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  1. Decided for the 1910 Germany campaign to design my own fleet. Spent some time, designed what I thought were some designs for battleship, battlecruiser, cruisers, and a destroyer. Then built 10 destroyers, went to see what the British had for battleships and battlecruiser and promptly hit the start campaign button. So started the campaign with 10 destroyers, and a mountain of cash.
  2. What I'd really like to see if a more playable version where you're not just at war. Even if its just the UK and Germany, some diplomacy and economics to go along with peacetime fleet building.
  3. Now that we can play a campaign a little bit, if you build your fleet what do you usually start with? Focus on battleship, cruisers or destroyers? Personally, I like the feeling that I'm moving into the position and taking over someone else's fleet so I have to deal with that problem as well. Just my personal way to play but a lot of people like creating your own starting fleet. So what do you start with and what campaign year?
  4. So far, my biggest peeve is in the campaign, the fleet screen. When you scroll around on the ships there is that pop up displaying all that ships info. Get rid of it, all it does is block the view of the list of ships in the fleet. Gets really annoying when I'm trying to set the ships to either in being or at sea and the pop up is hiding what port I'm trying to look at.
  5. Okay, maybe I just missed where this is explained, can't find it, not seeing it. When choosing a role for a ship, what's the difference between 'in being' and 'sea control'?
  6. I know I bought the game way back in November of 2019, the pre-order version that allowed you to play right away. Do I need a new key to link it to steam? If so, I never got an e-mail as well. Is this something I need to contact Xsolla over, or someone else. Or is there something else I should do? Sorry, been a rough month IRL and just don't have the energy to figure this out.
  7. Personally with these types of games, I prefer they focus on gameplay instead of graphics. great gameplay will have me coming back while great graphics fade quickly.
  8. It used to take more damage, but lately I've noticed it changes lead at the slightest damage.
  9. I might be wrong, but I think the current limited play-through campaign is all about the war and ends when the war ends.
  10. Really, Target Practice, and either Gun Basics 1 and 2, or Speed Basics 1 and 2 are stupid easy and quick. I did 3 in about 10 minutes.
  11. Like any game, you have to balance how technical you get with ease of play. Its a very hard balance to get and you will never please everyone. So remember, this is a game, play it as a game.
  12. Personally, I add secondaries mainly for realism. If I was to do a video with a battleship against a lot of destroyers, I'd fill up the secondaries as they will rip a destroyer apart.
  13. I will admit I'm a bit disappointed that the campaign part wasn't included.
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