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  1. Draymoor

    Minor Suggestion's Thread

    Small arms fire during battles, not only during boarding. We are suppose to be role-playing a ship's captain/admiral or what have you, our own characters are not visually represented anywhere. That should change. Rougher seas, this should be more the focus of storms over extremely heavy fog. Easier magazine damage for smaller vessels taking massive broadsides from SOL. Leading to more small ships exploding. Larger difference between cannons of different calibers.
  2. Draymoor


    No reason why we should not be able to tell if a battle is PvE or PvP. Battle's are instanced cause the game can't handle open world battles but instances should not be treated as if they are in some other dimension... they should be instances only as far as they really need to be.
  3. Draymoor

    Hugging exploit

    In much simple and smaller, even hello kittying mobile games, I've seen small arms fire at close range from ships. Muskets, grenades and other small arms should be available during battle not only during boarding. If you had a buttons or a key to press to fire small arms at close ranges with a c/d this nonsense would not happen. Not to mention the broadside weight of a 1st rate alone should demolish any approaching small ship. Cannon balls in this game act like bullets and even leave bullet holes on ships as they hit... it's kind of a joke. Even games made 10 years ago did better than that.
  4. Strongly disagree. Kill missions aren't always in your own nations territory. There's very little difference in rewards between 1* to 3* kill missions, a lot of are from free ports. Even kill missions for 2nd or 1st rates still have laughable rewards and the ships themselves have already very poor drops. Why should traders reward someone with hundreds or thousands of doubloons when they can be sunk with a 20k real frigate from admiralty without breaking a sweat. And high ships rating kill missions have pitiful rewards when you need at least a decent SoL to take them on. Even 2v1 kill missions a lot of the time have pathetic rewards. You still have to risk a large SoL to attempt them, risking a 20k frigate can't be even compared to that. The chance of bumping into an enemy player, right now, while farming traders even in enemy territory is not very high if the farmer finds a slightly secluded area.
  5. It's called feedback, maybe you should learn not all feedback is positive instead of being so damn 'salty' yourself every single time someone in this forum disagrees with something you say and you decide to post some silly ironic nonsense or whatever.
  6. Draymoor

    Capturing gold ships from AI

    My clan mate captured a gold LGV a couple of weeks ago, I've had a couple of purple ones. I've never seen a gold frigate from AI though. Has anyone ever captured one?
  7. Draymoor

    Work in progress

    What are these numbers at the bottom, bellow the gun icons?
  8. Draymoor

    Work in progress

    Will the new UI scale with lower screen resolutions?
  9. Draymoor

    Just some overhaul ideas for PVE

    Would be nice to implement all of that on both servers, if the PvE server wasn't so lacking in content I might play in there as well. I believe a reputation system has been suggested multiple times as it would help make several areas of the game much more interesting and give people and additional goal. I'm not sure if the developers don't like the idea of a rep system or they find it too difficult to implement, but I haven't seen them comment on it at all. The randomly spawning missions sounds like a great idea, I'd even add to your concept and say that it would be cool to find such captain logs in flags ships of AI fleets that could give you the location of a massive SOL fleet (20 to 25 ships of varied rating that could perhaps drop paints and higher chance of rare loot ). I think a lot of players would enjoy massive fleet vs fleet SOL battles in both servers.
  10. Draymoor

    Balance, what's missing?

    +1 We definitely need more ways to counter stern camping, beyond just sailing skills.
  11. Draymoor

    Balance, what's missing?

    I would start by getting rid of single shot sniping, restoring of broken masts and endless repairs. Making all wood types viable and the differences less extreme. Repairs I think are the biggest issue, they make mistakes matter less and allow ships to do much more than they really should be able to do. You wouldn't see 1 ship sinking 5 other ships if it wasn't for repairs. Mods and books should be more about strategic choices than having some overpowered item to gain an advantage. My personal view as to why RvR is dead is cause currently there's simply not enough players for it. But I'd also say there's the underlying cause of wars being rather bland and pointless. Nations have no real point as most clans tend to act independently. Currently most clans with any real power are comfortable and see probably no need to claim any additional ports. (Unpopular opinion coming up) Free ports are a problem because they somewhat remove the need to take more strategically positioned ports, they dilute a nation's forces which should be concentrated around their actual 'enemies'. Nations don't have real enemies because they are at war against all nations endlessly. If a nation's players were mostly concentrated around areas near their own ports, then hostility would build naturally and much more easily. You can see some hostility build up with no need for missions just by players doing pve, sometimes going over 50% without any mission. Hostility being removed daily is another problem, I honestly don't see the point of this. Why force constant war between all nations and then make it so increasing hostility to have actual fleet vs fleet battles more difficult...? Current PB mechanics are an issue too, devs claim to want realism in many aspects but the main draw of the game is an extremely arcade-like affair. I'd get rid of all the silly points systems and circles and make it about actually attacking the port and physically taking it, defenders actually having to defend the port itself. Maybe even make it possible to weaken port defenses over 2 or 3 battles by making the defenses takes some in-game days to fully repair. Also making those defenses more useful in actually defending the port. I'd agree that the game would probably been a lot more fun in the long run if the potential differences between 2 of the same type of ship wasn't so vast. If we all sailed plain oak/oak ships with no mods or books I think RvR would be a lot more interesting. Talking about skills and all that has it's merits too, but having even playing fields from the start would be far better for the game imho.
  12. On a positive note, trading will get some love in the very next patch it seems, if will bring good things or not we will have to see.
  13. Same! I wish they would put all these fudging paints in already... I'd buy that even as DLC. Tired of everyone's ships looking the exact same.
  14. Draymoor

    Soft Wipe

    This makes no sense to be honest... having 300 and losing 100 is clearly worse. We were at 500 before patch 27 and look at what that did. Still fail to see what a partial or soft wipe would achieve right now anyway.
  15. Each area of the map should have 1 trade hub port that isn't a capital.