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  1. Technically it is hard for a HE shell to not penetrate SOMETHING, it creates an explosion creating a high pressure wave which is bound to find a weakness in its effective radius.
  2. Lots of round and round. Historically: Torpedoes had pretty high miss/dud rate, yet did massive damage. Very rare there is any account of a reload in combat happening in WWi through WWII for surface ships. Most WWII subs could only reload once in combat (having to surface for several hours to remove deck plates to get additional torpedoes into the torpedo rooms). Current in game: Torpedos have a relatively high hit rate, zero dud rate with seriously toned down damage, multiple reloads within the span of an hour or two battle. Conclusion: Nerfed damage is due to higher prevalence of available torpedoes (thus chances) and the zero dud rate. We hit more (and get hit more) but it hurts less per hit. Overall nice "gamey" solution...
  3. Didn't find the "repair option" only a Support or Uninstall option. Uninstalled, reinstalled, working fine now.
  4. @kadm I see the typo, all three should be less than, will correct that, I was trying to figure out, why there was disagreement when all saying the same thing. Typo is why...
  5. One thing that would help: Bulkheads should be determined by size and type of ship as baseline relatives. So a cargo ship/tanker would have between 0-9 bulkheads, TB's 3 max, DD's 6 max, cruisers 9-16, capital ships 16-36. Just throwing out some relative numbers to demonstrate the differences in both effort in putting in bulkheads to begin with, as well as the effectiveness and amount of compartilization..
  6. When it goes up on Steam after release...
  7. @Steeltrap I used the "less than" symbol for a reason, I did not find any notable exceptions to those max rates, which are rounded to nice numbers. @kadm Well if you don't understand that "hit rate" means a shell hits a ship, then the head needs to get out of the poop deck, and close to the bridge. @sarrumac Gave numbers which only include the large calibre guns, if the secondaries get thrown in, there only number in front of the decimal is a zero.
  8. This is not true, the devs have stated numerous times that if a destroyed location is hit, damage is spread to adjoining areas.
  9. I can almost guarantee you are not getting plunging hits on a DD or TB, without some sort of spotting assistance (plane, radar, scout ship) you can't even see a DD or TB at the 18k+ ranges it would to take to be anywhere near plunging fire range, your guns would need to elevate beyond +45 degrees to obtain plunging fire as well.
  10. Based upon the historical accounts, normal or average battle between capital ships: Spanish American War <5% hit rate, ranges under 3k WWI <15% hit rate, ranges between 7.5-10k WWII <25% hit rate, ranges 15-25k Modern <50% hit rate, ranges 30k+
  11. Updater keeps crashing. Below is the last thing that appears before the crash.
  12. MMO Sandbox, not happening, perhaps read the dev blogs and posts... A poll with ~30 responses (as of this post) is not even worth the time it took to see the results. Look at the actual numbers, not the pretty lines. If the devs change their vision based upon what less than 20 people want, they deserve to lose their shirts...
  13. Mogami was a Light Cruiser, and was the only class you bring up designed to have torpedoes. As far as the Germans... So they were great against lightly armed, unescorted merchant ships, totally useless against a warship and were never used as such.
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