 Guacata Salpeter
  9. I would like to sail my gunboats but lelelling is difficult, because even trader brigs destroy my single front carriage before I can kill them. So why not introduce for the LAMA clan Heavy duty gun carriages (+50% hitpoints/resistance) Ingredients: 5 svedish iron and 5 logwood
  10. I use map coordinates quite often and like them. On the other hand I remember a cruise from Belize to KPR in my early days in NA. I didn't know anything about NA-map, the use o trader tool Triangulation nor the use of the protractor. As a bloody beginner I started Island hopping and was surprised by a thunderstorm on my way with 5 shiplength sight. So I missed 2 Islands and experienced being "lost at sea at ist best. Chat reported ganking at my destination so I stayed on the deckplanks of my ship and stared into the dark for half an hour. Finally, the sky cleared and I recognized the bi
  11. I would like to have a mission like "sneak into enemy capital city and cut out a gunboat" (or steal a handfull pood edinorog). That's a thrilling task and and a nice reward. Maybe this Mission is too hard for a newbee, but brings some enemy trader ships into capital area for newbee PVP.
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