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  1. Trade ship would have used a false flag and would have been selling goods that were wanted by the port . A warship did not get away with that kind of thing unless maybe it was selling specie. I think a fort would fire on any enemy ship regardless of what it was fighting.
  2. Letter to the King was littered with the same thing we still loved it
  3. The only complaints I heard regarding the old system, when we had to make the components first, was the mutiple clicking required because we could only make xx ammount of some components instead of a box allowing us to type in the number we wanted.
  4. I particularly enjoy seeing the pictures of the crew working on the sails
  5. You are so wrong it's laughable. It's Rate not Rank. The Rate system is a whole lot simpler than what you just suggested, the variation within what you called Brig, Sloop etc that are currently 7th Rates would make your head swim. USS Constitution and her sisters were super or heavy Frigates they were not built to be line ships and never took on a 3rd rate the only one that came in sight of a third rate ran and was crippled by HMS Endymion, to counter these ships the Admiralty planned to build more Endymion frigates and more heavily gunned super Frigates but as the war of 1812-15 was won they were never needed. For the purposes of NA Rating USS Constitution and her sisters is very difficult because of her uniqueness but in my opinion she should be better placed at 4th.
  6. Thanks for the presents, now get back to work
  7. It's most probably rounding, kill one more bud
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