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Found 20 results

  1. I feel a little presumptuous being so new around here, but since my son bought me this game I play it an awful lot (as well as a bunch of other combat sims) and put together a laundry list of items that I thought would be nice to see in future versions. I haven’t spent enough time in the forum yet to know if any of these have already been covered, so I apologize in advance if I’m going over old ground but I LOVE THIS GAME and want to help it really succeed. -saving ship designs. Perhaps even a format for sharing them? -battle playback. Sometimes action is so fast and furious that I can’t keep up with the data reports coming in. What caused my ship to just detonate?, etc.. Also extremely useful for those of us who like to make media with this fantastic looking game. -a library of pre-built historical ships (Hood, Bismarck, Mikasa, Oslyabya, Potemkin, Olympia, Maine, et al.) -a library of notable battles, you can choose a side and your ship and/or fleet is ready to go. Manila Bay, Tsushima, Jutland, Denmark Strait, Leyte Gulf…. -an ‘offset’ option for fine tuning placement of parts once mounted for better ship balance and fit. -a color picker for hull and parts. How else to build the Great White Fleet? The Russian 2nd Pacific Squadron? -unlocking all hulls is great, but what about towers? Sometimes you need a cage mast on a 130,000 ton hull. I’m also often wishing there were more mounting options for these and barbettes. -’advanced’ level ship of design where major internal components could be arranged, magazines, machinery, boilers, coal/fuel bunkers, to better stabilize your ship. I guess that is implied by placement of funnels, turrets etc., but might be nice to be able to slide things around a bit below decks. Also would be nice to clearly visually show where armor belts and extensions are located and x-ray view of your ship, a la WarThunder, maybe even adjust placement of them to better protect your vitals or save some weight. -being able to to pick the time/weather at the start of a battle. Also, night actions with searchlights? -pre-battle arrangement of fleet. I now make it a practice to start my fleet actions at near maximum range, just to give my ships time to get into a formation of my choosing rather than random. Would be great if there was a screen where I could quickly set my formations and divisions up before spawning, so they were ready for action right away. -actual smoke on the northern horizon? Helpful in anticipating direction/speed of enemy fleet movement. -key bindings for game speed? Or for everything else for that matter. I use ctrl-alt-shift-z ALL the time… would be nice to be able to just assign it to a single key. -I love that the ricochet shells are so nicely animated, but it’s weird that they don’t splash when they hit the sea. In general the water looks terrific, but the splashes are sort of ‘thin’ and the particles extra large. I am not a programmer so I don’t know if this is a limitation of unity, but secondary splashes and more damaged debris flying off from major hits would be nice to see. Knocked over masts and spars, wrecked superstructure and turrets, holes in funnels, smashed lifeboats all could enhance the visual experience. -no matter how many bulkheads I put in my vessels, they have the same number of lines in the damage graphic. I love the way the graphics are not generic and show your (or targets’) exact ship, so I thought this would be a nice but not too difficult addition. -incoming shellfire sounds seem also ‘thin’. I keep expecting to hear the whooshing oncoming freight train roar of large shells overhead. -would be great if flooding damage affected ship stability and vessels would roll over and sink upside down (with still spinning propellers) due to becoming unbalanced. -Amphibious operations and land battles. I play a lot of Napoleon TW with The Great War mod, but it's getting a bit long in the tooth. And no way to simulate Russo-Japanese War. So a component (or separate game?) covering late 19th and early 20th Century ground operations would be just fantastic. Hell I'd pay a lot for just a Port Arthur sim. Naval bombardment, fortress construction, mining, tunneling... -spotting aircraft that could increase long range accuracy. -AIRSHIPS!!! (armed with bombs or for spotting)-maybe that one should be a different game… Anyway, thank you devs for this much needed sim!!
  2. Hello, would be good to have a start up layout to well place your ships before the battle has begun for example like how total war has done it before a battle what do you think? It can add strategy, and planning.
  3. It would be nice if we could create our own customised battles. For instance, to be able to select our ship type, nation, number/type of opponents, and perhaps weather as well. Then there would be unlimited options to test ships and practice.
  4. Not what I thought it was going to be, at all. Completely mislead by the Steam page. Rating: 2/10 -Missions constantly crash to desktop, the first 5 and last 5 worked fine, everything in between had quite a few problems and no reason stating why. -The ship building is nothing like it was shown on the Steam page. -On the Steam page it stated: [Below] Now the game went from $25 to $35 despite what it stated on the Steam page. Fantastic. -The graphics are mediocre, extracted directly from a 2002 PS2 game. -Buggy, laggy, optimized, completely unplayable for the most part. -Demanded a refund and got no message pack for 19 days now, terrible customer support can't even shoot me an email even though both on the phone and in live chat they said they would. Going to give Paypal a call and demand my money back, this is a complete rip-off for $50. What an absolute scam. -Not to mention the forums are completely censored, everything has to be "approved". Can't even post freely so how am I supposed to give "feedback" when anything not supporting the devs is censored.
  5. will they ever add an offline option?
  6. Open Letter To The Devs Of Naval Action First of, i apologize for any grammar mistakes i make because english isnt my native tongue. So i played Naval Action for about 560 hours and want to give out my feeback directly to the community and the developers. The first time i saw this game was about 3 years ago, when i noticed its available on steam i instantly bought it for a proud price of around 37€. I knew it was an early Alpha, and i was aware of that danger, but none the less i bought and installed it. I was and still am fascinated about the deep and complex system of building a ship, trading, exploring and fighting. The learning curve is great but there are some proplems which i would like to list up. When i started playing about 4000 people played it actively and i had to wait half an hour to get on a server, now the maximum of players is about 500 to 600 people and there are now only 2 servers, one pvp and one pve, which i have no problem with. There are reasons why my friends call this game "Naval No-Action", "Sailing Simulator" or even "Grandpa Action". Naval Action consumes alot of time which reflects in the player base. In my experience mostly elderly people play this game, which is not a problem, considered they got more time so they use it to get the full potential out of this game. Here is one big problem, Naval Action in fact, consumes so much time i spend real hours on the sea to reach my goal of finding an enemy player or reaching a port. For me as a student, its not really optimal. Your Input in the game is not greatly rewarding you. If you put hours into the game, gathering resources, doing missions to get a new ship, it can be taken away from you in no time if you dont be cautious enough, making your whole effort worthless. I dont say its always worthless, but for new players it is. The only way to get started is with help from other players and clans, giving you money and a better ship. The new missions are a complete disaster! I started with some friends after a long brake on GB once again, so you start some missions as you normally do to get your rank ups, but no. Its not like you sail to your mission and finish it anymore. You now have to sail around the open world finding your target you need to eliminate, i am talking about those Search and Destroy and Hunt Missions. So now you need to spend even more time finding random generated npc fleets on the big open world, great. And if thats not all, NPC dont spawn anywhere, you need to sail to nearby enemy ports to get a chance of encountering some, wasting even more time in the process. Some of the DLC's are pure money grabs! The Profilic Forger DLC is the most disgusting cash grab i ever saw. 20€ for chaning your name and your nation every 30 days? Some time ago you could change a nation for FREE but limited, and that was fine. The game has a problem with his sound and atmosphere, dont get me wrong. I love hearing the water, the ship whistles, the men shouting if you shock the enemy ship, the cannonballs hitting your ship, its fantastic. But it the cannon fire doesnt really sound good to me, its sounds weak not really menacing. Music is missing entirely, making the game sound not bad, but just empty. The graphics are really nice to look at, as well as the ship details but combat doesnt seem to change the appearance heavily. Of course you got your holes in the sails and missing masts, making your ship pretty slow. Then you got fire which burns parts of your ship, leaving burned wood behind. But lets not talk about those cheap texture holes on the hull, they do look good if they spread out and are not in a big number and overlapping each other. I think now its the time for some ideas to get the game back on route. make the game a bit more casual - i know this hurts some historical and simulations fans, but if you want the game to survive make it more casual for a younger and larger audience (dont forget, more people = more cash ) , the learning curve itself is completely fine and should stay that way if you bring out DLC's, make them cosmetic and ship only - DLC's like the Hercules or the Le Requin are a good idea but be cautious about the balancing please. I heard something about a Flag DLC which is a really good idea to support the devs and the game, keep that up, people always buy cosmetics like crazy atmospheric enhancements - more and better sounds, i dont care for a large number of crewmen running around the ship (even though it would be awesome) getting blown off it by enemy volleys, take a look at Empire or Napoleon Total War, thats how you make atmospheric sea battles (i know the engine is limited but ideas won't hurt anyone), cannons getting destroyed by impact of enemy cannon balls, whole hull parts get blown out which can be repaired by planks and so on |--> less first rates, more frigates - there are way too many first rates its unbelievable, they should be very rare in open world battles as well as in port battles make the game less time consuming - make the map smaller or increase the open world ship speed, less time consuming --> larger audience I think that should be enough for now, i know no game is perfect but NA got potential to be one hell of a game, my advice: look at other games like Napoleon/Empire Total War, Port Royale Series, Sea Dogs and so on, it helps! Thanks for reading! Greetings, Dallas
  7. Notice the speed. No Mods and No Knowledge used, ship is Teak/White Oak. More stats: 30° upwind: 5knts 90° 10.2 knts 50-55° downwind: 13.4 knts 45° downwind: 13.2 knts 30° downwind: 11.9 knts When you sail 13.4 knts and start turning, you are almost right away at 11 knts and Diana gets no speed while turning. @admin so the port stats or the battle speed is wrong.
  8. A (hopefully) constructive criticism on Naval Action. Intro: When I first heard about the development of a game tackling the beautiful age of sail in the late 18th/ early 19th century I was instantly hooked. Like many of you I've watched Jack Aubrey capture the Acheron and like some of you I've seen Hornblower rise up the ranks of the Royal Navy. Being able to do all of this in a game got me immensely excited. It started off really well. The game features absolutely beautiful graphics. The combat in itself is quite deep and is easy to learn but hard and fun to master. The sound of firing a complete broadside into the enemy is simply exhilarating. I also immensely respect the decision by the developers to stick to a hard time-period and not add 'freak' galleons from centuries before just because they look 'cool'. But the game's development feels stalled to me. Yes, there have been updates and as of February 2018 there's have been regular changes to the game's combat mechanics and balancing. We're finally getting a proper UI which is starting to look quite handsomely already. Nevertheless, I get the sense that the game in it's current state, with it's current features, is not far off from what the final product will be. Which is not enough in my opinion. So let's start with the actual criticism: The open world The open world (OW) is devoid of any interesting activities to do besides combat. Every port is the same as the next. The whole world is literally as wide as an ocean but as shallow as a puddle. A lot of people rightfully complain that the OW is simply to large and should be scaled, so it's less tedious to get anywhere. My answer to that is; the world needs to be filled, rather than scaled. It needs to stay interesting. The magic of games like WOW or Guild Wars is that different areas have a different colors, npc's, architecture, weather... I could go on and on. For Naval Action this could mean: 1. Unique architecture for towns of different nations (I know that the development-team has been doing research for this but where is the result?) Also what about native settlements? 2. Different ports provide different items or services; from bustling shipyards that provide complete refit opportunities to ravaged towns that eagerly want to trade their rotten fruit to kick-start their economy again. 3. When you are conducting your business in a port, what if you could actually see the different buildings or citizens going about their daily tasks. Maybe some dockworkers are laying the first timbers on a player-ordered ship in the distance. Just a single shot of the port along with your docked ship. With only some things animated it would be more than enough. It doesn't have to be Sim-City. 4. Approaching enemy controlled ports should have the players risking their ships because the local fort is firing on you. 5. This would technically mean the game becomes unplayable because you might not be close to any neutral/allied ports for much needed repairs. In real life however, there's plenty of captains that did repairs on deserted shores. Making new masts from trees nearby. You would still rather repair at a neutral or friendly port of course. (Perhaps these emergency repairs come with a penalty). 6. Give smugglers the option to buy and sail under false flag, to circumvent said forts. Also, instead of the whole forged papers mechanic, I'd rather see the option to become a privateer and fight for whoever you fancy. Being an actual officer of the king's navy still being the alternative. Both coming with different perks. 7. More types of sea-traffic: fishermen, mail vessels, native rafts, envoys etc. The ability to interact with these ships besides combat. Provided they are neutral/allied. (for instance: buy fish from fishermen, when no port is nearby. More on goods later). 8. What if you built a reputation with a town over time?; doing business often at the same port could give discounts. Whereas, if this port was recently in the hands of a different nation, they might give you a hard time. Perhaps even using their fort cannons on you regardless of any wars going on. 9. Storms and general rough weather. Perhaps some actions are required by the players to prevent any damage during storms. Ship & crew management Another thing that bothers me is that you can't make a ship feel like your own. Sure, it's not even your property to begin with; for in the end, it's the King's ship. However, these men sailed for months, often years on these ships. It became their home: 'And though we be on the far side of the world, this ship is our home. This ship is ... *insert your preferred nation*.' - 'Lucky' Jack Aubrey. 10. Maybe introduce some RPG elements whereby incidents happen on the ship and your judgement is called for. For instance: A crewmember slipped and fell to his death while working the sails. do you: Option A: give him a proper christian burial (speed decreased by 10% for 5 minutes) Option B: throw him overboard with all haste (crew morale -10% for 5 minutes) This could happen in the form of a pop-up menu similar to Crusader Kings 2. I think these random actions would also break the monotony of the Open World somewhat. 11. I loved the implementation of the lieutenant system, but what if they start of as midshipmen. Then, after an action you decide who gets a promotion and who doesn't. Perhaps they have randomly generated names to remember them by (and perhaps a little portrait too). Obviously you'd have to part with them at some point, so they can command your prize vessel(s). 12. What if these gentlemen officers develop traits over time that influence the overall conduct of your ship. (for instance: 'the Master-at-Arms is a bit too fond of his cane: crew morale -5% / +5% reload time.) Perhaps the RPG-like pop-up menu's from point 10 comes into play here as well. Your actions as a captain determine what your young officers will become like. 13. Perhaps you can invite the officers to dine with you once in a while.This could give a buff of some sort (useful right before a battle). This could be visualized by silhouettes at the windows of the stern-galley, as well as shanty's being sung). Perhaps this action is a consumable and requires you to buy Madeira wine at particular ports. 14. Taking in new crew to replenish fallen experienced crew should give you a debuff. These new men were farmers and/or prisoners before, they need some time (and the nine-tailed cat) to learn what it is to be a seamen. Of course major ports do have experienced 'able seamen' ready to get ganked by your press gang. 15. What if we could change the attire of the little bugger's that reload the guns. 16. Ship's stores; I'm not saying NA should become a survival game but having stores that dwindle over time could make voyages more interesting. Stuffing your ship too much makes it sluggish. Not enough stores and your crew morale suffers. You could choose to load all types of shot. Or stick only to regular ball shot and save weight. (less weight could mean more listing though since you are missing ballast. Other possible implementations: 17. A naval news paper that chronicles the events happening in the world (this will only get refreshed during port visits): - Wars that have started, escalated or ended. (including trade wars) - Ship actions: single ship duels that ended spectacularly, major fleet actions etc. - Actual, real news that happened during that time such as: Land wars being won or lost back in Europe. Elections etc. 18. Escort missions: - Escorting new governors, indiamen, etc. where you fail if you lose the escorting ship. 19. Somehow visualize what your actions are contributing to your nation. 20. Option to promote someone in your group to Commodore (giving him or her a broad pennant for visual sake). Giving this person the authority to give orders which pop-up in a more noticeable way than the regular team-chat. Outro: These are just some suggestions that I think would make Naval Action my dream game (I'm pretty sure for others too). I sincerely apologize if any of these features are already being worked on and I jumped the gun. I'm a game developer myself and I know how hard it can be sometimes to make the game you want to make. Hopefully this critique doesn't come across as self-entitled. I just feel that this game, like Elite: Dangerous has an extremely solid base to build from but is suffering from being fun for longer periods of time. I would ask too that the comments don't get too toxic for whatever reason, but stay friendly and constructive. We are all captains. PSA: I do not play Naval Action actively, I hop in once a while with a fellow captain to see what's changed but to say I know the 'meta' of this game would be a lie. If, with this lengthy post I talk out of turn please say so. PS: English is not my main language so forgive me for any typo's. I beg to remain, Sir, your most humble and obedient servant, Edward Harvey,
  9. Likes, harder to get lineships, and about the right difficulty as well i like the fleet concept for raising hostilities not teleporting to free ports has turned into a blessing, sometimes annoying, but better than not. i know the teleport thing is temporary right now, but with the 5 hour cooldown it's actually really balanced, and doesn't break anything how commander perks work, MUCH BETTER than the officer perks Crafting Cannons Having to buy full sets of Cannons The Dutch Players are the kindest in the game, seriously, best least toxic, most fun loving community of the game, seems to be both EU and Global. Something about being the most barren nation makes for nice people. Dislikes, Arsewipes that should be drug along the keel of my Indefat not giving a crap about anyone but themselves and lieing (looking at a certain nation, you know who you are) Fleet composition in the south seems VERY OFF. Like 9/10 fleets are not Spanish, rather AMERICAN AND BRITISH. What. (Have reported through F11) AI have gotten their speed reduction taken away on open world and are now a pain to catch Missions. Just no. Stop. NEVER take away combat. If I want to go out in a first rate and kill an AI cutter then let me. It's funny. Now I can't. Bad Balancing of low level missions. A cutter taking on a brig, ehhh. RIP newbies. RIP. Cannons. I like them, but a bit too expensive to buy at lower tiers. 5th-7th rates should not cost so much to outfit, these are the news tiers and first slug tier, it's important that these be nicer on the learning curve UI still no tutorial RIP newbies that don't say anything in chat or ask for help. Economy is a little weak, but is close to being right, I'm thinking once everyone is not all trading at once this won't be as bad. MOST ANNOYING THING. Easily the progression line for perks, Willis' suggestion would be ideal, Conclusion, Overall this patch (despite the how many negatives there is) is WAY BETTER THAN NOT. The concept and direction is excellent! For the most part balance just needs to be looked at harder, especially at lower tiers. We want our new players to enjoy the game, not feel the grind immediately and decide this game takes too much time. Hook them. I am overall enjoying the game, I feel challenged, yet can see a clear line of how to get on top. I just worry for the new players.
  10. I've experienced every patch update since Naval Action first came to Steam EA, and I can honestly say I really like where everything is at right now in the game! The only thing I'm not a big fan of is having to grind through ships I don't want to sail in order to unlock the full potential of those I do, and would prefer to either have to work harder at gaining more XP to unlock slots, or just have to unlock one of each rate class below, not specific ships. Still, even if no change is made from this point on, I could live with it all. Since everything is working great, I beg you to please stop over-tweaking things that are working well and focus on adding more content, more ships, and a real UI! It will encourage old players to finally come back to the game. A UI might not seem important when the current one might be ugly, but is functional, but you'd be surprised how many times I hear "They still haven't updated the UI?!" in our Discord server and you can sense the clear disappointment. Thanks, and keep up the good work! It's finally getting there! EDIT: And for the love of all that is good, please allow us to again craft all the ships that are in the game! I don't much care for the idea that some ships are being treated as too special or rare to allow the plebs to have access to them, i.e. both Rattlesnakes, Santa Cecilia, and whatever others are currently content locked.
  11. @admin I would love to hear your thoughts on this as well as all the other players as I have had a number of players agree on these changes. These are mainly Economic "Start-up" changes that I think would greatly enhance new player game play without the daunting task of feeling like they can't do anything and can't progress. So right now I am hearing the difficulty for some players to make money, and I am also hearing (myself included) of some players making a plan and then able to use trading goods to make fast, quick profits. The bigger problem is that some goods are gone, some have already overwhelmed the capital consumption markets, but that is a different thread. This thread is about the difficulty of starting up AND feedback to make some ships easier to make, while still keeping the spirit of the Admin's wishes to make 4th rates and lineships difficult and expensive to produce. 1. I think generally across the board all buildings "extraction" costs should go down. What I mean is the gold cost to extract the resources should be lowered. While I understand the admins don't want us printing money via resources, it currently prohibits pretty much everyone in starting well...anything. If I had to pick a number to lower everything, I would say all building resource extraction costs should be lowered by 15-25%. I should make it CLEAR that IF @admin you feel these are good changes, this needs to happen first before anything else. 2. I believe 6th rates should be cheaper to produce. I know they are already cheap but I feel 7th AND 6th rates should be the "dirt cheap" and easy to replace. Cannons I think are fine on them and don't cost too much. losing a 6th rate is lost money BUT it shouldn't hurt the bank, it should have the player need to take just a little amount of time to replace. the player shouldn't feel like he's back to square one losing any of these ships. 3. I believe the lighter 5th rates should be slightly less expensive to produce, mainly the cerberus, surprise, and reno. I think they are in a good position, I just feel a slight material reduction is needed. I believe the 1st point of cheaper resources extracting from buildings should help with this though. 4. mid to high end 5th rates are in a good position, no change is needed. 5. 4th rates are in a good position I think, maybe slightly more expensive but ONLY if you make resource extraction cheaper. 6. the Admin wants lineships to cost in the millions, I think that's fine. If resource extraction becomes cheaper, then more mats should be required in lineships to compensate. I envision a Cost CURVE instead of a linear increase. Numbers can be discussed as I certainly don't have the right number but I think it's absolutely needed that this "Start-up" econ gets addressed. Please add your feedback. again I want this to be only about start-up econ, whether we should start with some gold or not, and general resource and crafting issues.
  12. So, Iv been reading the forums over the last few days to get an Idea of the game. Iv seen a lot of post on the opinions of players stating why they feel other new players are quitting the game. I thought Well, I'm a new player so I guess maybe I should put my 2cents in. I'll start off by stating that I purchased this game about a year ago, When I first jumped in I had Absolutely NO idea of what the hell I was suppose to do. There is no guide in the game to explain to me what the heck I am to do. Realistically I shouldn't have to turn to the internet to figure out what I'm suppose to do. The first thing I ended up doing was leaving port and at that time I guess the player base was much higher and I would see all these event battles outside of the port area. Of course being new, I Clicked enter on them to Only find I got placed in a HUGE battle with massive ships essentially killing myself. I did this a few times till I realized that I must be doing something wrong and was most likely not suppose to be clicking on them. After visiting ports over the next little while, I still was unsure of what to do and in the end I quit the game. Fast forward to a year later, I decided well heck I'm feeling like a boat game so Imma give this game a solid try this time around. So without checking the internet for a guide of how to play (which I really should have done at this point) I felt maybe the game after a year of development might be a little more noob friendly. Well I was wrong and its very much the same as how I left it a Year ago, but this time I am Determined to give this game a solid try. So While In port I look for Mission which I find and I'm provided with 2 options. Trade and Combat. I think well Trade should be easy enough, Lets give that a go. Now i'm faced with having to Find and Purchase with No money the supply's I need to trade with. Well, The shop in the port that I accept this mission from does not have the supply's that I am required to Trade ( Which Honestly I understand why this might be a thing but from a gameplay stand point if a port is giving you a supply quest, It should provide you with the supply's) Keep in mind I am a NEW player who doesn't know where to find anything. I'm now suck with these quests and no idea where to go from there, I mean I don't even know how to navigate still at this point. so I'm thinking to myself Well F this ......Lets give the combat missions a try, Well to my success these missions are pretty easy! They give a decent amount of exp and enough gold to make the time it takes feel worth it (Atleast for me) So at this point I hit around 20 hrs of solid playing ( spend my entire weekend giving this game a solid shot) and after a long battle of trying to board and steal myself a ship, I'v finally Done it! I stole my first ship, I honestly felt sooooooo good at this point. I mean Its pretty tough stuff trying to get your ship along side the other with the right winds and being able to get them to slow down enough to board. I felt like I achieved something great. Then...I decide to take my new shiny boat out for a test battle , cuz who doesn't want to test out there bran new ship. I crank up the difficulty of the missions to 2 teirs higher So I can try facing a bigger ship. I went in expecting to die but I just wanted to see what the medium sized combat felt like. Well as you may have expected, my ship sank and I returned to port no longer having the ship I stole in my possession. I was to say the least, PISSED. I was soooo ready to quit the game once again. I thought to myself , Why the HELL does it not say in plain site that my ship can be lost. So at this point, I take to the guides to properly find out how to play. Now not a lot of truly useful guide were found by myself , I didn't give it the full effort so that's my fault, luckly enough the player community it quite helpful and just by reading some of the questions other new players had I was able to get a better grasp of the game this way. I mean Heck I found out how to do trading once someone stated that if you open up the map and go to trade then type in what you want, It will show a list of ports. With in this list there are stars in 3 columns (Now I still don't fully know what all the letters mean) but from what the one player stated P means the port produces that Item. This is quite helpful information...The kind of information that maybe should be advised to the players through a tutorial of some sort at the start of the game I think what Im getting at really is that the game needs to have at least a Tutorial of some sort that explains everything, so the new players have an Idea of where to start. At its current state, that new player friendly experience is just not there. I have since been helped out by the in game community on a few occasions now, they have pointed me in the right direction and I am now happily sailing a surprise. I still don't know where I'm to go at this point but, Im having fun doing what ever it is that im doing. I will be starting the trade portion of the game tonight and hopefully I find success. I'm sorry for the long post / Gram / running sentences. Just wanted to give my little bit of feedback. Regards, Okies
  13. I saw the FB ad this morning at 7:30am. I bought the game fifteen minutes later and went to work. I came home at lunch and played thirty minutes of Shiloh after it downloaded via Steam. Just some quick feedback and suggestions since this is in Early Access: - Pathfinding seems linear with no waypoints, or drawing lines of advance as per UGG for the iPad. Maybe I'm missing something since I did not do the tutorial. It seems like an obvious feature that will have to be shored up. - Could use some names of generals for the Corps commanders. - A general reserve system would be great for the larger battles with individual phases. If you are having trouble breaking a position before the mission time ends, perhaps you can draw on a general reserve available for the whole battle... such as a division, artillery, supply, etc. Use of that reserve would place it on the field and it cannot be drawn upon in other sections of the battle. - Topographic contour lines would be useful. Again I did not do the tutorial so they may already be there. - Its difficult to tell if capturing enemy camps actually yields supply. It would be nice if other sources of supply could be from captured troops. I did not that Cleburne (at Shiloh) ran out of ammunition. I charged him and he had a restoration of small supply after he beat off the enemy brigade, so this system may already be in place. - I like the idea of capturing certain markers on the battlefield yields benefits such as supply, or superior observation. I hope the game expounds on this. - Moving infantry by roads should convey faster movement benefits if this is already not built into the engine. - Sound has excellent depth, but I would mind hearing more infantry "clatter." I have mistaken musketry fire for cannon fire because of the oddly deep musketry sound. The sound of charging doesn't sound terribly climactic or chaotic. Where's the warbling "halloo!" of the rebel yell? - Expansion packs, expansion packs. I'll buy them all if they give me campaigns in Missouri, New Mexico, the Teche... - Just cosmetic, but I'd rather see deaths say "casualties." - MORE fog of war!! Intense musketry created lots of smoke to the point where all a regiment can really see is the enemy in front at best, and sometimes none at all except the muzzle flashes of the opposing side. So if a unit is engaged in fire, they should have limited visibility of any other opponents working their flanks or held in reserve behind the firing line. I tend to think of the Wargame series (Red Dragon) where fog of war and recon make all the difference in that game. There you can simulate "command push" to gain decisive breakthrough pressure on the enemy. This would be accomplished by having reserves "hidden" by the FOW behind the frontline regiments. Or you can "recon pull" to expose and exploit weak points in the enemy line by cavalry and skirmishers. - An option to hide or "estimate" the number of enemy troops in a regiment. Again, more fog of war. - Order delays. Again more fog of war. The scourge of war system utilizes this to great effect. I can give more feedback later as I get into the campaign.
  14. Hi guys, i want to know if there's someone who plays the game on a GeForce 920M 2GB for laptop, i have a Core I5 5200U 2,70Ghz, 8GB of RAM, and a Geforce 920M, using a Windows 10 64 bit. i want to know if there's fps drops during big fleets battles using this computer, if there's anyone who plays on a similar pc, please tell me. Forgive me if there's any mistake with my english, i'm brazilian.
  15. As everyone is posting their opinions I was just curious as to what the overall opinion is.
  16. I do not know if this is the right place for me to give you guys some feedback. But just in case it isnt please informk me. But ill type this anyway. So for this id also like to say that i very much like the game but im only gonna touch on some things i think needs to be improved on. First of all i think that trading should reward you with XP, A lot of time goes in sailing to locations and even in logical and realistic worlds you could learn how to become a good trader. So its only logical that a player would be rewarded by trading trough money and XP. Though i understand that that migth not be alrigth, but then make a different XP and leveling system for trading alone so you can grow in it and make trading more rewarding. Second i think that there NEEDS to be a toturial. I know the game is in really early stages. But no one has any clue what to do and why they need to do what they do. I personally am a smart person and it took me 2 hours to understand everything. But i think a small toturial for new players is really welcome. Third is something i get a little frustrated by. The shallow's or sandbanks. And i know these were reall things back then. And i dont mind them exsisting. But then AT LEAST allow us to sea them. See that the water is not so deep here and respond to it. Beceause most of the time i have the feeling its super deep water and i can just sail here at eas but before i know it im stuck by a shallow that i didnt see at a place that wasnt logic to me. Fourth is the faction system. Beceause its very hard to know who your faction is in war with and what the statuses are. You migth need to create a faction screen of all the wars going and the conquests that are in progres. This would help decide where traders are to go and not to go. And fifth, Well this migth be only for me. But i see a lot of trees in water. Or they are floating. Again this is early in the game, but i think you should try and improve on this since it looks iffy tongue-emoticon. Besides that i love your game and im only writing this to help you guys improve on the game so it will be even better. I hope for a respond and ill sea () you on the waters. smile-emoticon Carloguy
  17. I do not know if this is the right place for me to give you guys some feedback. But just in case it isnt please inform me. But ill type this anyway. So for this id also like to say that i very much like the game but im only gonna touch on some things i think needs to be improved on. First of all i think that trading should reward you with XP, A lot of time goes in sailing to locations and even in logical and realistic worlds you could learn how to become a good trader. So its only logical that a player would be rewarded by trading trough money and XP. Though i understand that that migth not be alrigth, but then make a different XP and leveling system for trading alone so you can grow in it and make trading more rewarding. Second i think that there NEEDS to be a toturial. I know the game is in really early stages. But no one has any clue what to do and why they need to do what they do. I personally am a smart person and it took me 2 hours to understand everything. But i think a small toturial for new players is really welcome. Third is something i get a little frustrated by. The shallow's or sandbanks. And i know these were reall things back then. And i dont mind them exsisting. But then AT LEAST allow us to sea them. See that the water is not so deep here and respond to it. Beceause most of the time i have the feeling its super deep water and i can just sail here at eas but before i know it im stuck by a shallow that i didnt see at a place that wasnt logic to me. Fourth is the faction system. Beceause its very hard to know who your faction is in war with and what the statuses are. You migth need to create a faction screen of all the wars going and the conquests that are in progres. This would help decide where traders are to go and not to go. And fifth, Well this migth be only for me. But i see a lot of trees in water. Or they are floating. Again this is early in the game, but i think you should try and improve on this since it looks iffy . Besides that i love your game and im only writing this to help you guys improve on the game so it will be even better. I hope for a respond and ill sea () you on the waters. Carloguy
  18. Currently the game has some great audible feed back that complements the GUI. For example when changing your crew focus you will hear whistles and when your cannons are ready you will hear more whistles. So are there any other sound based feed back people would like to hear that would help them play the game be it whistle, drums, shouts etc... Personally i'd like some warning when in proximity to another ship. There have been many close calls when I was looking through the spy glass and the ship in front raised all their sails for some reason and I would slam into the back of them. Also when applying full rudder and when neutralizing it, some kind off feed back would be nice. Some times when i'm make a hard turn i'd double tap right to go hard starboard, tack my ship think i'd press left to neutralize the rudder come along side a ship only to keep on going because I missed the A key. Just to hear something, however short just to know I have hit the right key would be useful. What about you guys?
  19. I purchased this game on advice from a friend on or around July 4 and below I articulate some thoughts and feedback developers and testers may find beneficial (or not). I have run through seven or eight 3-day contests. Posts like these tend to be lengthy and might unintentionally take on a critical tone so let me begin by saying that I am very impressed with the game and this forum community. Thank you very much for making this game. The map especially is beautifully detailed and terrain mechanics appear to be really good. It is a great game. Also let me say that I have read many posts here and I wish to say 'thank you' to the many of you who are veterans of the armed services. ---- Let us discuss artillery first: - Reload time is a confusing mechanic . I am unsure why cannon does not discharge upon reaching 100% reload. If the intent is to be realistic in the sense that battery operators must needs clear to a safe distance before discharging ,then I agree that should be involved, however that action should be rolled into the reload time to reach 100% . The reason I mention this seemingly minor item is because many people appear to not trust whether artillery is discharging . The time it is 'stuck" at 100% before discharge is at best annoying, at worst could be a contributing factor to this confusion. - Line of sight for artillery is not so confusing as I believe some represent it to be. I think it is more a function of operator errors in identifying line of sight modifiers like buildings and terrain. I am impressed with the line of sight in the game. Suggestion for other players: Click on the unit you wish to attack and your arty will find its way. LoS was frustrating initially however after a week and a half I think it is quite good and works well. --- Next, the initial confrontation. - There are many posts about the opening scenario delivering a wide variety of opinions and suggestions. Here is mine: Limit the range in which skirmishers are allowed to operate. It seems skirmishers are hugely OP in this opening scrap. Their ability to camp in the southwest, praying on CSA batteries, seems to imbalance the match right from the start. --- Skirmishers - In fact if possible I would remove skirmishers from the game entirely. Skirmishers are part of an infantry brigade not a unit unto themselves. They should be tethered to a parent unit, whether it be the cavalry regiment or brigade, the infantry regiment or brigade, or their commanding officer. --- \ Breastworks & Rifle pits at the cost of condition % - This suggestion posits that, unlike SMG where regiments would build works on their own, the player has the option to instruct brigades to deploy forward rifle pits and/or earthworks. Today, the game does a fair job of approximately placing units where they were last left on the field. In instances where this occurs overnight, surely some kind of works should have been developed. Make it so that player can execute this as a command at the cost of recovering condition %. Also as the battle rages in daylight, again I believe works are viable, and should be built with a corresponding trade-off in recovering condition %. --- Is the game is too easy? - Now, this forum has many intellectual and experienced people on it which is likely not representative of the broader gaming populous however, the true mark of a good game is that even the best players cannot win every time on the top difficulty. Is that the case here? - To be clear on this point I play random every time so I do not know how many times (or if at all) I have played against the top difficulty. --- Fog of War - Fog of war is a little different from line of sight. It seems I can still "see" brigades outside of my line of sight. When I scout this area with a general, will I find a brigade there? If the answer is 'sometimes' I am fine with the mechanic the way it is today. if the answer is 'yes', it must needs be changed. --- Start the battle elsewhere - Provide an option not just for one-off skirmishes, but entire campaigns that start elsewhere on the battlefield. Is this possible? Would it reduce AI predictability? --- Commanders - I got used to the difficulty in identifying Corps commanders and solved for it by assigning them as a group number. However I think it should be easier to identify them by using a mechanic similar to that one witnesses when a unit is losing morale and condition (begins to flash). Have 'em flash a different color or something, and/or have it go from left to right instead of right to left, or whatever. Many good suggestions on the forum. --- Cavalry - Many instances where I have encountered new enemy cavalry or provided some of my own. I am not sure what to say about these units. It looks like a disorganized mess of Dorthraki. Just too many horses! --- Topography - I think it is very close. More shadowing / brightness might help better distinguish low ground from high; adding more elevation figures will certainly help. --- That's all for now again thank you developers and forum community for the opportunity for early access to the game and the opportunity to learn from and interact with you. I look forward to multiplayer when I destroy you all.
  20. Hi all, the early access stage of the game already is lots of fun. It's streamlined yet game-play and capable AI are enjoyable while giving you a feeling of authenticity. I dare say with this combination of features the game is rather unique. As a feedback there are two things I noticed about which I'm not sure weather they have been stated here already: On the map some buildings are "bending" when the camera is moved, apparently to simulate a 3D effect. But the buildings are bending in the direction of the camera position instead of bending away from it. This feels a bit odd and seems to be the opposite from reality. Is this just my impression? Sometimes it's very difficult to easily identify peer units or generals on the field, especially in intense gaming moments. If this is not already on the known issue list under OOB, it would be a nice addition to be able to identify peers and generals in an easy way. When coming from other games like Scourge of War such a feature is sorely missed.
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