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  1. I've had a couple of videos I did where I had to end the recording simply because there was no way for me to chase down the AI ships. Its actually affected some designs as I design now for speed so I can chase down the AI ships, or I hope for a lucky shot. Its something I've only noticed since Alpha 11 was released.
  2. Honestly, I find this game refreshing after only playing online games for so long. Sorry, but that gets dull and boring. It can be just as repetitive and boring as bots.
  3. Perhaps someone can explain how this happened? Three 5" turrets underwater.
  4. Did a video where at the end its 1v1, my ship can go about 5kts or less, the enemy about 20kts. The computer goes out of visual and then shooting range and stays there, doesn't come back. Last minute and a half of the video. Had to end the video and then played 10-15 more minutes for the enemy ship to come back into range (10X speed) and never did. You can't set a target for enemy ships. If you don't control your ships and have the speed advantage, the computer moves to max range just out of sight where you can't shoot at each other anymore. I didn't notice it that bad until the
  5. Past couple of weeks I've noticed when ships are put on AI they will head to the edge of detection range and stay there. The ships will circle just out of visual range. I've seen the enemy fleets actually move completely out of visual range when my ship is heavily damaged. Many times the only way I can maintain a battle going is by having the superior speed. Not sure if others have noticed this or not.
  6. I'd like to see a slight fix for the AI controlling ships. Lately when I put my ships on AI they turn away and head as far away as possible. Many times this means your out of visual range to engage. I can't trust AI to lead my ships anymore as all they do is head away from the enemy.
  7. The problem I see in comments on my videos is people want the released game, not an alpha. Its been in alpha for a while so any excitement you generate is wasted by delays.
  8. Ramming is in the game, I've done it. The last ram I did was actually in an ironclad battle, but you can do it. Of course you have to get close which in most games doesn't bode well to your ship.
  9. I've seen some crazy designs for my YT channel. Last video, King George V, the AI designed an opposing battleship with six twin 9" main guns. It really wasn't a fair fight.
  10. Saw the AI build a 1940 battleship with 9" main guns.
  11. The fast battleship wasn't brought about by aircraft carriers, or planes. It was a natural evolution of the dreadnought merging the protection of a battleship of WW1 with the speed of a battlecruiser making the latter obsolete.
  12. Here I am wondering if the campaign mode came out and I missed it.
  13. There are several options that influence flash fire. From barbettes, citadel, powder (I find this is a major factor for me), shells, hydraulics, and even reinforced bulkheads. As for happening to me, had it happen, didn't sink. I find the chances of it happening are higher in a destroyer or cruiser than a battleship.
  14. I always assumed it was more a weight limit for the hull. After all, if you have a 500 ft hull and fit it with 12 x 18" main guns, 20" of armor, its a bit unreal for that hull.
  15. Hangar18 ll those suggestions still don't make up for the fact the hard points for barbettes are too far forward and aft on the ship hulls.
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