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  1. One player is never going to be able to manage enough experience to predict what rng is capable of hiding, a guess is worthless mate
  2. You can remove upgrades from a slot by right clicking on it and choosing destroy, then the slot is free for another upgrade
  3. I got bitch slapped some time ago by @maturin for suggesting SOLs didn't sail alone apparantlly they did regularly
  4. Excellent that you intend to add this, really appreciate your continued work on this project thanks
  5. @Licinio Chiavari Santisima was built in Cuba mate so it kinda did sail there 😎
  6. Custard

    Stupid idea

    Sounds like yours is slightly worse than mine. Best way to describe how it effects me is this, If a plant with green folliage has ten red flowers on it the ten stand out immediatlly to a person with perfect colour vision whilst I will initially see just a few but if I stare at it for long enough I will eventually pick out all of the flowers. I still buy the wrong colour shirts but mostly because I have bad taste. @OP different colour yes just not red
  7. Nobles would have an entourage making a weight penalty? Making a higher reward equitable?
  8. Had the same thing and F11ed it, not sure if it happened around a boarding though
  9. Had something similar last night. When in open world opening map and choosing 'Conquest Information' nothing opened, on entering a port it fixed itself.
  10. Agree with PG Monkey, I am not in favour of us keeping anything the experience gained in testing is advantage enough
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