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  1. Hard choice, when you put words into people mouth like it's your daily business. Really. Watch the video again. And tell me. Where in the video did Drachinifel said anything about combat range below 1000 yards being inaccurate for pre-dreadnought era. None. He mentioned range that is about 500 or 400 yards being easier for a human to judge distance and ballistic. But it was a general statement. Really. All of my argument with your had been YOU straw manning people argument. Aka Lying about what other people said. Really. It is embarrassing. And I am willing to change my stance on this if
  2. I did not find my battleships helpless against TB, but TBs are annoying to fight against because small guns at close range (500m) is worse than AoS SOL cannons (I doubt they were THAT bad, else we would see HMS Victory steel version with 100 guns blasting in 1900s), while they can tank so many BB grade shells, which I have said the current problem is two folded: gunnery and damage model.
  3. @Nick ThomadisI would be very careful in terms of AI running away feedback. I think AI running away when they determine the battle is not worth it, is good. But then it should not even put players in 1 v 1 battle if the AI could really just run away. I think it is better to tweak the map battle, rather than the AI.
  4. Yea, except he just briefly mention an engagement just above 1000 yards. Come on man, stop that. Maybe watch the video a bit better? I watched this one already before you mentioned it. And at the start he literally said 500 yard is AoS battle range. Like... The problem is that because it is purely percentage, some people might never see a 23% chance misses at 500m between two battleships, or entire salvo missing TBs that shouldn't even be alive with near misses like that from large caliber guns. For some, they simply get the hit that save them and shrug off when someone said something about
  5. In normal condition, a battleship needs to be like 3-4km away from a DD/TB to "see" it in game for the early campaigns... which is just ridiculous. Again, you can't see black smoke, moving hunk of metal in the middle of the sea on top of a battleship? Please remove this "spotting" mechanic, or rework it.
  6. As much as I am for torpedoes failure, I do hope we have more control over our torpedoes... because really... a ship circling in place is going to stop a guy 300m away from understanding basic logic is quite... something.
  7. I'm sure Drachinifel is way more knowledgeable in terms of naval history than I (talk about an understatement) so I can't really offer anything BUT... considering that using simple logic and info from the same video, combat range outside of 1000 yards is abysmal during this period... But what about below 1000 yards? Are there any statistic on this? Say for Battle of Manila Bay, the engagement range was what? 2000 yards? And turns out accuracy was terrible for a 2 hour battle. But I haven't heard of an engagement that is say 500 yards and both sides misses with huge battleship grade guns. And t
  8. The critique is that you cannot continue building on this gunnery, damage models, restrictive ship designer (Ohhh I haven't forgot about it, but there's more pressing issues) as they are already affecting the balance of the campaign! And those needs to be sort out before we go further and potentially unable to change them in any meaningful way.At least, I hope we can still change them in meaningful ways.
  9. No because then the AI wouldn't be able to put the 6 inch there! /s
  10. The accuracy were bad due to the technology of the time, yes, but I think another main problem that needs to be fixed beside gunnery, is the damage model. We need more detailed damage model ASAP. The fact that a ship will continue to stern facing like it's WOWS in a losing close range battle is just ridiculous. If you hit, and flood the entire stern of the ship, it should not be continue to float away and firing with accurate fire, more accurate than your own guns! Please, we need that fixed. If a ship is flooded, and continue to get hit in that area, it should either flood the next area (whic
  11. Like I said, we need more detailed systems, and NOT more "balance" %. I agree that torpedoes are very strong. And I have said my views on how to fix them.
  12. The ONLY way to make this without ruining the already flimsy sense of realism, is to do what many people who quote naval warfare documents have said, torpedo failure. A torpedo hitting a predreadnought and actually detonate as intended should deal catastrophic damage. In fact, the torpedo protection in 1910 is just ridiculous, 3 18'' torpedo in 1910 should be a death sentence to a battleship, but it isn't in this game with torpedo defense II is just... urgh.
  13. It's definitely hard. I think a little bit more money could really help balance it out. We should be able to build at least 2-3 BB that is as high quality as the british while having half of their CL/DD/TB fleet not 2 BB and then 5 CLs vs 75 ships. It's too unreasonable. All my battle against them 1910, their BB/BC are in the 25k ton range, costing as much as mine, how are you going to beat that with anything else? They even put 8 14'' on their BC while my BB could barely afford 3 twin 13''. Now, this is in the context of this limited campaign... But they should really watch out for the dif
  14. The enemy was at least 30 km away from my transport. My BC is 20.5 km away from my transport and the enemy is still not spotted, still being reported as West of my location AND the timer after 30 mins is still on x10. And no, it was not a night action.
  15. I just had a game where the 2 enemy DDs that were supposed to attack my transport, ran away before even making contact, and was at least 30-40km away from the transport at that point seeing how my BC couldn't see them either, and it was 20km away from the transport. So I pressed leave game, and somehow, my BC and DD got heavy damage... from 2 DDs that were actively running away. Really need to work on enemy retreating so that it does not waste the player time. Timer went nearly 30 mins.
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