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  1. @Shaftoe Earl Grey, hot, nice Choice, Admiral! Hopefully the replicators do not forget the cup. I was aware of your russian heritage. I refered to a youtube channel, that is pretty funny to watch. Vashe zdorovye!
  2. I do not have a youtube account, but it is pretty easily reproduced, try it and focus a bit on it, you will notice, trust me I also noticed, that chances of it appear to be higher, when you switch forth between focused ships (ONLY camera, not target of course xD ) .
  3. @Shaftoe I hope you do not spill the legendary "Yorkshire Gold" (no ad, just making sure)?! Otherwise the Queen AND the spiffing brit will not be amused.
  4. I had the Hood vs Bismarck Mission, and my secondary guns just locked on target, my primaries still were turning, i get the Message, that my BB sinks due to structural damage and the screen went dark. I had just enough time to read, that the "Hood" of all enemy ships had sunk my "Bismarck" by "hooding" it with her rangefinding shot of the primary artillery. And my ship was not a bad build, it was just not the day for Bismarck.
  5. I am sorry, Nick, but this is a very specific bug, we discussed earlier, when all guns are locked on a target, you fire several salvos repeatedly, nothing changes, angle stays, speed stays, bearing stays, but every now and then, some times several out of ten salvos only one of all the turrets fire. I talk about this bug. It is not due to rotation, turning ship or any reasonable mechanic. It definitely is a bug. Sorry. And i try to be helpfull, nothing else. If you find the time to play a few rounds, just build a BB to sail alongside to another BB, exchaning salvoes, you will notice it sooner o
  6. We recently discussed a bug, where, even though all are locked and loaded, only few guns (in my case mostly 2, guns not turrets) fire their guns at the enemy. I now think i saw a potential glitch, that might cause this. The thing was: The guns started their reload cycle slightly delayed, after the cycle was almost completed and the first guns were reloaded, it immediately went off, even though the others were not reloaded and quite a step away from being so. And my guess now is, that due to a lag in this reload cycle the other guns went for standby and wait for this gun to be ready again,
  7. I quickly built a ship like that, did not launch it htough. It shows all sectors red, so the gun couldnt possibly fire.. If the others would, i guess they would, as in battle only the guns, that CAN actually face the right direction NEED to face there, for the guns to fire. didnt bother trying though.
  8. when the ship designer says: "Oh come on, you can totally use that turret... und certain conditions... once.... " And the responsible government is as competent for the task, as we Europeans currently are used to, that is what happens...
  9. Oh, if only we had a FAQ, that gave approximate estimations, of what they currently work on and when they will bring it in an alpha version... That would definitely help me and my patience and it would help me to go test specific things, so i could give more developmentdirection related feedback.
  10. And long live the russian Battleship! Let it bring the socialist truth to the world I am gonna build a big, russian Battleship right now
  11. Master Evil4Zerggin Thank you! For the work you must have put in this and the insight that it gives us. Best regards
  12. @TAKTCOM Is that a burning russian warship? Impossible! Must be capitalist fakenews!
  13. @Tlmitf damn, what did you do to that thing?
  14. @RedParadize i will definitely give it a shot! I most if the time go down the road, what the agegap does in reverse, when i go full 1940 tech superbb, what the enemy needs fleetwise, to do serious damage to my ship. But what you suggest sounds like a challenge indeed. Smaller, older ships... uh and possibly a lot of them. Yes!
  15. @RedParadize im too old to challenge myself, gotta look after that pump of mine carefully. @Shaftoe wow, did not notice, now you mention it... now what to do with all the power ... Oh i remember the old times, when i was younger and started my „career“ in this game, as if it was last year. How time goes by.... But honestly, i could not achieve the 35 pre hotfix, i may potentially just not have had enough time or it may not have been possible without decent amounts of luck. Post hotfix some missions are a challenge, but there are actually reasonable strategies to defeat them. Whi
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