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  1. What about a break the blockade mission. Also protect a convoy?
  2. Totally. Same for destroyers too. I would also like to see Port raids, like the Royal navy raid into Norway during ww2.
  3. I agree, but really we need a way to view the armor placement and levels. It's currently hard to interpret what all these different armor choices mean, so if more choice is introduced it will get even more confusing without an armor viewing mode. Warthunder and wows have this sort of view mode. Though they do it in a cartoon like way. Perhaps the graphic you already have in the bottom left could be expanded on to give an old time series of blueprint crossections showing armor placement, like the sort of design drawings used at the time see attached examples.
  4. Surely this is determined by your opening choices in the campaign as to which country you will play. Also country choice should affect the ship design process, tech availability, Hull designs etc I don't think it would be a cosmetic choice at the end of the build.
  5. Great news, looking forward to trying it out. A question about your philosophy in developing the game, are you attempting to increase realism with changes or playability/fun? I ask because I have played plenty of naval games where fun and 'balance' seem to have been the focus of the development, but have been frustrated by lack of realism. However with ultimate admiral dreadnoughts, I feel you have aimed at more realism in many aspects, such as visual range, weapons effectiveness. I think this is a good thing as it differentiated dreadnoughts from many competitors. When choo
  6. OK well, I saw the thread asking for beautiful images, but that is dominated by in-battle scenes. I was hoping we could have a separate thread with content like deilywnnA posted. Ie dedicated to the ship design aspect showcasing the potential of the ship designer in the hands of the community.
  7. To help other player and devs see what is possible with the current version of the ship designer let's post images of our best (and worst) work. Include comments on how they perform in action. Wierd, wonderful, and woeful. Where you have tried to emulate a historical example include an image of the actual ship that inspired your design (copyright permitting)
  8. Please no multiplayer, not for a long time. It will lead to so many compromises in game design. Please just focus on single player. Very few deep games allow multiplayer.
  9. One game which goes to town on sinking animation is Atlantic Fleet. You can see the ship under water and hear the horrendous tearing as the ship is wrenched apart. Adding under water explosions and ships splitting would take this further. Adding crew in the water or drowning may be a bit much for some, perhaps something that can be deselected in the graphics options menu? Crew running around on deck is a nice touch, but battlestations has them calmly strolling on deck during engagements!
  10. Firstly I am thrilled with the game you are developing, and hence happy to buy into it at alpha. I see UAD as developing into RTW with WoW quality graphics and UI, which is the dream combination IMHO. Also three cheers for making speed and distance correct in battles. So onto the ship designer. Some points I noted already (after first evening of "testing"). 1 Hull design - more hulls is better, but ultimately being able to shape them is best. Perhaps with sliders, the user can tailor a standard Hull for numerous parameters, add various options like anti torpedo bulges,
  11. Hi, I'm getting the same issue. Repeated crashes to desktop mid battle. I will submit a log file next time it happens. Thanks.. Chris
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