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  1. Sounds great! Custom battles looks like nice improvement ...
  2. I hope to campaign close to RtW model ... maybe more detailed map and two speed for turns ... slower for war time and faster for peace time. I really like what-if possibilities and history-based variants, I like sand box. I'm afraid about aircrafts, I would prefer old and WWI like campaigns ...
  3. Played again after patch ... I see some improvements, especially with torpedo hits, but it is still not perfect. Played two DDs against armoured cruiser and transports. I had 22" torpedoes, so I hoped to devastating hits. It works with transports, one torpedo hit was enough for all of them. Problem was armoured cruiser. It was hit by one in the centre, ok, some flooding, but nothing serous. Then, after lets say 10 minutes, it was hit by another four torpedoes ... and no serious damage, do more flooding ... strange. I saw something similar some battle later, when my shop was hit by torpedo and
  4. Another "feature", which looks strange ... my BB was surrounded by enemy TBs, but ship was able fire only on one target lets say from starboard. So all medium and light guns on portside were silent ...
  5. First words ... great work, great idea ... please finish it! I'm Rule the Waves player and I see this like great improvement ... Some feedback from battles: I saw many hits by torpedoes (about six to BB) and no sink ... it should be balanced I tried ram BB by CA ... full speed, from side ... no damage, it should be balanced my BB fired on TB at really close distance ... only 5% possibility to hit, it should be balanced it looks repair teams at early ships are really effective ... I would like to see more damage progress over time ...
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