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Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Beautiful Screenshots and Videos


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I built 3 battleship classes. 2 US: Iowa Class and the cancelled Montana Class (I spent less time on these 2 because they are quite impractical with the current 16'' gun damage) but for the Iowa, I got the main armaments and the armor value quite close to the real one; the Montana not so much in terms of armor but still...
The other one however, the Yamato Class Battleship,  I spent 10 mins trying to get the armor correct. This thing is the only ship that I have successfully used so far to breeze through the mission: well armored, hit like a truck flying through your bedroom window.

Iowa Class Battleship.png

Montana Class Battleship.png

Yamato Class Battleship.png

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Still haven't managed to beat the "Destroy a full fleet" mission. After numerous attempts to build a pair of advanced battleships that would rival AI's 17-inch monsters, I gave up and tried numerical advantage instead. Four slow british-style 13-inch superdreadnoughts with thick belt and heavy underwater protection, divided into two squadrons to flank their battleships from both sides. Managed to sink the 17-inch flagship and cripple the smaller one, but by then my onw ships were severely damaged and again everything went in complete disaster
Welp, at least I've made a bunch of good screens😕








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The Mödling class Armored Cruisers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire were laid down in 1892 and launched by 1896. They were fast ships for their time, designed for commerce raiding and chasing down smaller protected cruisers, destroyers and torpedo boats operating in the Mediterranean and the narrow waters of the Adriatic and Aegean seas. They had an unusual main battery consisting of two 6" guns in shielded wing mounts forward and one large 11" gun in a full turret in the stern. Pictured here in action during a heated border dispute with the Kingdom of Italy in 1901 the Mödling and her two sister ships make short work of an unprotected Italian convoy. 





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missed the best screenshot
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Hello Admirals! My name is Balázs. I bought this game 3 days ago. It gives me tons of fun, and I also took some ingame photos.

This is my old pre-dreadnought battleship design. It has 3*1 305mm guns, 4 underwater torpedo tubes, 4*1 155 mm guns, and a lot of low calibre secondaries. Main armor belt: 300mm. Deck armor: 65mm. Conning tower: 280mm and the gun turrets are also 280mm.

When i am looking at these pictures, i feel like i am in 1885-95.

I had to remove these pictures, because i needed the space.






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23 minutes ago, puxflacet said:

Is that front tower facing rear?

Yeah found out you can rotate the towers.. probably unintended...Since you can end up having a funnel in front of the tower, and not behind. 
But would be cool if the tower stays foreward facing, but the base castle rotated around (and so not all towers can be rotated).

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