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On 5/3/2018 at 9:05 AM, Abram Svensson said:

-unlimited/bigger dock space (i dont see the point of limiting the number of owned ships)

this was limited due to server load. You used to be able to have 5 ships in each of your eight ports ( if i am remembering correctly) so 40 in total and with the bigger player base NA use to have this was a huge amount for servers to keep track of (especially with upgrades/cannons/items in their holds) so that's why we have what we have now. Basically it's done to save NA running costs.

On 5/3/2018 at 10:28 AM, Sento de Benimaclet said:

-Mine of copper in all nation capitals. Only two ports with copper not enough.

this would just make the resource pointless and further reduce the need for people to sail away from capitals or attack ports. A few more ports that produce the in-demand resources (like copper)spread out elsewhere on the map would be better idea.


On 5/3/2018 at 9:43 PM, Cabral said:

I would like to see whalers ( whale oil was a very expensive resource in those times ).

I might be wrong but whaling was not added to the game because it gets into tricky legal waters, so to speak. Same as adding slavery to a game. Yeah it would be nice to have but with political correctness and the legal side I'm pretty sure its not going to happen. 


1 hour ago, CaptainSparckles said:

4 ) Make storms more violent .

This was in the game and they used to damage your sails but was removed/toned down as players didn't like it.


53 minutes ago, PaladinFX said:

1. Be able to swap ships to one of your fleet ships in OW. There could be a timer for how long this takes to accomplish, 60 seconds maybe.

This is meant to be possible when the new UI is implemented.... supposedly anyway.


I'm just a regular player so while i think i'm right about what i've written above I may be totally wrong.  :P

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Strong ocean waves in OW and battles.

Open and closing functional cannon hatches through a button, self-explanatory.

Be able to become a privateer as a Neutral or Pirate player, receiving the letter of marque from the nation of choice (you won't fly the flag of the nation, but privateer will show when someone clicks on your ship before battle ([Clan][rank] Privateer [name of the player]).

Pirates should be able to desguise themselves with a national flag of any nation. To get the flag, you simply need to defeat a ship of said nation and upon inspecting the ship, the flag would be presented as an item in the inventory of the sunk ship.

Be able to customize ship colors and sails, avoid colorful ones, stick to wood, dark wood, light wood, white, blue, red, yellow, brown and other colors that was used on ships.

Helms that actually turn and you can actually see someone sailing the ship (doesn't have to be a character, just a npc like the ones reloading the canons).

Different choices of spyglass, new players would get a much more poor spyglass with limited visualization of what's in front of him, spyglass quality should be sold in ports, the ones we have right now zooms too much and spyglasses in that era wasn't that much effective as it is in this game, breaks immersion.

The possibility of surrender in a battle without firing a gun. NPCs with lower ship rates should give up more often against ships of higher rates, be able to see a NPC or player hoisting a white flag of surrender would be f** amazing.

NPCs should be more afraid of piracy in this era, as we all know how history is. Merchant ships wouldn't battle against someone they fear, kinda like a reputation system, where the more you battle NPCs or players, the more fearsome you will become (this would help out PVE servers A LOT!). In case of nation players, if you belong to a nation, it wouldn' be recommended to fight merchant ships, as it would give you a bad reputation, as they weren't outlaws, but if your nation is at war against another, that one nation NPCs would be vunerable.

If you're an officer and you do battle merchant ships from other nations, you would get negative reputation, being exiled from the nation you are currently in and become a pirate, changing your original nation to the pirate nation instantly after a couple of warnings. Getting caught battling merchant ships, traders or other nation ships, you can go to prison or even hang.


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