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Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Beautiful Screenshots and Videos


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Armed convoy attack is definitely my favourite scenario so far, as it allows you to choose between BCs, CAs and CLs. The enemy has a mix of pre-dreadnought ship types, and allows experimentation with various tactics. I have won the scenario many times with all hull types, but I personally like to use two armoured cruisers, three semi-armoured (protected?) cruisers or five light cruisers. Here's a few screenshots of my latest battle using two armoured cruisers. The beauty of this game keeps me playing despite all the crashes.


The ships are heavily armoured, and features a twin 7-inch fore-turret and twin 9 inch aft-turret, which perfectly balances the ship. Coupled with a 24-knot speed, the ships have a respectable cruise of 20 knots, which I use to exploit the accuracy boost. This allowed me to cripple one of the enemy battleships very quickly into the game, although I think this was a lucky few shots.



The two ships maintain a tight line for even more accuracy. Two accurate broadsides of Lyddite shells are truly devastating to any ship, bar the thickest hulls.



Both enemy battleships are badly damaged at this point. Note that I do not target the convoy ships as I want to destroy all enemy ships in this scenario.



One of the light cruisers slipped away. Light cruisers seem to be the most difficult to kill, or at-least take the longest; they have a small size bonus and are always manoeuvring. At even this range, accuracy was below 30%, while I had 50%+ accuracy hitting the battleships at the starting range! I had no torpedoes fitted and instead used heavy armour to soak damage. If you look closely you can see two direct hits from the rear cruiser's twin-nines.

Overall the game was won and there was no significant damage to my ships. Both maintained full power. The front ship sustained about 15% structural damage, mostly to the masts and funnels, while the rear ship only lost half of that.

I've only had this game for half a week and it is absolutely superb, especially given it is only in alpha state. I can't wait for a campaign. The devs are doing a fantastic job.

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Please post your most beautiful screenshots, videos and gifs from Ultimate Admiral. 

Combat, ship design, crazy or historical creations - all welcome. 
Best works will be used for steam and advertising (crediting the author of course).




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1 hour ago, Niomedes said:

I'm quite sure that whomever captains the battleships in 'The power of Dreadnoughts' seriously reconsidered their life choices when the entirety of the US Battlefleet showed up two times over.

“I didn’t sign up for this shit!”

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Tried armed convoy with an unconventional design. Five light cruisers with 5" all round armour except deck and turret tops, and a mix of armaments (1x8", 1x7", 1x6", and 4x5"). No ships seriously damaged. Didn't seem to be as effective as an all-6-inch design as the sponson guns could super-fire. In this case, two of the Fives had no action in battle.screen_1280x720_2019-10-14_21-20-35.thumb.jpg.a80fc50abd66ab7be001adf80c00eac6.jpg






There's no escaping the hellfire of Lyddite.

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On 10/14/2019 at 1:55 AM, admin said:

Endless possibilities. 



good god that slideshow of the hulls is amazing


also i noticed that one of the hulls with a 5x3 layout (i think) has a lower freeboard than the others 

is there gonna be a free-board slider ?


also would it be a possibility we could get a sneak peek at quad turrets if we ask nicely ?

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9 minutes ago, Lieste said:

Almost all of the battleships being shown are unworkable IRL. They have a citadel nearly the entire length of the hull, and thus cannot have a sufficient thickness to make them safe or should have such excessive weight that little is left for armament, machinery or bunkerage.

Look how compact they try to keep real battleship and battlecruiser citadels by comparison.

With that in mind I present to you a pocket Yamato...

(I found simple graphics prevents the CTDs memory issue)


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