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  1. do keep in mind that bigger ships usually means more space for firecontrol and directors an example is the yamato who had the largest rangefinder (to my knowledge) ever mounted to a ship (and no less than 5 of them) if we could build 50 battleships to go around patrolling everywhere and do everything which CL and DDs did in real life like escorting fire support convoy protection and the countless countless other things they did then yes that is how its gonna be in the campaign problem is we dont have the resources to build 50 battleships to do that (and if we do thats highly unrea
  2. essex is 90 planes i have no idea which essex you are looking at this is essex in 1943 36 F6F-3 Hellcat 36 SBD-5 Dauntless 18 TBF-1 Avenger http://www.navypedia.org/ships/usa/us_cv_essex.htm and here is the 1944 loadout 54 F6F-3/5 Hellcat 24 SB2C-3 Helldiver 15 TBM-1C Avenger midway is 137 planes with this loadout 64 F4U-4, 4 F6F-5N 64 SB2C-5 4 F6F-5P http://www.navypedia.org/ships/usa/u
  3. i mean you do oxygen torpedoes had a tendency to combust the second they were hit and explode look at chokai for example she was crippled by a single 5 inch hit to the torpedoes and the fact you would only have a 5-10% hitrate at best depending on year this would make it alot easier to dodge as the torpedoes are less likely to be in a super tight spread right on your ships i mean british did develop fleet submarines like the M class and so on which were a thing in ww1 although their succes was not good
  4. yeah it should not be able to fire when underwater
  5. shh you need to be within a very short distance to penetrate a 15" belt of krupp IV using this we can see that a 15" krupp iv belt will make you immune to 18 inch mark 3 guns with what seems to be super heavy shells + ballistite at 10km range this is not taking into account angling which would just reduce performance even more theres a reason to why the HE meta exists
  6. back on topic yamatos weakspot likely wouldnt matter against AP or HE shells as it would likely be unable to fuse or explode once its passed so far underwater unless its a diving shell generally speaking the belt armor has a bunch of connection points since its made up of a bunch of plates but in practice they are welded and bolted so well together that their protection does not suffer from not being one piece of steel i dont actually know how yamatos armor was held in place but i know iowas was held in place by a bunch of large bolts with a cement backer behind th
  7. torpedoes are too consistent and easy to use they are too good in ease of use but they underperform in damage making them more historical would make them more challenging to use but would give a better payoff when you do have that opportunity thus when you set up a nice attack you get rewarded and it feels nice where as now it really dosent do much it will also makes subs not useless when they come into the game because 6 torpedoes and a reload long enough to get run down and rammed is not fun the 6 sticks wont sink anything except destroyers and small cr
  8. i would love more turrets even if they had no diffrent buffs just having the artistic choice is nice
  9. this would also allow for all rear machinery and boilers so we could make nelson like ships +1 im all for it
  10. hmmmmmmmmmm why does the 18 inch shell weight 2421 kg the 5 inch weights 44 kg that seems uhm kinda heavy i mean historically speaking the german 21 inch gun had 2100 kg projectiles american 5 inch had a 25kg projectiles muzzle velocity also seems very low at 717 m/s though it might be because of super heavy shells were you using super heavy shells on all the guns ?
  11. @Lobokai as far as i see it you have nothing to back up your claims or sources to tell me where you got said claims from if you do you are just extremely hesitant on sharing them if you dont wanna back up your claims i suggest we finish this conversation il send a response to each of your point in PM as to not clog up the chat i request we continue in PMs as again we clog the chat
  12. one gets instantly sunk by a 5 inch shell the other takes 3 maybe 4 well placed shells on the topic though id like to see a submarine designer so we could make sourcouf like submarines (even if impractical) or cruiser submarines mtbs would be nice especially if you are playing italy or in the med they could be used were quite succesfull for them in ww1 so i would like to have the ability to use them
  13. i mean it depends on what you consider trash sure you could probably make a very deep tds but have it be really bad but even then TDS design peaked in 1915 and the fast battleships and 1940s battleships only had worse TDS designs the only reason they were stronger was because of the depth of the systems which allowed them to obsorb more explosive force a good article on it which i recomend reading http://www.navweaps.com/index_tech/tech-047.php
  14. they wouldnt neccesarily have to return to port just need a munitions vessel to resupply them once the campaign comes out there should be no need to send them all the way back just to get new torps they should just only get 1 set when in battle between battles they then restock in case of extra torpedo reloads they would have x amount spare torpedoes that would take 5-30 minutes to reload
  15. though the range for said battle was also quite high if i remember right
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