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  1. I have played both nations from 1890 to 1930. Very good, and I put my full trust in Dev's ability to polish it even better. Just one big QoL issue: please allow the players compress time at players' will. Sometimes I just wanna chase the enemy, and they are not spotted. I just, sit idle irl. Very boring, very tedious. Or sometimes the enemy is kiting me but my ships are winning anyway, firing at the enemy without any of my intervention, and I know, as a fact, the enemy will be sunken. And I just, sit idle irl. Very boring, very tedious. So could you please allow players to choos
  2. Oh so if it's tonnage+5000, coupled with same HP for every ship, then indeed a lot could be explained.
  3. After winning the 1910 German scenario, I am still stuck at 1910. Fix when? So it appears that winning through peace deal doesn't unlock the next decade of war. You need to force the enemy to have a revolution. Imo this needs to be changed.
  4. Is it just me, or how could I move the campaign map faster? Right now dragging the map is super slow.
  5. No, the resistance has nothing to do with anything here. Pre-dreadnought has negligible resistance. In this 1890 scenario, resistance is 60, which gives a mere -8% gun damage reduction.
  6. My 16500t pre-dreadnought can only take 5k damage
  7. If so, then the Dev definitely needs to show these parts on ship design interface. And how/where did you know this information? Is it written somewhere in the game? I do feel terrible ship designs, such as the one in my picture, in which too many turrets are placed in (relatively weak) extended parts would result in more detonation. But on the other side rudders are so easily destroyed, which are probably in extended parts. So I'm feeling maybe an even armor thickness is better than all or nothing.
  8. Let's take this Japan super BB hull as an example. Where is the demarcation line between deck and its extension? And, does deck/belt provide better protection compared to extended part, if the armor thickness is set all the same, all the same for all the parts?
  9. Often times I have torps fully loaded but they refuse to launch. Even more often is the loaded guns refusing to fire a full salvo. Instead, only two of all the turrets fire. For example let's say my ship has 4 turrets, each with 3 guns, and the reloading time is 60s. The ship fires a full salvo, 12 bullets, good. Then it finishes reloading after 60s. Then only 2 turrets fire, sending 6 bullets. Then after another 60s, it gives another full salvo of 12 bullets. And so on. I am quite certain this is not supposed to be caused by turret traverse speed since it steadily gives full salvo-2 tur
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