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  1. Anything to make it easier for newer players to at least gain some ground without being discouraged, I'm for. Increasing difficulty as players get established in game. Crutches should be available for newer players until they can get established in game. It may help with player retention, which is good for all players.
  2. Jean Ribault

    FPS Limit for Port Interface

    I'm not seeing any issues with the 3D port view. Is this a video card limitation, or CPU? At least haven't noticed anyway. I'm all for having as many options as possible in each client interface, I hope these things happen.
  3. Jean Ribault

    New players and trading / shop ships

    On the pve server once in a while I used to go out and capture a bunch in a row and put them up cheap for sale in the capital. No matter how many they always sold within 24 hrs or less. I think that new players with low crew capacity like to have them. It's not a bad suggestion for that reason.
  4. Jean Ribault

    PVE AI?

    Yeah that sucks. Might've just been a coincidence though, they're out there, although not so much in the really big fleets as mentioned in another thread. Is it intentional? In the past AI presence has been the same on both servers, wondering now if Patch 27 changed all that.
  5. Quit trolling. I read all of it multiple times, and yeah it is what he said. Do you have something to input here or just a troll with no ideas?
  6. Jean Ribault

    Basic Cutter

    Ridiculous. I was sunk today (actually I surrendered, having no hope). I was placed in a port with no ships there. I had a basic cutter. So are you saying I should not be allowed to use it now? Again, ridiculous. You play your own game. If you're talking about going into patrol zones another story.
  7. No it wasn't. It couldn't have been promised from the start because those things didn't exist then. Need your facts man.
  8. Jean Ribault

    Naval Action Meme collection

    That is the first meme in a long time that made me really laugh out loud. Great video !
  9. To clarify my own comments above, the XP and craft XP not being wiped is all that was promised from the beginning, and it was argued and decided upon long ago. I am ok with that (or even if that would've been wiped too). The rest is goodies.
  10. Well said. An unselfish view of making this game better and the launch successful. Tired of hearing the same ole whaa whaa I want my stuff baby whining.
  11. Each category you list is in a group that likes fair play. Are you saying they don't? On what basis?
  12. So then you don't need them. They should be wiped. You can't say you need them and that you don't need them at the same time, and make a rational argument. The rest becomes senseless.
  13. Jean Ribault

    Music and sound

    I think most people would turn it off in battles, so as to continue to use their comms and also to hear battle sounds. But in ports would be nice, and a login theme too. The sailor stories idea reminds me of Sniper Elite when you binoc zoom in areas with soldiers listening to the things they are talking about.
  14. Jean Ribault

    Moderation rules

    I will not make a post here to argue the moderation or admin decision. But I feel responsible as part of this community to make a statement on Liq's behalf, regarding something he said. I read that post about talking to a wall, right after he posted it. If you speak and read English as a native language, then know (without quibbling about it) that "talking to a wall" is an extremely common and acceptable phrase (clause, actually). I probably hear it at least once a week if not more. If you have children under 8 yrs old, you talk to a wall nearly all the time. The phrase is used freely, frequently, and without demeaning. The real meaning of the phrase is simply meant to express frustration at not being able to get your point across, feeling misunderstood. It is not derogatory (usually, and as I see it in this case particularly not derogatory), demeaning, or condescending. And not offensive. If the admin thought that statement was worthy of a permanent ban, then I need to restate the request that Game Labs hire someone who understands the English language natively and use them for communication on this forum, as there was no crime committed by that forum statement.
  15. Jean Ribault

    Operations: Welcome to the Caribbean - suggestions

    Two general comments, and then some recommendations for additional items for your list. First, this is good content. Lots of threads asking for more content and you've hit on it here. Second, many of the things you've listed should be Steam achievements, not necessarily in-game achievements. Please consider. This is of interest to many players. I'd like to see some more challenges added to the list, not only for newcomers but also for vets who might be bored one day and ask themselves what should I do now? Here are a few, not listed in any order of precedence or difficulty. The goal is they all have meaning to teach something in the game, or get players to expand a bit: Sail 15 in-game days in any ship across a minimum of 7 regions without entering port or being sunk. Make player to player trades in at least 5 free ports, including El Rancho and Guayaguayare, including at least 1000 doubloons and one ship in 1 trade in each port. Make player to player trades in all free ports, including at least 3000 doubloons and one ship in 1 trade in each port. Sail within 15° north or south of either east or west on the map in any trader ship, for at least 1000k, without taking damage or being sunk. Win 5 consecutive battles alone in any 4th rate ship, against 5th rate warships or better, without entering port, and without carrying any repairs. Win 3 consecutive battles alone in any ship at least 5th rate, against warships of equal or greater rate, without raising sails greater than battle sails. Win a battle alone in any 4th rate, against any warship of equal or greater rate, using only manual sailing the entire battle. With only warships in the battle, bounce at least 100 shots off any single enemy ship in the same battle, without being sunk. Make at least 10 deposits into a clan warehouse. Add 10 in-game friends to your friends list. Have a combination of two Level 1 buildings, two Level 2 buildings, and one Level 3 building. Loot one ship of each class. Sink one ship of each class. Win a battle with less than 50% sails remaining on your ship. Reset your perks at least once. Craft one ship of each class up to 4th rate. Craft a Victory. Craft a Bucentaure. Enter 200 unique ports (cumulative). Craft 10 cannons of each weight, including carronades. Use 5000 labor hours in one day. Buy a Mercury from the Admiralty shop, and win 3 battles against 6th rate or better warships using no repairs, and no upgrades. Destroy a fort. Win a battle against any 4th rate warship or better, in a 5th rate, with Survival off. Capture a ship of each class up to 5th rate. Plenty more, but thinking in terms of things that capture attention to more than just new players. Them too.