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  1. I believe when you click on a tech you can't yet research it highlights the tech you need to unlock it. That's how I found out how to get French re-bored guns.
  2. After Copenhagen, I now have over 8000 prisoners, costing me over 8000 per turn. I'm already at -48k per turn and have to survive on mission rewards. If they could just vanish, that would be a good thing, financially! I'd sell some Ardent-class ships to remedy my monetary shortfall, but I have no way of knowing how many I'll need in the future.
  3. I've played up to Camperdown so far, and in the past few battles I've faced nothing but Ardent-class third rates - often in large battles with ten or twenty of them on the opposing side. Is that intentional or a placeholder for more varied enemy fleets? Even without adding new classes like the OP suggested, couldn't there be more of the existing classes used, like the Bellona?
  4. This is something I've only encountered in one battle, earlier today, but I figured I'd write a post because I figured out how to work around it. At some point late in the battle (Camperdown), one of my ships stopped receiving wind in its sails. They could be perfectly positioned to catch it, but they just hang limply while other nearby ships sailed gracefully. So the ship could only very slowly turn as it remained otherwise useless. I figured out that this could be fixed by putting the ship under AI control; and it stayed fixed after reverting to my control. It happened to a couple of other s
  5. I don't think I've been able to do anything with my prisoners ever since the French Revolution, and it's now 1801. I don't know whether that's intentional or not, but they keep accumulating and costing me money to feed.
  6. Spain also uses its 1785 flag prior to that, but overall I don't particularly mind. There could be design limitations on switching between flags for different periods.
  7. I've seen the HMS Asia, the lead British ship at the Battle of Navarino, referred to as a second rate, and that was constructed in 1824. But I suppose the definition of rates had changed by then, right?
  8. Having captured a single Endymion-class frigate from the French, and having assessed its capabilities, I find it a little odd that it's categorized as 5th rate. My historical understanding is that it was considered so when it had 40 guns, but was subsequently reclassified as a 50-gun 4th rate. The model we use in the game has 52 guns and weighs 1500, which is closer to a small 3rd rate than most 5th rates. I haven't played the American campaign yet, but I think super-frigates are considered 4th rate. Should that also apply to the Endymion?
  9. Here's something that has been mildly annoying me at times and which I think can be easily improved. Say you have a line of battle and you move a ship out of it. All the ships behind it keep following the lead ship in the line. But what if you want to remove the lead ship? You then have to reassign every other ship to the one behind it. What if assigning a ship to another ship or another direction made all the ones behind it follow that ship instead of the first one? If you want to remove it from the line, you could then easily select the ship behind it and click on the ship in front of it. Th
  10. It does look like you keep the guns of trophies you send to the admiralty. I don't remember whether that was the case before. Edit: Those were probably the guns of the trophy I kept, unless something has already changed from yesterday. I may have gotten confused because I kept one and sent off the other.
  11. There have been indications that they will consider it after the game is out of beta but not before.
  12. Grenadiers seem to have better stats overall, so I expect they'd be consistently better than fusiliers as they gain experience. I haven't looked into the price difference, though.
  13. I think a Spanish campaign heavily featuring the Gulf Coast campaign in the American Revolution would be interesting too. People all too often forget that Spain wasn't perpetually in decline in that period, and their conquest of West Florida was a pretty neat feat. The scale of operations there and the combination of land and naval action could make it suitable for this game as a DLC.
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