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  1. I think most of us understand the reasons for wipe, I even argued for full wipe but was told it didn't make sense and would be pointless to do it by @admin himself. I think most of the backlash and drama could have been easily avoided if the announcement included an apology for being unable to maintain the previous statements and a commitment to make it up to the testers. An offer any sort of compensation that is adequate for it and the community of players would feel much less in need to complain and argue. typo
  2. I've had this happen to me when I didn't have any ship set as main.
  3. I don't know if this thread is the right place for it. But is it not possible to have AI npc fleets similar in composition to group mission AI fleets? It would make PvE a lot more fun if the fleet compositions included different rated ships. Can't we have NPC fleets composed of different rates of ships that can spawn in a given area? If an area can spawn 1st, 3rd and 5th rates. It would be cool if NPC fleets could randomly be composed of all those 3 different rates, in varying numbers.
  4. ++++++++ Would go a long way to making a lot of vets much more accepting of the xp wipe and also would spare new potential players of a mindless ship exp grind.
  5. Honestly devs don't really seem to consider the time players take to gather all these items they so casually introduce and change without much care. We should be getting free pvp medals, it will all wiped soon anyway.
  6. I was referring to the video. But the disadvantage of carros is supposed to be their short range. Their real life range is not that important since NA ships don't have realistic sailing characteristics either and there's too much predictability and too accurate control of ships. At the moment the short range disadvantage of carros doesn't seem to be enough based on the video posted. Not only are they very effective at medium range but also too accurate.
  7. How is it clueless lol... Me and 2 of my friends took 3 5th rates vs 2 5ths, 1 4th and 1 3rd and we had no big issues. If you did, it was just bad strategy on your part. But you made it sound like the game was much tougher than it was before, which it isn't.
  8. @admin 'Close range' being the key factor. In the video, Reverse was not at all in close range. FIring carros like they had rifle accuracy. The damage is fine, their other stats make them way overpowered.
  9. I would say we need to be able to accept more than 10 missions at a time to help manage stuff like this.
  10. I think for carronades, damage is adequate, high damage output is their supposed strongest point. I would suggest lower range effectiveness and increased dispersion. They are too accurate at their max effective range of 250m, specially if you have books. I think medium guns and long guns are also too accurate, I would increase dispersion slightly for them as well. Extremely accurate guns feels unrealistic.
  11. Disagree, that would make the changes to gun stats less meaningful. Personally I like the new gun stats and find them so far, pretty balanced. Nah, in my experience battles are indeed shorter. In some cases much shorter. You ask for feedback and then tell people you already know everything that is an issue. Why are you asking for feedback then?
  12. Battles end to fast, feels very arcade sometimes. The feeling of an epic battle is kind of washed down. I think the cannons modified dps is nice but the ships HP is too low for the new damage. I would suggest to increased all HP of all ships and all their parts by an average of 30%. Some ships BR is better now, but a few don't make sense. Santisima and L'Ocean have the same BR but the L'Ocean is clearly the superior ship, there should be a clear difference in BR. Same for Wasa and Constitution, Wasa is clearly better so there should be difference in BR. Side note: is it possible to add a tool tip that or add it to the stats of a ship, how many repair kits it uses each time we repair in battle? It would be very helpful, specially to new players.
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