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  1. Insufferable CTDs while trying to complete the missions with many ships. Send help...
  2. Launcher requested an update this morning, any details for us?
  3. >Quantity has a quality all its own. t. Stalin So I take it you've won it? How do you squeeze 4-6 TBs into that budget (if you want the tech upgrade for triple tubes)?
  4. When I first started playing, I tried Fantastic & Beautiful settings and it would consistently not only crash but power surge my motherboard (ASUS breaker kicked in) and then restart the PC. On Good settings, the game would frequently crash to desktop or just hang. On Simple, it rarely crashes. I have also tried playing in windowed mode, I've only had one hang in that mode (on Simple). You may want to try that. Eventually they'll work the kinks out. My system specs below: OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 OS Manufact
  5. I've played it 6 times now, and get smoked every time. I've tried 2x large TBs, and 3x 200t TBs. The BB just dodges all my torpedoes and sinks my flotilla one-by-one. Am I just unlucky?
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