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  2. Someone had the bells rung in that turret, though it looks like they would have to remove the turret to fix that... ouchies.
  3. I second the different classes of hulls being in different folders, if we ever get a sandbox battle mode this will be a must have.
  4. There's actually 3 different forms of crash stop depending on propulsion and rudder layout. 1. Full reverse as fast as possible, this is for both turbines, and pistons, for both you have to stop the rotation then reverse, which depends on size of reverse turbine/ water resistance. It is notable some turbine powered ships did not have reverse (HMS Dreadnought is a prime example) 2. Turbo Electric full reverse, this is by far the fastest unless combined with number 3 as unlike reverse turbines/reversing pistons you do not wait for the turbines to stop if anything you want them to spin faster to give you all the power possible to your electric motors. You get immediate and instant full reverse power to your electric motors, if you have 150,000 horsepower ahead you got the same in reverse, the biggest limiter here is that you don't twist off your prop shafts. It is also of note that propellers are not as efficient in reverse so even though you have access to full power it does not mean you can use it. 3. Closing the barn doors, this option is only available on 2 rudder ships with the rudders under local damage control stations. This is an extreme method of stopping that will stop a ship faster than any other method mentioned unless combined with 2. When the USS Wisconsin tested this she almost ripped her rudders off, and had chronic rudder issues the rest of her service life. Basically they turn both rudders to full amidship, USS Wisconsin when she tested this went from flank to a full stop in 2/3rds of her length as measured by a crewman who threw a chunk of wood overboard at the bow and by the time the ship stopped it was abreast the number 3 main turret. If you want a ship stopped, there is no way to stop one faster, but you will hello kitty something up in doing so that will require replacing the rudders, the steering gears and the mounts in order to fix properly.
  5. Its coming, I mentioned this way back in my fleet review thread.
  6. Well we got an 11” hit to the Norfolk by the KMS Scharnhorst that I posted earlier in thread it blew right through the barbette.
  7. Maybe try setting fire to none and back to normal.
  8. Yeah just for the lols, maybe an intentional typo as homage to the hilarious thought of a mage casing a fireball at an enemy ship.
  9. Yeesh breath between your buckets of ideas... Seconded...
  10. Same here I've quit posting here more or less because I'm running out of shit to say that isn't broken record.
  11. Losing a bow is not necessarily a game ender for a ship, USS New Orleans after her bow got blown off by a Type 93. HMS Norfolk, 11" AP hit fired by Scharnhorst that hit the ship's x Turret barbette punching clean through both sides.
  12. Ok... one major suggestion here, currently when the game says "smoke spotted to x" it shows nothing on the horizon in that direction please add this as a visual cue its something that captains IRL would have used extensively, thanks and have a good day.
  13. @Mooncatt you're comparison is totally invalid as the enemy 18" guns are mark V which puts them leagues above anything you have access too currently. Edit: Not only that but I won that mission first time out with 4 15" armed battleships in 4x3 gun arrangements.
  14. Not only that should also be length and beam, its entirely possible to have something that you can build tonnage wise thats either too fat or too long to actually fit in the damn dry dock.
  15. Not only this but would be nice to be able to use say TNT2 for filler and White Powder for propellant.
  16. They are coming, and to correct you the French Quads weren’t a four gun turret with each gun having its own cradle and it wasn’t a Quad turret where they all shared a cradle, they were “Two Twins” as in they were 2 pairs of 2 guns with each left/right pair having its own cradle.
  17. And that's only the mark 3 18" gun the mark 5 has a shell weight of nearly 2927kg or...6452 lbs... with SHS we shouldn't be shooting loaded light work trucks at each other.
  18. Not bad but you got the number 3 turret backwards it should be pointing forwards.
  19. Been asked for a lot. Been asked to just remove that system entirely and let us free place them repeatedly.
  20. A scary thing is that’s not enough penetration it should be closer to 60-70” at 1000m for they set up of gun if it was real.
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