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  1. The goal of the OP was to provide activities that would teach newer players some aspect of the game in one category or another. That's what I was trying to go with, anyway.
  2. Did you read the entire post? That's what I said, right up front. Achievements. However, has zero to do with server, can be done on any.
  3. Please modify so you don't have to completely exit the game and restart it to switch servers. Add an additional button under the "gear" menu to go to other server, or to go back to login screen. Otherwise you have to close the game out and restart it. Alternately you could add a step like some other games where you go back to the login screen after you exit the server, but seems like that would be well less frequently done so the first option is better to add a button under the gear menu.
  4. Not to rain on your idea, but IMO it would be so much easier and simpler to reintroduce multi-durability. Single dura is a mistake in this expensive high risk version of the game. The numbers and the number of fights say so,
  5. @admin This is the best post I have seen you put up in a very looooooooong time. A sincere thank you for this long-awaited and reassuring post! Just saying that you are not treating the peace server as secondary is a very good and encouraging thing. Thanks. And I agree with you on the atmosphere, as I am sure that most of the peace server players do. Peace Server - The Healing Garden
  6. They don't matter, until the pro player gets their ego all hurt loses their ship.
  7. You are probably right there, but the difference now is you are not really welcome on the war server ("you" meaning the pve type player, and this better phrased might say your playstyle is not appreciated), whereas prior to this most playstyles were tolerable and even enjoyable on the war/pvp server. The advantage to that, as @Christendom points out, is the increase in player numbers which is more fun for all players no matter what the playstyle. ....starting to float away from topic though, so we should cease and desist on this subject.
  8. Depends. Are you French player? (right now, and not your alts)
  9. I have found no rhyme nor reason to the frequency of bottle snags based on activity or location. But I haven't opened one up in a while though, so I can't say what level the goodies are these days.
  10. I agree with the points you have made in this thread, and I feel your pain. Admin has already made it clear to you however that he doesn't care, since you are not the type of player he wants on the war server. As he stated above, he has declared you a pve player. That's okay, so long as it's recognized this is why post-patch 27 the war server numbers have significantly dropped, and that he will never get them back again in this configuration of the game. If that's what's planned so be it. Less than 200 players online in war server in US primetime. Personally I'm also done on the war serv
  11. Used to. As I recall that ability was removed a while ago because players would attack a trader so they could TP to another port. Slingshot, I think is what they called it.
  12. Long invisibility is needed to avoid this situation. Don't forbid detroying doubloons, players should just not do it. But they won't be encouraged to do it anyway if the stupid revenge fleet "mechanics" were just fixed, simply by allowing the battling players to escape the revenge fleet gank zone after their battle.
  13. No, it's a 1-time thing. Only at game launch. If you're taking a 2-month leave of absence during the game launch then you clearly don't want your clan tag.
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