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  1. Something like the state of the game now, you mean? 😃 Compared to the amount of players who bought the game and the thousands who actually played the game for more than just a few days - what's left now is a comparatively tiny group of "old fanboys" as you say. We are at 500 simultaneous players at peak times, if we are lucky. At least 10x as many players have actually played the game for a while and have left (maybe not permanently). And then there are the many many thousands who bought the game and quit after just a few days (or oftentimes even after a few hours). The first group you don't really need to change anything for. They stuck with the game this far and will probably accept whatever happens. The 2nd group is between 5.000 and 10.000 people and some could be convinced to return to the game if the most glaring of the design problems were addressed. Then there is the group that were lost to the game because there was no manual, no tutorial and who were slaughtered (often by other players) within minutes and those who just don't have the patience for games like these. These will come and go and I guess the tutorials have already mostly addressed that problem. This game needs at least 1000-1500 active users at peak times (per server) to make it interesting and you need both the "combat-lovers" and the "trade-lovers" to make it work. But...to make that happen the design needs to be in balance and it is not as if the devs seem to understand even the basics of "game-balancing". 😥
  2. Why not just allow any amount of overloading? Just punish the player by making the ship extremely slow? 0% cargo: Normal speed 50% cargo: 5% slower 100% cargo: 10% slower 110% cargo: 50% slower 150% cargo: 100% slower (a.k.a. immovable)
  3. There is no way my clan will be able to get the millions we need by tomorrow morning if everything is reverted back to 12 today. I had it together when the server went out for the hot-fix, but if everything is reset, then I will have to warn the Nation that my clan will cease to exist as of tomorrow.
  4. I guess nobody will mind the Dutch losing most of their ports because of the patch.
  5. It was only announced yesterday-afternoon and some people have a life outside of this game. I read the forum after maintenance started today. Basically: I read the forum when the server said there would be a patch today - as most people do.
  6. Will the port-taxes be collected tomorrow at server maintenance? Seeing as it will take a day for the timers to be removed and the total cost of upkeep has been increased by 150% overnight (in reality the new taxes are 500% more). I would vote for 1 more day extension so every clan can re-arranged their ports and costs.
  7. So, the update makes screening almost impossible and defending a port more difficult.
  8. "have been slightly decreased" Well, the word 'slightly' seems to mean anything from 50% to 100% for our beloved devs. We would prefer to have actual DATA. (*(*&^holes).
  9. Making the PvP-reward dependent on the rank of the captain that was sunk would mean low-level players won't be attacked as often.
  10. This game needs 700+ people on-line to make it fun to play. The Global-server was averaging 200 active players and the EU-server was barely managing 400 active players at peak times. Ideally this game would be REALLY FUN to play when you have 1000+ players on-line, but the devs have made sure today that this will never happen again.
  11. The server-merge was necessary for this game to survive. It wasn't a good idea to split it in the first place.
  12. Why even try to defend this bombshell-right-before-Christmas? The Devs obviously have NO UNDERSTANDING of what it means to develop an open-world game and the basic concept of game-balance (edit: Didn't need the ? at the end of the last line. It was a statement of fact)
  13. There are some people playing this game who really like it to succeed. Having DEVs pull a STUPID STUNT like with the Victory-marks is making it really hard to keep people in the game. | We're doing our best, but this is just making it impossible. Game-balance is something really sensitive. Changing something this big is NOT helping with the balance of the game and is pushing people away. We need MORE players, not less of them.
  14. Some little things that could be addressed and would make the game-experience better: - Travel XP should be added to Ship XP so traders can get Ship Knowledge - Halve the maintenance costs for ports to make them at least somewhat profitable - Increase the Crew on the Pirate Frigate by 10-15% - Give option for "one-gun-salute" (space bar) in the Open World (time-out 15 minutes) - Show Clan-settings in "Shop" screen (or on Map) in a Port (% discount on labor hours, % extra production, % tax) - Show allowed ship-classes for PortBattle on Map - Fix the Ranks-bug in the Clan window (ranks are improperly displayed)
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