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  1. Your government has signed a treaty with other countries. Those shiny, new ships you designed and being built are now being scrapped as part of the treaty.
  2. I've noticed that the AI does hit earlier and more often than I do. Many times I can even up the odds as the battle progresses but if my design can't take damage well I will lose.
  3. Personally I think with planes you're opening up a whole other world as players want not just float planes but carriers which adds more code, problems, and battle systems. I'd rather they work on getting the other aspects of the game better before even starting to tackle this beast.
  4. After the ship is identified, on top, hover the mouse over the ship icon, it will tell you some information, included there is the ship's current speed.
  5. Yep, you take several pre-dreadnoughts and they will probably beat a single dreadnought. As the campaign mode comes out I think we'll see players trying to balance the money side as well. You probably won't be able to afford that fleet of super battleships like we play design and will have to make several sacrifices like armor, speed and armament. Yeah. Though, I did learn only a few things actually effect building times and it seemed relevant to the threat, talking about how long it takes to build a battleship. Not sure many have actually focused on that aspect yet. Interestingly enough, the number of turrets, superstructure selected, thickness of armor, armor type, all did not seem to effect building time. Its the top slider, tonnage, and some aspects of propulsion, nothing else.
  6. I can understand where you're coming from. Personally, I spend hours designing and never go into combat because that's the part of the game I love the most. When I'm making a video I have to remind myself to go quickly in the design process otherwise the video could easily be 2+ hours with only 15 minutes of battle.
  7. This is going to be an interesting aspect of the game. Building a ship knowing that it will become obsolete. Yet you cannot sit back and just not build anything. If you need that defense force, you can't wait a couple of years for that new dreadnought hull, so you might only build 2 or 3 ships of a pre-dreadnought class. I see the campaign mode adding new dynamics in designing that we're currently not touching on right now. Do you build that one pre-dreadnought, or two cruisers? Interestingly enough my Sat video (tomorrow 5/22) I focus on build time as the driving force for my battleship. How fast can it be built, and what can I put on it, what factors change build time, etc.
  8. I actually really like this idea. Though, honestly, I fear I'd forget to change it during the game. So glad us YouTubers introduced into the game.
  9. Played a custom game, and gave the enemy a battlecrusier and two destroyers. Both destroyers followed the battlecruiser the entire game until it sank. So while the DDs didn't rush up the middle, they were just as useless in a long range battle.
  10. While I agree with the OP, I can also see how adding even more options can overwhelm a new player who isn't as knowledgeable in warships. There is a balance to achieve in giving knowledgeable players more options while limiting newbies.
  11. Did a video and created the Weymouth class cruiser, it was like the fourth of July fireworks as my turrets flew off.
  12. This is the closest I came to an instructional video. But it might help. Sorry about the sound, was still working on mic distance.
  13. I've seen several towers which don't fit on a hull, or only fit in one spot despite multiple mounts. Devs are doing a nice job, hope they continue to make improvements by adding and allowing more flexibility with superstructures.
  14. Thought it was shift button?
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