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  1. If the total of a ship's cargo slows a ship down and guns also have a weight, then you could implement a feature whereby you could chuck the guns over the side to reduce weight during a chase. Not something you'd do very often, but it WOULD add that extra little bit of immersion and realism... ...and it is so very easy to implement.
  2. Making the PvP-reward dependent on the rank of the captain that was sunk would mean low-level players won't be attacked as often.
  3. Some little things that could be addressed and would make the game-experience better: - Travel XP should be added to Ship XP so traders can get Ship Knowledge - Halve the maintenance costs for ports to make them at least somewhat profitable - Increase the Crew on the Pirate Frigate by 10-15% - Give option for "one-gun-salute" (space bar) in the Open World (time-out 15 minutes) - Show Clan-settings in "Shop" screen (or on Map) in a Port (% discount on labor hours, % extra production, % tax) - Show allowed ship-classes for PortBattle on Map - Fix the Ranks-bug in the Clan window
  4. I tried reading it three times, but still don't understand what it is you are proposing to change or if its a change at all.
  5. Might even be sufficient if the clan get ONE DAY where their Clan Warehouse-Gold can be 'negative' before the ports turn to Neutral.
  6. If you want the clan to assist in crafting parts then you will have to give them access to the Clan Warehouse. To do that, you need to promote them to officer.
  7. When you enter a port and open the "SHOP" you see to the right of the shop-window what this port produces and what it consumes. Wouldn't it be a good idea if a few lines were added here to show the settings of the clan who owns the port like "40% Discount on Crafting" and "40% Bonus on Production"?
  8. Now that the gold in the clan warehouse is used for the upkeep of the ports every morning it is essential that access to this money be limited to diplomat level and higher. The disaster of someone returning to the clan after a while, not understanding the implications of using the money and/or sabotaging the clan (and a whole nation) and taking all the money out of the warehouse can be too damaging to the game.
  9. Black and White - as in: "You were just not intelligent enough to comprehend strategic considerations and just want to play Streetfighter on your PS4 all the time". Excuse us for also looking at the "bigger picture" and seeing things in a multitude of colors. That and we were sick of the constant insults of Cabal players directed at other players in the Nation.
  10. My clanmates discovered the same problem today when I asked them about a message I sent. This is a really annoying mistake. Either increase the "To:" field limit to large enough to fit 250 members in a clan or add a sub-system that automatically generates multiple messages when the field gets bigger than 255 characters.
  11. My system would mean the whole "officer-system" would be consistent across the game. Rigorously logical and easy to understand and program into the game. My objection to the proposed system is that it would increase the difference between higher level players and the lower level players. I think the difference between them is already too big. This means there is less cohesion in the player-base than there could be when players who put in the hours on individual ships can improve their performance. Another advantage of this system would be that ships 'new-off-the-yard' won't be as good
  12. Please rework the officer-system, don't throw it out the window. Give each ship its own officer, give each forest and mine its own overseer, reintroduce the wharfs for building ships and give them each a shipwright, etc... This will mean that a ship and all the buildings receive experience independently and will get better over time. This will add much to the game and will add a lot to ships whose crews have been trained better. People will have to spend time improving their ships and buildings.
  13. Met meer dan 30 leden waarvan er geregeld 20 dagelijks actief zijn behoren we ondertussen tot de 'grote jongens' binnen de "Dutch Nation". We doen mee aan PortBattles, hebben groepjes die vooral traden en maken onze eigen exceptional schepen en upgrades voor onze clan-leden. Voor blijft echter gelden: "The more the merrier" Dus zeil met ons mee!
  14. There is no use in fixing something that isn't broken. Get the Devs to make it easy for players to go out and recruit new members and give players who want to join smaller factions incentives.
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