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  1. I would sail it like it is, atm.....😬 Looks good...! "This is going to be so much better than SoT.or any other age of sail game for that matter." I'm sure that the models will be way better than everything we have right now. Concerning modeling we're in good hands here.🀩
  2. The idea seems ok to me, but for that price...ok, it's just a thought but i wouldn't go higher than 5 €. Or bundle it in a dlc with other comfort functions....like always wind from the back. XD -just kidding. On the other hand flooding the market with loads of micro transactions may upset the crowd...;-)
  3. "Redoutable will be an imported ship. Its slightly stronger classmate Implacable ( Duguay-Trouin) will be a crafteable free 3rd rate" That they said in the Forum quoted above....so it'll be a 3rd rate.
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