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  1. In that case we would have to have a 100% safe area around capitals
  2. To add to your list of major changes you should add the Port upgrades, I believe Russia hasn't attacked GB's Belize and Truxillo because they believe GB will quit if they lose them.
  3. Leave KPR and open an outpost in Truxillo, this is were the better ships are made (and Belize) ask for tips/help from there
  4. Good luck If joining the War server what Nation did you choose?
  5. Custard

    IQ Test for NA

    I have done this but in my defence a large amount of acohol had reduced my limited IQ to amoeba levels
  6. Traders Cutter, Traders Brig, Traders Lynx, LGV or Indiaman They can have cannons
  7. XP isn't really scaled with challenge is it, bigger ships against equal targets earn huge XP compared to small ships against equal targets when the challenge/difficulty is essentially the same
  8. Thanks qw569 Either GB are the least carebear nation or we cannot even sink AI
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