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  1. I would like to point out that HMS Barham is a good example of how devastating torpedo hits could be at high seas, the ship capsized in less than 4 minutes, only then blowing up. Estimates are that most of the dead would have died either way as they were still inside the ship when it capsized.
  2. Look at what the range tooltip says, the longer the range your ship is build for, the less maintenance and fuel it needs when sailing out. As in the campaign a lot of combat will happen around colonies and such, with CAs and CLs mostly, it's probably a good idea to prepare for that.
  3. For 5, I am pretty sure I've read something in the various tech descriptions that engine tech etc. will have an influence on the reliability of ships. If your ships have sustained heavy damage or are simply badly designed (we had that quite a few times in history) and their maintenance raiting is below a specific threshold, I am pretty sure you might lose your ships post-battle in campaign mode. It might even make sense to add this for a pure battle mode, like in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 1/2, where your (space) ships can be so damaged they fall prey to various more or less natural causes and are lost. Of course there should be a probability that other ships might be able to tow your ship to safety, but as we see in the aftermath of Jutland, cables might snap or heavy seas cause the rescue attempts to be called off. For the crew, that is a MUST. We need crew, and probably morale. You are an admiral commanding a fleet (or flottilla or task force, whatever), you have to rely on your captains to do what you order them to do. Would love to see ships being unable to follow orders due to crew losses, or their captains losing their nerve...or even, though this might be unpopular, not reacting to your orders due to failure of communications, which was a huge problem in the pre-wireless communication era. This way upgrading your communication equipment would make sense even in the NavAcademy mode.
  4. As I am pretty new to the game, I can just say I had a few very good experiences with AP, wouldn't have been able to beat the semi-dreadnought scenario if my 11" AP hadn't penetrated and blown up the magazine of said BB on the fifth salvo.
  5. Would be great if we could allocate targets to the main guns and secondaries/tertiaries separately if we want to and we really need the secondaries to fire at targets of opportunity when they don't have the main target in view. There is nothing like punching through an enemy battle line while your guns are blazing on both sides of the ship...
  6. Alright. The solution was: Bigger guns, more armour. Fine by me, I am German. xD Maxed out armour on the BB, went for 2x2 12" turrets and a load of 4" (gimme those 8.8cm, yeah!), weathered the enemy fire to blow the enemy BB up with the fifth salvo at 6km. Ok, let's be honest, this was pure luck. Finished off the CLs easily after that, despite them managing to slam two torps in my poor BB, they didn't even come close to sinking it, all hail Kruppstahl!
  7. My CL get slaughtered, no chance for them to close. I'll try a cheesy build instead of a slightly historical one and see how that works out. A shame.
  8. Hey guys. I have tried to beat the Semi-Dreadnought with varying configurations of BBs and CAs now. Only time I ever came close was when my CA somehow managed to get close enough for firing two torpedoes that both hit. But before the enemy BB went down it basically shredded my CA and the enemy CLs finished me off. My own CLs, that are not under my command, are basically useless. Could someone tell me what the hell I am doing wrong?
  9. Just saying, but I can't acces older blog posts, it only ever shows the newest one. https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/blog
  10. I am certainly interested. Also got some experience as beta tester, whatever that is worth.
  11. First on, you know the F key orders a fallback move of your unit, meaning pressing it several time lets units in close combat leave said engagements and gives you back control. It also gives you the option to retreat units without exposing your back, as units in a fallback move don't count as being shot in rear. I also quite like how the cav situation is right now, especially as it is historically fitting. Neither side ever had really good close combat or charge cavalry, because they lacked the trained horses AND riders for that. But both sides heavily utilized cav as mounted light infantry, which had a huge impact in quite some battles like Gettysburg, where Buffords cavalry held off Lees forces long enough (with the help of some serious errors on the CSA side) for the Union to occupy the highly advantageous terrain. This most likely won the battle. And in the game you are absolutely capable of doing exactly the same, I certainly did so once (just for fun) with my 3- and 2-star-skirmcav concentrated in one division at Gettysburg, digging in and holding of repeated charges by the rebels.^^ With Sharps Carbines and Spencers they are devastating...
  12. Just saying, the script is mostly done, thank you all very very much for your insight. You might find a few things you mentioned in this thread in the video that will hopefully be released in a few days.
  13. Yupp, expend your AI allies to the max in the early battles, not only does that mean less losses for your forces, it also means more weapons for you to salvage after the batte.
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