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  1. The current AI are not that hard if you think they are then the problem lies somewhere between your keyboard and chair
  2. This is not what OP is after bud, wants GAME ONLY info on the sails
  3. Are you aware of how big the trade trade was in the Baltic and how reliant GB was in this trade during the age of sail?
  4. Can I request a forum admin either sanction my posts for being factually incorrect or the 'other guy' for being a troll? Please
  5. Russia got what they have because they worked for it they have exactly the same number of perm ports as Poland and Prussia, whats next my Nation GB complaining they only have Jamica FFS get a life man. Perhaps beyond a set number of ports owned a Nation should have a penalty of some sort for every port over this number they own.
  6. Letter to the King was littered with the same thing we still loved it
  7. The only complaints I heard regarding the old system, when we had to make the components first, was the mutiple clicking required because we could only make xx ammount of some components instead of a box allowing us to type in the number we wanted.
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