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Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Beautiful Screenshots and Videos


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52 minutes ago, Cptbarney said:

Sorry for the intrusion but where are the screenies stored? just checked c drive and the UA folder but i can't find a screenshots folder at all.


C:\Games\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\default\game\screenshots

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During a duel with several obsolete Russian pre-dreadnought battleships desperately trying to defend their convoy, an 11 inch shell bounces off the A turret of the raiding French battlecruiser Saint Charles during the peak of naval actions in the "Second Napoleonic War."  



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Miss Zao sailing in the foreground with smoll DD screening her.


Miss Zao opening fire on the inbound italian navy.


Miss zao having just fired her secondaries and main guns.


Miss zao opening up with her 330mm guns 3x4 with 3x3 152mm secondaries on either side and 10-12 (cant remember exactly) 127mm casement secondaries.

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My pocket battleship for "destroy a full fleet". I do not think I can do better than that.

Technically its a Battlecruiser but at 26kn its not... and its armored like a battleship. The choice of tower costed me some accuracy, but I gained it back in weight saving and stability. Gun are really close to the center of the ship, giving it a low pitch penality. Accuracy: 21% accuracy at 10 000m. Since it only have two turrets even with 17" gun it have relatively low target signature.

Its cheap and well armored. You get 6 of them... so that's 24x17" gun!


It kill escorts in 2 volleys. For battleship it take a little longer at +10km range, you need to wait for these +1000 damages deck penetration. Btw one in front rest in rear is the best formation. That way the ship in front get all the damage instability penality and all the other ship remain pin point accurate.


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An American fleet under fire, 1944.

South Carolina receives a surprise hit on the bow.


The last photo of South Carolina, seen steaming valiantly through water spouts.


South Dakota receiving a salvo shortly after South Carolina vanished.


She did not survive long


With the Battleships taken care of, the remaining cruisers were of course no match for the massive salvos slung their way.


The battle finishes with a massive magazine explosion aboard a cruiser.



After about 17 torpedoes and god knows how many shell hits, she survived....just.

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