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    History, writing and sports. Have always loved naval history, especially from 1900 to the end of WW2.
  1. I know with some of my videos, the viewers would love to see a Yamato vs. Iowa battle.
  2. Tried a battle already, ended in a tie. Tried to ram but evasion logic interference slowed the ships down to a crawl before anything could happen.
  3. Good to know, had a battle where the enemy ships just stopped firing about 2/3s the way through the battle until the end of the battle. Helped me win when I should have lost.
  4. I'm curious what balance is? In real life there wasn't such a thing as balance.
  5. If you've truly been gaming for 35 years, then you know not all human players add much to depth. Especially when the gaming community become toxic, it can cripple a game. Just because its multi-player doesn't make it good, that's the real problem I see. We think that somehow its better. As I said in an earlier post, I've played some MMO which would have been much better had they designed it as a single player game.
  6. Yep, I want to do a Fletcher, Sumner or Gearing class, and you need to be able to have superimposed forward turrets.
  7. I see it this as excitement to see what is new. We can't wait to test it out.
  8. Is there anywhere where one can find what navies historically used during what time? I'd like to be more historically accurate when doing my videos but usually can't find that information. What information I do find the powder is called something different.
  9. No, Wowzery, a small channel with a few subs, nothing big.
  10. Thanks, wasn't sure if it released and I didn't get it. Waiting for it to drop to do a video.
  11. Has this been released yet? I'm not showing any update yet.
  12. I will add one thing. I bought this game not on the premise of PvP, or MMO, but that I'd be able to design ships for my nation of choice leading it though the decades of the dreadnought era and how those designs I do effect the future of said nation. Should I concentrate on cheap DDs, or build a fleet of expensive BBs?
  13. Haven't had one like this yet, but it gave me a chuckle.
  14. The one thing which gets me is allowing secondary guns on the superstructures. At the moment I can't build historical US WW2 ships like the Iowa because it will not take the 5" mounts on the superstructure. I do a small YT channel, and one of game video my designed battleship can't hit a thing while the AI ship pounds me to Davy Jones' locker. But in another video I win easily. So I'm not convinced that the AI is better or stronger yet. I would like some more variations on barbette placement.
  15. I had the two launcher thing once about a month ago. It might be hardware related, can't rule it out considering I had it once and not before or since then. I might have had something running in the background.
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