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  1. Yea something is wrong at first glance imo. I had the Japanese designing 1920 light cruisers to be looking like downsized Kongo battlecruisers/battleships.
  2. @Nick Thomadis Can we get a little bit hint when this will drop please? I'm soooooo looking forward to this update
  3. Soooo, guys? when is the update coming?
  4. Why not both? Wouldn't a custom mode really easy to make since we already have AI building ships themselves? Why can't we just assign player made ships to the AI? Also regarding the free placement of structures on ships, I'm fine with having restrictions on funnels and whatnot but barbettes should be placed freely like the guns; and imo, the option of having the gun determine its own barbette instead of pre-made ones is a must have in the future, having to use the big barbette on a x2 14" turret are both weird and inefficient.
  5. Can we please allow the players to design AI ships in custom battles?
  6. It's quite easy actually provided that you have at least 2 Ardents already in your possession (which you should by this point playing as the Brits). Use those 2 Ardents to soften up and board the Bellona (double boarding), and then turn around and smash the escorting Ardent (and board if you want). The other ships you should bring should be 1 back up boarding focused 5th rate (just in case shit hits the fan), and 1 actually good 5th rate like an Endymion, Leda, or Dedaigneuse (worst of the 3 I listed) to deal with the other ships. Once the 2 3rd rates are dealt with, those other ships should be... well ya know what to do next.
  7. No, that should only be a feature if there are enough people who ask for it. I have experienced that with Men of war series, tbh, it is quite useless. Right now, the custom battle mode should be at least as functional as the Total War series custom battle with its own twist.
  8. The problem is that, AI still build ships that are comically easy to beat, or broken ass ships that irl wouldn't even be considered. It's immersion breaking when I'm trying to build something reasonable. Either I woop their asses, or they woop my ass, or they built something so brokenly fast, they just turn the other way. I enjoy building ships, but I am not enjoying the combat aspect and battles themselves
  9. As the title suggest. I believe it is quite an easy feature to add? Since it just need to assign the design instead of the human player, to the AI?
  10. 45 I think. 60 is for the 3rd rate you'll meet in the other mission in the British in the War of Independent chapter
  11. Boarding was a bit cheesy. You can fill 2 6th rates with 300 troops each. Arm them with boarding tools, remove all cannons. You also need are fire ships. You should bring one more with you so you can blow up most of the ships except for one enemy 5th rate, leave it to fight with your damaged 5th rate (DO NOT SINK IT, IF IT BLOWS UP THEN GREAT BUT DON'T SINK IT). So, most of the enemy ships are down, you can focus on capturing the 4th rate. Use those 2 fast but fully loaded 6th rate to approach the 4th rate. Since your speed is really good (no cannons + upgrades), you would only eat one broadside before you catch up and outspeed the 4th rate which... will start the boarding procedure, you will need the 2nd 6th rate to join the boarding. Then voila, you got your first 4th rate. This won't 100% work in this patch on ward since the enemy gets boarding tools as well but you would outnumber the enemy so I'm not sure how that would play out.
  12. ^This. Yea, the thing is consistency. I had a ship going from not flashing unit card, seemingly doing well against my 3 smaller ships, and then suddenly, surrender for no reason??? It could have ran if it felt being surrounded since it's a 4th rate against my 5th and 6th rates. But... it surrendered. At other times, I blasted a 4th rate to ****, 1 side armor is nearly gone, blasted multiple broadside into the back, taking in water and still fighting. Sure, ships shouldn't always surrender, but it should be more consistent. Right now, I feel like the RNG just make me want to Esc --> Restart since making one mistake can basically means my smaller ship get blasted with a full broadside and lost most fighting capabilities or the ship I want to capture fights to the death.
  13. Yea, I think ships should surrender easier. They soak wayyy to much damage and crews damage by cannons are underpowered. Some musket fire can kill 5-10 crews depending on the amount of crews. Yet a good broadside by canister can barely get past 10 casualties. We should be able to capture bigger ships with smaller ships by taking out masses, causing mass casualties and shouldn't just by only surrounding the ship with 3-4 other ships.
  14. Yes please. I wanted t\the custom battle mode so I can design my own ships and also the enemy ships. AND then get to save those designs. Pls devs, can you look into this matter?
  15. This one is very dangerous if left uncheck. I'm not sure what's causing it but it has happened twice now, and I can say for sure that the new patches introduced it. Although I do not like land battles, I did play quite a few even before the Chapters were added. I have finished the first few chapters twice before the NA chapters were added. I did not see any crashes what-so-ever. But within the last 24 hrs, I had the game froze indefinitely twice when I group select my land units. As soon as I group select them using the mouse, the game froze in frame with continual of music and sound effect. Especially with the addition of many naval and land battle nn the same mission, this kind of crash can be extremely frustrating for players. I'm not sure if you guys are aware of this bug, and I'm also unsure how to replicate it. Though I can say the missions that it occured: Snatch and Bloodshed. Also is there a crash log? If there is, tell me where the game saves it and I'll send it to you guys.
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