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some 9 pounder frigates moved to rank 6 ( La Renomee, Cerberus ) some 24 pounders frigate moved to rank 4 ( Leopard, United States, Constitution )    

Can we have a thing that shows us, what books we currenty have applied to the ship at sea?

We actually implemented a lot from community feedback.  What about this?       Its just from the first page of this topic. All of these were implemented We are curren

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Visible flags in Open world for example would be nice. Would be  a nice little touch.
Not just in a battle.
Crew doing something while in open seas..Cleaning and talking,walking around,or doing something with the cannons and ropes.
This should be an option,maybe some people would like it,some would not.
Camera angles.


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On 9/24/2018 at 2:14 PM, Ace 117 said:

Open World Flags, a case that I have made in the past that I think is something we all really want still




With the upcoming introduction of new flags being added to the game I really think that Open World/Water flags should be a thing, I have read and been told that it's a performance issue. Well why not just make it a check box in the graphics settings? I know that a majority of us should be able to run it without much of a issue. The flags add a really nice nautical feel to the game. I would love to have the pennants too but starting with the flags would be a nice step forward.


Also, perhaps assign flags to individual ships?

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17 hours ago, Ace 117 said:


Also, perhaps assign flags to individual ships?

you always can choose a flag for your ship

also new flags seem to be on the way but

update on flags are overdue for quite some time and we  do not know time of arrival.


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