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  1. @Felix Victor Thank you for bringing us this essential tool. Your map is really a great help.
  2. Another beautiful ship. Well done.
  3. Increase spotting range of vessels in open world. Perhaps even more spotting range the larger/taller your ship is.
  4. This is a great idea. However, I think it might need to be part of a larger rework. As others have said, whether I like it or not, this game is currently a balance between realism and arcade gameplay. A fairly decent balance, but leaning more toward arcade than realism in some very key areas, for whats been proposed in this thread. Especially the lack of accurate visual indicators of damage. That's not to say we couldn't do with a rework of the ships stats display in battle. While there isn't necessarily a problem with the current setup, it is a silent driver behind gameplay. Watch a few
  5. The latest news on forthcoming patch: I am excited. That is all.
  6. Shortly after Open-World launched there were only (mostly) small bands of players sailing around. The Trincomalee and Constitution were the most popular ships on the sea, with smart players running speed built Trincomalees so they could run down any enemy ship they found, while the Constitutions would come up afterwards and join the fight in-progress. The name of the game was wind, positioning, and time. And skill. These were great times. Open world PVP battles between Frigates. Long, drawn out chases. Fear of being jumped, drove preparation, and situational awareness, to avoid being jump
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