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  1. Please add me Hmmm Dreadnoughts
  2. Custard

    Book: Trafalgar: The Biography of Battle

    May ask for this for Xmas thanks
  3. Custard

    More Outposts, More Dockspace

  4. Custard

    Risk verses reward

    The problem is the combination of enemy AI no longer being everywhere and TP having a cost. For average PVE players that want the jeopardy of being on a PVP server like me and my friends this will probably be too much aggravation. We have an area set up to harvest resources and build ships etc outside of a protected zone to get from here to the front lines we will have to be able to TP, prior to this patch we lost ships to PVPers regularly, with this patch I fear our losses will become unsustainable. Already one of us has moved to the PVE server.
  5. If those that want them cannot have outlaw battles then this is by far the best solution
  6. Custard

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    We love your map bruv
  7. Custard

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    It is not our metric system, i just love it that Murica is the last bastion of imperial measurement pure karma
  8. I cannot remember the correct term but it was operating 1st rates that cost the money, if this cost cannot be paid place the ship in a state of unreadyness at no ongoing cost but it takes a minimum time period say 3 days and a reasonable cost to make the ship usable so anyone taking a break from the game doesn't get bankrupted.
  9. Custard

    Exciting OR RNG crafting is back, and I have a problem with it.

    Played the game today for the first time (with my ALT to test the tutorials) since the server merge because I like the recent changes/effort from the development team. RNG in crafting ships puts me off it was almost universally detested before, I genuinely hate it with a passion.
  10. Custard

    Captains Chest for Books, not Refits

    How about having to transport both
  11. 1 to 2 hours earlier makes most sense doesn't it? I appreciate this would be an embuggerance for the development team but the current downtime has destroyed the Aussie playerbase