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  1. Yes yes, the French are one of a kind, but to me at least, it's what makes them so very fun!
  2. Well, that is pretty much the French line of thinking under the Jeune École (young school) of thinking. May not worked out, but it was the line of think France was going in in what would be the early game of the campaign.
  3. The only way I can see Battleships as we know them making a come back is if A: laser point defense of missiles (and maybe even against aircraft) is made to be very effective, and B: You do something about submarines to make them less deadly. I don't see these happening anytime soon. On top of that I rather dispise the looks of modern war ships quite a bit, so I rather wouldn't want to see what they do to battleships.
  4. But it's not built in though...
  5. I think we can meet halfway and have it as a toggleable option
  6. 1. Yeah, sure, like immersion things 100% 2. Eh. Well, you need 2 main guns and the Flowers had but a single 4 inch gun. That and at 16 knots it's really impractical for the sea battles this game will seem to feature. 3. See response 1 4. Promised features 5. Don't we already have this, least for the challenges and is coming to custom. 6. Sure, make it trackable as well. 7. Already getting there, but more the merrier, though togglable for us that have lower end machines. 8. Sure, more hulls the better. 9. See above at 8 10. Eh, maybe out of the gam
  7. The spectacular ones are known as Flash Fires which has the turrets fly off
  8. Fair enough, I suppose if you broke up the map in a "Provencal" or "State" system rather than the base system RTW has to show some border change. Mostly just coastal ones of course but maybe some inland ones that can supply a valuable resource like coal/oil/steel. I guess it also does beg the question how interaction with the branches of the navy and army there is, both on the map and when competing with funding. Say you take every opportunity to squeeze every cent of funding from the army, when at war, you have a harder time gaining victory points as the army struggles to gain victories
  9. I mean, Russia did get swamped by Germany in WW1. Really it would probly be like in RTW with some minor events showing land campaigns. After all, control of the sea is a decisive factor in any war, representative with blockade and the like. And gameplay wise, it would suck to dominate the sea fully yet lose massively with tons of bases gone and funding slashed because of factors completely out of your direct control. At that point, may as well make a full grand strategy game or a really epic scoped one like War in The Pacific
  10. I'm looking forwards to the NC with 3 quad 14 inch turrets
  11. I mean no disrespect to the Kawacki herself, but the British do have a special way of naming their ships that really worked out here.
  12. Honestly for the best that Dreadnought was first, if for no other reason that Dreadnought-battleship just sounds better than "Kawacki-battleship" "Kawacki-like battleship" or "Kawacki-styled battleship." Same really for any other of the nation's dreadnoughts if they would in some alt-timeline be launched first. Be it South Carolina, Nassau, Dante Alighieri, Imperatritsa Mariya, or Courbet. Maybe Tegetthoff has a better ring to it, but the Austrians were behind on that so not really a possibility.
  13. I do like your ideas, but i just got another one that came to me, what if there's some method you can cheat on the treaties, like the Axis powers started to do. Trying to squeeze a few extra thousand tonnes here and there. All at the risk of being found out and causing a spike in tensions.
  14. Now, forgive me if I overlooked various announcements, I don't frequent the forms least not lately but hopefully more now, I was however curious about the upcoming campaign. I already asked about AI Wars but now I was wondering about the possibility of naval treaties and the mechanics behind them. What I want to know and explore are how will they work, and how should they? Will it be simplistic in that "A Convention in Hague has determined that all future ships will be limited to {Random Number} tonnes of displacement and a gun a caliber of no more than {Number} of inches." which yes it w
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