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  1. Regarding Tsushima-like mission... Maybe it's just my russian blood speaks in me, but I would personally like more to take command of Russian fleet there.. Mainly, because IRL they were underdogs there, and had completely lost the battle, without even causing any significant damage to Japanese ships. So I really want to go against all odds and try if not straightforwardly WIN the battle, but at least inflict as much damage as I can
  2. @Cptbarney Just acknowledge already that you simply want to build an ocean-going Imperial Star Destroyer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Many thanks! The update also seems fun - especially the targeting rebalance. Finally, no more invincible-47-knots-2fast2hitme-superbattlecruisers yay!😄
  4. For some obscure reason main Dreadnought website always hesitates to open on my provider. Sometimes it does, but slow - sometimes it won't open completely, like now...😬 Could someone of you, good sirs, repost changelog here?
  5. I guess once crew mechanics are introduced, fires will became quite more harmful
  6. @Cptbarney Yeah, seems like this is working, yay Thx so much! A bunch of uberdreadnought for test purposes😃
  7. @Cptbarney if you don't mind, can you share how are you able to upload more pics? I've almost emptied my own cap with barely two posts... And frankly, am totally unfamiliar with forum and external image site mechanics cause spent almost whole my online life on the sites without upload limitations. So have totally no idea how to make it😕
  8. Found a bug (?) It seems that battleships under certain circumstances can now deploy smokescreens😕 In custom battle had one modern BB and one CL. Merged them in one squadron, as they shared simular top speed. Then, during battle ordered CL to cover itself with smoke in order to not get rekt in a seconds... Turned out that BB captain, who was in the same squadron, thought something like "why am I worse than him? I want to live too!"... aaaand started deploying smokescreen. Which he definetely could not do before...Yeah. Filled the bugreport form, screens here https://imgur.com/45q8gk
  9. Yeah, and couple this with the cinematic camera mode, like the one from Empire at War game😋
  10. I suggest you posting this in tech supprot thread. Devs answer to such problems there, and quite rapidly - and here you might get buried😉
  11. There were some furious discussions regarding penetration and armor model needing rework, and while I can agree with many of these, I personally think there is one more thing about "survivability" you need to tweak. AI design priorities, thats it. Cause for now, autodesign often tends to maximize offensive capability of the vessel, basically sticking guns upon guns upon guns all over the deck, compromising on literally anything else - speed, caliber unification, bulkheads, and most often - armor thickness. And while this strategy proves itself to some degree in smaller ships, on battle
  12. Behold! The pinnacle of russian naval engineering, flagship of the Red Navy - "Soyuz Nerushimiy" (The Unbreakable Union)💪 I just wanted to know how much firepowah one could fit in the 120 kilotons of displacement, lol. Still, seeing this monster firing 12x18" straingt aheadz while chasing poor german battleships on 35 knots is definitely something🙃
  13. Also, all the music in main menu and designer disappeared after saturday's hotfix... Was this intended, or bug? Or maybe just my download screwed up?😕
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