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  1. Malachi have you ever come across any tables for mast and rigging proportions in Danish service? It would be interesting to compare with a contemporary British frigate.
  2. Never knew Little Belt was Danish. Was she really sailed down by the head? Or could this be the trim at launch?
  3. Actually the Admiralty is probably off to the right side of the canvas, with the Winter Palace in the background.
  4. That is quite clearly the cathedral in the Fortress of Peter and Paul in Saint Petersburg at left. I don't see the Admiralty spire, but it may be hidden in the smoke. The buildings on the embankment look familiar.
  5. A frigate with most of the stores removed would heel a more, primarily. Probably more leeway, too. Speed could go either way, depending on conditions and the particular vessel. Most of all, the master might not know how to trim the ship in that condition, leading to some bad behavior.
  6. Forbidding them to bring repairs to the PB would be a neat trick, since you *could* get these ships to less than 4 meters, but it would mean an empty hold. No idea. Drafts are really hard to find.
  7. Draft of Surprise - 4.45 meters (Foreign service) Draft of Renommee - 4.3 meters (Channel service) I can't find a SQU for Cerberus, but you can rely on the fact that she drew more than 4 meters, unless stowed *very* lightly for Channel service. Even 24-gun ships could draw up to 16 feet in British service, rarely drawing less than 14. Pandora likewise. Remember that Winfield's book gives draft as launched, without stores and guns, etc. In-game models can also be inaccurate or float too high.
  8. Unrealistic, but not implausible or impossible for an alternate historical timeline. Which NA clearly takes place in when there is a major fortress and shipyard in every minor port of the Caribbean. I view it as some sort wholesale population transfer from Europe to the Americas following a major cataclysm in Eurasia.
  9. The Russian Empire was perfectly capable of invading the Caribbean, but chose not to do so. That's why the Russian faction is just a collection of players, not a permanent nation. They could be wiped out in a few months. On the other hand, the pirates were incapable of doing any of the stuff they do in this game.
  10. The feature you are describing is not realistic. First of all, roll is not the same as heel. Second of all, there would be negligible difference in ordinary weather conditions. If anything a bit of extra heel would stabilize the gundeck while lessening the workload of running out the guns following each broadside.
  11. Says the guy who always makes passive aggressive whiny posts about other assets instead of reacting to the WiP actually being posted.
  12. Weird that they have the reef points on the bottom.
  13. Leave it to a former NA player to make better L'Hermione videos than the professional PR team: https://www.youtube.com/user/69buick350/videos?sort=dd&flow=grid&view=0
  14. Because handling topsails + gallants is easier than topsails + courses. Everything is attached to yards, no tacks and sheets to drag around at head height on deck with cannon balls flying around.
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