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  1. Completely forgot to share the video here. Usually more of a submarine guy, but I really enjoy this game.
  2. This problem suddenly turned up, kind of annoying as I was about to finish my alpha review and I am just missing some 5 minutes of footage to do so. xD I load up the launcher, hit play, it asks me for configuration setting, I hit play and...nothing. Already tried repairing, didn't work. Any ideas? Edit: Ok, probably add this to your list of solutions. I remembered a problem I had with BattleTech (that also runs on the Unity Engine) and closed all other programs currently using the GPU. Restarted the launcher, game runs. No idea what program caused the issue, I had my Action! recording softw
  3. If I am not mistaken it currently doesn't do anything. I think it well get important in the campaign, similar to the range a ship is build for.
  4. But probably it should be an estimate. Something like 10-12" hits instead of just simply 11" hits.
  5. I have to admit I see this in a rather positive light, coming from Ultimate General: Civil War where the AI didn't even know how to retreat in the campaign (which is nonetheless a great game). But I agree that in custom battles there should be a "no retreat" option.
  6. Just a question that is coming up for me: If I do a custom battle, am I only able to do the design for one type of ship for my fleet, and all the others are randomly generated?
  7. Steam will be required in the future from what I understood. And no MP planned as far as I know.
  8. Pretty much, it leads to the AI not being able to decide when to pull back...and of course that would make a lot of the battles far less engaging. In UG:CW (and the Total War games) you and your enemy suffer horrendous casualties that would have led to one or even both sides becoming combatineffective. As UG:CW is missionbased and doesn't have a true grand strategy part that would make it necessary for the AI the devs obviously made the battles as thrilling as possible instead of making the AI retreat when it noticed it didn't stand a chance. I guess in UA:D and UA:AoS we might see something n
  9. I am not young. And I have played Warhammer40k for most of my life, so I am used to the Imperial system. It's just an annoying thing that is easily averted by a minor UI change. Besides, making this a "boomer vs millenial" (I am neither) problem is not really a way to discuss. Such minor things can have a bigger impact than you would think. Remember, most gamers are still 30 or below, the vast majority of strategy players comes from Europe, of which again the vast majority does not use the Imperial system. But it is the first thing they will see ingame. Quite a few will find a way to the Optio
  10. You do realize the sole reason for scaling etc. is because the AI can't retreat in UG:CW?
  11. Strange, a friend of mine bought the game just a few days ago via Paypal. Is this region specific, probably?
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