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  1. I think most of us understand the reasons for wipe, I even argued for full wipe but was told it didn't make sense and would be pointless to do it by @admin himself. I think most of the backlash and drama could have been easily avoided if the announcement included an apology for being unable to maintain the previous statements and a commitment to make it up to the testers. An offer any sort of compensation that is adequate for it and the community of players would feel much less in need to complain and argue. typo
  2. ++++++++ Would go a long way to making a lot of vets much more accepting of the xp wipe and also would spare new potential players of a mindless ship exp grind.
  3. Then I guess we should not get any upgrade drops when we sink ships if we don't have any ships to put them on. *Logic*
  4. I guess you wouldn't mind it if they simply closed the game without warning either. I mean it's subject to change at any time.
  5. That not the problem, you already guaranteed it. You made a mistake announcing wrong information which wasn't in 2015. It was LAST YEAR. People were asking months ago and you confirmed it was guaranteed. You could start by admitting you made an error and compensate players' time you wasted.
  6. Saying it is 100% sure to happen then going back on it, makes the first a lie. Maybe he did not mean to lie, but that doesn't make it not a lie. It isn't meant to be taken personal but simply a fact of what happened. Regardless, the issue is people still wasted their time on the game base on the information given, still devs don't seem to be considering that at all. You're focusing on the wrong aspect of the issue, upset people don't act like they aren't upset. You're basically saying it's okay to be mad but not okay to act like you're mad. It doesn't make sense. The issue is of the devs ma
  7. Comparing apples to oranges. One is personal, the other is professional or should I say unprofessional.
  8. If it wasn't 100% set in stone then they should not have said it was 'guaranteed''. Seems pretty simple to me. It is also a business decision to give bad information to customers and that has consequences for any product sold anywhere in any form.
  9. This isn't the military though is it? People paid for this and put their time on it. Personally I prefer to not allow being lied to and mislead, seems worse to me.
  10. Well admins are ruining it for the vet players are they not? those players are only taking the avenue that is available to them. After all admins are giving priority to these new players over the vet playerbase. So it's admin choice to favor new players that is creating the issue imo.
  11. Some people I think are missing the point. Full wipe isn't the issue, but the fact that it was guaranteed to not happen. If they said full wipe from the start, there would be no outrage or least they could've said they didn't know or could NOT guarantee it. I mean if you buy ANY product, imagine the manufacturer going back on the guarantee after they sold it to you?
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