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  1. Is this a bug? Is this a feature? What the flapping bird is this? Because it has been in the game since as long as I can remember. And it is bull****. I just lost a game 1 v 3 that could have been easily won if my own BB didn't just fire only 2x2 14in of the 5 x 2 14in guns every other salvo. Like it literally happened 7 times and it costed me precious reloading time while my guns were showing 20% hit chance. And then the enemy turn away, and I lost because when I could kill them, my own BB just didn't. Great game design.
  2. Are there any plans to give large main guns its own superfiring barbettes instead of the current medium, tall, very tall, etc.. like we have now? Any plans to open up ship hulls customization in terms of shapes? Or anything regarding bulkheads thickness and barbettes thickness? I feel like the ship building is still very barebone. It's all the same hull, same layout any deviation is not possible due to ship hull being limited or very detrimental to the ship performance that is just terrible against anything else. I felt it before that I was just building the same ship like people have said but
  3. Is the next patch ready guys? I really want to know when is the expanded custom battle coming
  4. Yes, this is how it should be. It triggers my OCD when the AI use normal barbette JUST to put a double 2-inch gun. It's just ... urghh
  5. PLEASE, guys, give us the custom battle expansion. I knowww that you guys are working on the campaign but my god, I cannot test my ship build because the enemy ship is bloody random, like WILDLY random. I want to build a BC that is a bit on the lighter side but still good at killing most cruisers and dd, the AI builds the heaviest cruiser there is in the Pacific. I want to test my superbattleship with 8 20'' guns, the enemy BBs are helpless against it. We have asked for expansion of custom battles since the beginning of development, and that's nearly a year now, and it is barely mentioned anyw
  6. Again, it is because of the very limiting ship designer. It's the same thing every time. You can't get creative while still being reasonable. It's either 3 or 4 turrets with the same secondary or going ham on the jam, crank every slider up to 11 and make some unsinkable bullship ( get it? ). The fact that AI still build insane ships like... I tried a 1904 RUS vs JAPN and the enemy heavy CRUISER has a larger gun caliber than the BB ?! and we can't change how they are designed is just not fun to play. I know it's being worked on with the campaign but I think that was a mistake. It should have ca
  7. Destroyers in fact did fk each other up with guns a lot of times during WW2 Though I do agree with you that destroyers are very "gamey" right now. Torps are too accurate all the while gets ridiculous amount of reload. Torps should be less accurate and scarce yet extremely deadly unlike what we have got right now where a pre-dreadnought BB builds in 1903 could have the tech to tank 3 17inch torps and live
  8. See, the thing is, it's fine with lower tech, but when it's hello kittying 1930s tech, torps can fire at 12km range or someshit and constantly changing course due to spammy amount of torp would eventually kill you one way or another which is both bullshit (fail balancing) and unrealistic to the point of fantasy (like medieval fantasy). This need to change ASAP. Destroyers should be deterrent against convoy raiding, giving anti air cover, screening, etc and not hello kittying ship killers because IRL they weren't.
  9. Ohhhh I don't know, if only game would let me spawn with more than a battleship (talking about the build a battleship and having to fight 12 destroyers that hello kittying reload 12 torp spam every other minute). And yes, escorts sometimes doesn't work because of the stupid smoke and fast-speed penalty.
  10. Destroyers having multiple torp load is the single most bullshit balance issue in this game. Why bother building a 40k ton battleship when 5 destroyers with smoke screen will sink it anyway? Especially with later tech, it looks like I'm not playing in the 1930s but in some magic steampunk universe where people hide 24 21inches torps in their blackhole ass and pull it out when needing to reload.
  11. Yea something is wrong at first glance imo. I had the Japanese designing 1920 light cruisers to be looking like downsized Kongo battlecruisers/battleships.
  12. @Nick Thomadis Can we get a little bit hint when this will drop please? I'm soooooo looking forward to this update
  13. Soooo, guys? when is the update coming?
  14. Why not both? Wouldn't a custom mode really easy to make since we already have AI building ships themselves? Why can't we just assign player made ships to the AI? Also regarding the free placement of structures on ships, I'm fine with having restrictions on funnels and whatnot but barbettes should be placed freely like the guns; and imo, the option of having the gun determine its own barbette instead of pre-made ones is a must have in the future, having to use the big barbette on a x2 14" turret are both weird and inefficient.
  15. Can we please allow the players to design AI ships in custom battles?
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