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  1. More people would craft repairs if it didn't require labor hours. The streamlining and simplification of ship building has caused that everyone is now a ship builder when before it was something that required dedication and a chain of supplies of all the parts, so not everyone would be into doing it. So labor hours are going toward ships much more than they did before. It's why cannons are also a rare thing to see for sale from player production. (also, why doesn't cannon production give craft exp? someone explain that one please) It's going to just happen that repairs become a player driven thing because simply, it is not a very profitable thing to do in the game. Make it profitable and players will do it.
  2. I think most of us understand the reasons for wipe, I even argued for full wipe but was told it didn't make sense and would be pointless to do it by @admin himself. I think most of the backlash and drama could have been easily avoided if the announcement included an apology for being unable to maintain the previous statements and a commitment to make it up to the testers. An offer any sort of compensation that is adequate for it and the community of players would feel much less in need to complain and argue. typo
  3. I've had this happen to me when I didn't have any ship set as main.
  4. I don't know if this thread is the right place for it. But is it not possible to have AI npc fleets similar in composition to group mission AI fleets? It would make PvE a lot more fun if the fleet compositions included different rated ships. Can't we have NPC fleets composed of different rates of ships that can spawn in a given area? If an area can spawn 1st, 3rd and 5th rates. It would be cool if NPC fleets could randomly be composed of all those 3 different rates, in varying numbers.
  5. Was definitely better than now, at least some player participation was happening.
  6. I agree, we had a much better player driven economy when ship construction was more complex. Trade good as they are now don't contribute to anything but to provide a reliable way to obtain reales, but it has no depth and it's disengaged from the economy of the game world. The only trade goods that should exist are things that players actually use, if we had the ability to develop ports and enhance and build onto our outposts then trade goods could be used for such things.
  7. ++++++++ Would go a long way to making a lot of vets much more accepting of the xp wipe and also would spare new potential players of a mindless ship exp grind.
  8. If you make more money with trade then why would you choose to sell repairs which take longer to sell? There are reasons why this hasn't happened and many areas of the map aren't populated.
  9. But the thing is... that doesn't happen.
  10. Agreed 100%. People are always complaining about the lack of 'action' in NA, more reps dropping in at least a few keys ports around the map would help increase activity in more areas.
  11. Honestly devs don't really seem to consider the time players take to gather all these items they so casually introduce and change without much care. We should be getting free pvp medals, it will all wiped soon anyway.
  12. I was referring to the video. But the disadvantage of carros is supposed to be their short range. Their real life range is not that important since NA ships don't have realistic sailing characteristics either and there's too much predictability and too accurate control of ships. At the moment the short range disadvantage of carros doesn't seem to be enough based on the video posted. Not only are they very effective at medium range but also too accurate.
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