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8 hours ago, SiWi said:

"Ersatzt" doesn't mean "improved" but "replacement".

I'm of the opinion that those names with "ersatzt" should be put out of the game because that aren't worthy names for ships...

Hopefully we can just add are own as well as choose from a list of pre-made names anyways.

This thread seriously needs a troll emoji lol. And a spolier button.

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HMS Dreadnought


unfortunately the game didn't allowed me to make side turrets face forward like in real HMS Dreadnought, because of the problem that i already mentioned on the forum in Game Technical Issues.
Also some of the 76mm guns were placed on top of the main turrets and because that is not avaible in current state of the game, so i placed them around the ship.

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On 11/12/2019 at 8:38 PM, Teraflame said:



That's quite a lot of secondaries.

I did the "Modern BB" just for giggles the other day and found my 9 x 7" (3x3) on each side were quite effective against DDs, even blowing one of them up at ~4.5km.

The problem, of course, is they don't scale effectively with the tech, and they really ought to if they're to retain relevance. You don't want DDs with masses of torps with 10km range getting within 5km of a lumbering BB, and even then it's invariably the main guns that blow them away with their first aimed salvo.

Be interesting to see what the next update does to secondary effectiveness. The danger is they go a little too far and not adjust other things, such as the "ship size penalty" which, along with the poor accuracy outside about 5km, is what add up to making them poor.

If they get too accurate, they might make smaller ships really of questionable use, although at the same time we could say it's no bad thing to realise sailing a DD, CL or CA near a full BB is probably a rather dangerous and typically futile thing to do.

My other concern is changes to the secondary/casemate gunnery might suddenly have all our capital ships constantly ablaze and funnels and towers trashed. Might be realistic in some ways, and mean the big guns will want to stay at pretty decent ranges (at least 10km).

I do think the other challenge is the very large difference between ship techs, especially gunnery control and shells, leading up to WW1 and then inter-war. There are pretty huge differences, and I do wonder how the devs are going with getting one system that handles all those potential extremes reasonably.

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On 11/11/2019 at 11:56 AM, SiWi said:

"Ersatzt" doesn't mean "improved" but "replacement".

I'm of the opinion that those names with "ersatzt" should be put out of the game because that aren't worthy names for ships...

True. Oddly enough the Wikipedia calls them Improved Tegetthoff class. Looking at the name, Ersatz Monarch would mean it would replace the Monarch class battleships of the Austro-Hungarian Navy.

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Tried to Build a few Ships, but it wasn't that easy, especially with what is atm available and where we are allowed to place things.

Kawachi  6x2 305mm Main guns, 14x1 152mm Secondaries (casement), Displacement ~21800 Tons

Best Hull I could find to use, Funnels are placed wrong too, couldn't place them like on the Ref Picture.




Kongo Proto 5x2 305mm Main Guns, 16x1 152mm Secondaries (casement), Displacement ~24500 Tons

Wasn't allowed to make the Starboard gun facing the rear and couldn't place the 3rd, smaller funnel. Same for Hull and Towers, best I could find.




Wanted try a few others, like the ISE, but they are even harder to make with the available hulls, same for placements from the Bridge, Funnels and main Turrets.


Ref Pictures are from Steel Ocean.

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I want to contribute the screenshots to my personal "good night build". That one i usually use before i shut down the computer, after i tried all the other stuff and when i want to go to bed with Darth Vader level of success feeling...

Needless to say it is a modern battleship build with technology boost, for the 18s and radar and such funny things.. and it is uncheated (no console etc) as it feels more authentic. When they said it shouldnt be easy to bring two ships, i thought "well...".

You need to drag displacement just to the point for the longest hull (85600, i think) and minimize speed and range, they will be coming for you any way...

second to max bulkheads and thats it, leave the middle untouched and max radar, range finder, super heavys, minimum ammo (wont need much) and auto reload, i dont bother hydraulics, as i dont aim much, only the first salvo takes a few extra seconds.

playing around with the guns and tower you will find perfect balance....

secondaries? What for, you have 30 18s... that is enough to kill all but the last destroyers unscanned.

i think it is possible to bring in more guns and i experiment further on how to, but with the more tech less funds approach, this is my personal favorite currently....

my ships went home untouched, though i was disappointed, as this time two cruisers actually fired in my general direction. not even showering my ships though.

Thank you all

Teckelmaster out

Screenshot (2).png

Screenshot (3).png

Screenshot (4).png

Screenshot (5).png

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HMS defence Raiding a bunch of smoll transport ships.


San Salvador with her two sisters patrolling along the spanish coastline.


San salvador (front) opens fire upon the enemy italian flotilia. (Mid) San Telmo and (Rear) San Antonio (1932).


Taken from a spanish scout plane (made in 1928) San salvador opening fire with her front 356mm's on the italian fleet (1932).

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So i was trying to recreate a german Deutschland-class "pocket battleship".

Of course, it didn't go well according to current game limitations but...


There is lack of double-purpose 105mm gun above rear 280mm main turret and also rear tower should be almost non-existing, also there is lack of scout plane.



Deutschland begins shooting at enemy transport ships.



Deutschland soon after annihilating enemy convoy, is being engaged by enemy warship that came to help the convoy.


Deutschland identified enemy warship as battlecruiser, soon after that, Deutschland is hit by his secondary armament and catch small fire on port side of the ship.

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