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  1. In the past I had a manager at head office refer to my whole team as idiots, to say I lost all sense of reality was an understatement. I would still like to punch the other manager and this was 4 years ago. I understand Admin's reaction.
  2. Aren't unfounded accusations of cheating a banable forum offense?
  3. Been noted before it's something to do with rounding I believe.
  4. Something needs to be done if we only have 20 hours to hook players I just started another account (my third) and in 14 hours I have ports were I want them and am at Post Captain rank a newbie isn't gonna be that far forward
  5. I am unconvinced, unless it's a language problem, how the Loki mechanic could be considered a route to anything consensual. I consider it a way for players to troll others on the War server let alone on the Peace server all it's ever going to do is upset people I do not see an upside.
  6. Maybe it's online members since server reset?
  7. https://na-map.netlify.com/ Best there is, maybe when this Loki thing goes live battles may appear who knows
  8. You would have to have a soul to sell first
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