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  1. Custard

    Christmas books list ?

    I'd recommend the following Andrew Lambert 'The Challenge' Britain against America in the Naval War of 1812 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Challenge-Britain-Against-America-Naval/dp/0571273203
  2. Custard

    intentional Green on Green

    Tribunal section has these rules
  3. mishspellers of the world untie However your deflection doesn't alter the fact that the GB new players, for example, get farmed and they have two starting points your suggestion to give the US faction another starting point has no merit.
  4. That's incredibly useful double the areas new players can get farmed in, genious
  5. I remain unconvinced that there isn't enough incentive to RVR and as for risk people have doubloons, I believe it's purely down to lack of numbers playing. Non elite players are more care bear than any of you realise, the casuals are almost all gone, players like me are finding it a bit too hard because of the changes to AI fleets and Missions that leaves less for the better players to feed on when you are not engaged in RVR.
  6. Custard

    OW options suggestion

    Good idea +1
  7. Custard

    Patrol ROE spinoff

    You are not actually reading other peoples posts are you? We have been fighting when caught in the open world whilst doing our thing risking our ships and losing them. Removing the reinforcement zones would make zero difference to me as I DO NOT SAIL IN THEM or anywhere near one FYI it's corners in real motorsport 🤣
  8. Custard

    Patrol ROE spinoff

    If your right were are the players that were playing pre-patch? Maybe you should reread some of the posts by average players, I play on the PVP server because of the risk without it I would find the game boring unfortunatley for me that risk has become too high. FTR I don't play anywhere near reinforcementzones, I wouldn't even if they actually worked
  9. Custard

    Patrol ROE spinoff

    I get where you are coming from but I would disagree with the cause Numbers are down because the last patch made things too hard core for the average player this is caused because the average player was attacking enemy open world fleets around ports there own faction controlled now they have to do this too close to enemy controlled ports Whilst looking for suitable targets to unlock knowledge slots on Indiaman around Tantun, since the last patch, I have lost 3 of them
  10. Custard

    Port BR's reduction / RvR alliances

    Couldn't disagree more Hethwill, player numbers and RVR is down as a direct consequence of this last patch Clanwars is only half hearted implemented anyway it needs more love not less @Christendom would probably have a view on this
  11. Please add me Hmmm Dreadnoughts
  12. Custard

    Book: Trafalgar: The Biography of Battle

    May ask for this for Xmas thanks
  13. Custard

    More Outposts, More Dockspace