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  1. I'm fairly sure it shows the armor quality as a % right next to the thickness. Just multiply the given thickness by the % and then add it to itself. 10" with 70% == 17" effective.
  2. Also the shock waves of large caliber shells which explode in the water near a ships hull.
  3. There are a lot of known crashing issues. Not your fault, just an alpha being alpha.
  4. Probably not, the focus of the game is on fleet control/management, not captaining an individual ship.
  5. So I haven't seen anything about it, but I really hope that naval treaties along the lines of the Washington naval treaty are things which can happen. The entire concept (in WW2) of the 8 inch Heavy cruiser was brought about by the treaty, and it would be a shame for that not to be simulated.
  6. Some better angles of my "Baby Yamato" design. Getting two ships into the final scenario has proved incredibly effective.
  7. I just pulled Conway's from 1860 - 1921, really looking forward to looking through them!
  8. This is a super minor niggle, but when you highlight a ship in battle, the propellers aren't spinning. It just feels kinda weird.
  9. That's... Certainly something lol.
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