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  1. the war not ending simulates that the government makes the decision not you the admiral of the fleet. They listen to you and decided, "nah we want more out of this". thou the game needs to make this more transparent (what the devs probably know) and tell players what likely happens depending on what they advise the gouverment.
  2. Another thing: when placing ships when building, please show me a map of the different ports. I struggle to remember where are all the English ports are and new nations will make this only worse...
  3. I don't remember exact numbers but I had about 12 ships and the enemy after loses should have around 45.
  4. I think the "revolution" mechanic is a bit over the top in the moment. I just did a 1930 German campaign and after sinking 5 enemy ships there was a revolution and I "won" the war (on a side note: revolutions shouldn't automatically end wars)
  5. exactly. And they give a instant mark to identify your own ships if multiple classes of the same type come into play.
  6. In light of the campaign, I think I have a couple of good ideas for it: Handling ship classes: right now I find it unnecessary difficult to tell ship classes apart in battle or deployment, because only in the fleet list it tells you the class. Which can be confusion when you have an class which is a upgrade of an existing ships. Easiest solution would be: give the option that the class name is shown next to the name. Another feature would be that ability to create a "name list" for a ship class. The idea would be that if I make a new class I can assign a list of names the game w
  7. Hi, I want to give my general though about the first version(s) of the campaign. Generally speaking I like them very well and was positively surprise, at least for the first campaigns (before 1920). The Mission generator seems to work okay and usually isn't too unfair. Exception being "ambush" were my TB spawn directly on top the enemy BB that one instanly shot its torpedo and the BB had no chance to doge. Ship class balance seem also to generally work, because the cruiser usually end up fighting other Cruiser so they stay relevant. Both TB and DD's prove extremely useful
  8. thank you for doing the math I was suspecting it given that even if I go for "medicore" ships and not the best current ships I could, I still end up with less then 5 ships...
  9. I just won the 1920 german campaign with 2 ships...
  10. it surely gives more meaning to certain choices thou I think quality over quantity is still the way to go even if you are outnumber and blockaded for a while
  11. I had no 1920 campaign unlock (won both UK and german 1920) thou maybe they don't count because I "won" though revolution edit: patch fixed it
  12. I think the "mighty jingles" had some old videos on that which explain it.
  13. me too. I do expect it to be "messy" in some ways but there is where feedback can come in.
  14. Since you bring this up, that also said all 4 patches would come THIS year. What happen to that?
  15. it is very nice to finally see the first campaign. thou it is disappointing that it starts as "endless ship grinder to the death", and I wonder what I'm suppose to do without ship movement on the campaign map, but at least it is a start and I will give it a try. What I do hope is that the Enemy has a consisting fleet and not that the game randomly creates the ships a new in every battle.
  16. well technically they told us that tall those 5 patches are suppose to come this year. Thou I would be lying if I would say that I'm not skeptical. 2 months is not much time for 5 patches, even in more normal circumstances and the devs do struggle to keep schedule.
  17. I know but what I mean was that the game was that way because it has also the land section/the ability to use ship crews on land. So as I suggested in the OP? DD 1 CL 2 CA 3 ect?
  18. the thing is that I think that they "can't" do that because in Age of Sail those are also the commanding officers if you disembark your crew on land. Which I don't think will be a thing in Dreadnought. I do think that the officers you named are likely but I do think it could be over kill to do that to every DD or even Torpedoboat...
  19. He pick the radio up and gave them a pepp talk? Or did something himself (like Napoleon supposedly aim the cannon himself in 2 battles) Anyway. I do like the idea of trade-offs, especially the example fits very well. Thou I would put those in the "higher" skill tree, while the more straightforward aka only positive skills would be the lower ones.
  20. Hi, given that the 2nd core patch, which is suppose to come this year and after it 2 more patches, shall feature "officers and crews" and think it would be nice to have a little chat about what "we" want and don't want and what we are hoping for. I personally hope that we get some RPG elements for our officers. Now now I do see a potential issue, as that if we look at fleets with 100+ DD alone then Management of Officer skills could be very annoying. Now one potential way to avoid some of that would be to say that the numbers of officers is connected with ship "size" (r
  21. agree, having the option to have "historical" campaigns and some where "everything can happen" would help the game greatly.
  22. Posting the Roadmap is nice now you have to follow it up with "walk the Roadmap". besides of course the campaign I really hope that the teams does something interesting with crews and officers. RPG elements would at least for me be most welcome, thou I do admit I see that it could be a problem to have 4 officers per each of you 143 DD's...
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