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  1. Wow. This thread... most “first world problem/millennial” gamer complaint I’ve heard in a long time. Seriously? Convert in your head, if you can’t... well here’s a skill you need in your mental toolbox if you live in a mixed imperial/metric world anyway. Reminds me of people who can’t tell time if it’s not digital.
  2. Secondaries can work. My theory right now is that the AI gunners on your ship will prioritize the best working weapon available. In the run through below my 9” got knocked out, so only my x2 8s could work. And they stayed at 30%+ accuracy for the rest the mission after that... given the 2 BCs I was running were bristling with x2 8’s, they were deadly to the point of OP (and at good tech, but not close to max). They sank a half dozen TRs, 2 BBS, a CR, and more in an approach, loop, and pass... taking no real damage other than front turrets. Pics below to prove it.
  3. I’d love to see a super simple battle editor/custom mission. Give me a half dozen AI ships to choose from and then 3 hull types to build x of. I could play that for a long time, and it’d be pretty fun and pretty good testing
  4. I'd like to see something similar to Rebel Galaxy (the big ship one, not the Outlaw) where you tell certain mounts what to target. So in UA:D, you'd be able to set 5" to fire at DDs and lower, 8" CR and lower, all other guns at your chosen target only (or something like that). Truthfully, just a UI choice of 3 secondary settings would be nice (like we have for formations or gunnery now)
  5. If your speed is high enough, any damaged DD or TB (pretty sure I won with DDs, don't remember) will drop out with even moderate damage (then click on that one, if its a DD, and have just it pop smoke, because at this time it will be your lead ship and can screen the rest)... put torps on "safe" until you are in a perfect spot to send in close range perpendiculars (now watch your alpha strike go), then have all remaining DD's slow down, smoke and do a tight loop where you're turning in towards the BB, change torps to "normal"... this makes you really hard to hit and will give you better torp l
  6. Enemy BBs are ridiculously strong in armor right now. So again, I’m thinking torps might be fine. I’d like to see “AI” ships and the damage models get reworked before torps. Seems right now, like they could be working well for a balance in gameplay and realism.
  7. They’re pretty random, that’s for sure. But on the Pred-Dreadnaught conflict mission I had the 3 TB sink the CA ally and my BB “mixed tech” with their first run... reran it as firepower armored cruisers to win. Id like to see the damage model honed first
  8. anything that can go 30+ knots and launch attacks from 150 miles away will make the game just CV v CV... I have that game already, I have several. Now a good Dreadnaught game? I don't have that. If they do have CVs, they really shouldn't show up on the real-time combat screen. Their attack choices happen outside the visible battlefield, so why bother animating AA vs bombers? Just auto-resolve AA vs Squadrons and generate the result.
  9. Okay, I teach Jutland, so all of this is in my head, when I find the time I'll cite something from somewhere... but Pommern was hit by smaller fire and a 12" during the night engagement that did enough to her to slow her down and forced her to divert from the battle line (can't tell you exactly what it did, I'll look up sometime) and in the middle of the night she got torpedoed (I want to say 2am?) while alone, so 4-6 hours after it was in combat... so kinda hard to say that's an engagement kill.. and she's one of the antiquated pre-dreads that was obsolete before she was wet (why they were ca
  10. All true... but, once smaller guns have better accuracy (secondaries and cruiser/destroyer mounts) we'll be able to get our Laffey's back. Also, once we get worse accuracy on the big guns vs DDs and better secondaries overall, big ships will be better equipped to hold off the smaller ones... so yeah "meta" shifts incoming I'm sure
  11. If kitted out correctly and optimizing for them, the bigger secondaries are actually quite lethal
  12. I like this idea, but only if we don't increase damage... you can give me a x2 damage torp platform with manual launch after 4 5" guns really worry any DD as they should... for those who play tank games, a 5" gun is roughly a 125mm tank round screaming at you... it needs to have a bit more teeth than it does now.
  13. Meh. How I spend time when I have 5 minutes here and there to burn. To me, forums are buffets... if a thread doesn’t look appetizing, don’t put it on your plate agreed on your balance and atmosphere points.
  14. Once this happens, I'm out. Already have a dozen games to scratch my carrier itch... And you know seaplane raids are a whole lot different than this (nor do seaplanes require carriers)
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