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  1. Don't agree with that destroy a full fleet rebelance at all. But since I'm.the only person who didn't complain about it, I guess it's fair.
  2. Bro, ever heard of Bofors ? http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_4cm-56_mk12.php But just in general, Quad mounts of all shapes and sizes were used. There is no reason why we shouldn't be able to literally have every single gun in all 4 configurations.
  3. Well, the devs said that larger guns are suppsoed to be more effective on longer ranges, and that's what they do. So, they're working as intended.
  4. Larger guns regularily have higher accuracys on all distances than smaller guns.
  5. It's in the top down menu on the right under funnel capacity.
  6. Larger guns= more accuracy. It's working as intended.
  7. Lord Nelson is in the peculiar position of being the direct predecessor for dreadnought, and thusly already sharing a fair share of Dreadnought's characteristics, apapart from the uniform battery of course.
  8. Exactly. Aircraft Torpedos are very different from Ship Torpedos anyways, since they need to carry far less fuel and can have a better payload to fuel ratio due to that. In addition to this, Aircraft torpedos obviously need to be light and short enough for a plane to even carry them. There's not even a real connection here, as far as I'm concerned.
  9. Can you contextualise esch of the pictures please, I.e. when and where they were taken, as well as which ships are being shown ? That would make it easier to cross reference this.
  10. No, and that's because they didn't actually make them obsolete. Older battleships were at a disadvantage, but could still technically fight fast battleships and expect to be a threat for them. A predreadnought however could never expect to even survive an encounter, since the low range of their guns prevented them from even successfully engaging the enemy.
  11. It would break in half before that, since the structural integrity of the material built to use it doesn't suffice to withstand the effect gravity has on its own weighr at this scale.
  12. MUh ZiPanG ClAsS UlTrA DreADnoUgHT !
  13. History of the American and the French Navy. Especially the french navy, since usually nobody cares about it. This people's Navy: the making of American sea power/ Kenneth J. Hagan Three republics one navy: a naval history of France 1870-1999/ Anthony Clayton
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