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  1. I'm just here for the Hawaiian world conquest. As much as I feel like this is "let's expand the modding possibilities just to see if we can," I'm going to shut up now because it's glorious.
  2. Oh, god no. Don't make them go bankrupt. Spain is about to collapse, and that means all their territory will fall under the minor nations system, where it's essentially non-interactable and can take up to 30 years to be integrated by someone. Ideally, given the way the game works now, nations would never collapse unless they lose all their ports. If the majors didn't break up into a bunch of minors I'd be okay with it, but that's not what we have.
  3. @o Barão Okay, this is looking much better. Pre-war: After a few years: The diplomatic influence system has been infuriating this game, so I haven't seen any of the new ships yet, but the war economies look adequate. They can probably be tweaked upward a bit (looking at you, Spain), but it's not hurting anything the way it is now.
  4. You missed that part. I do hope you mean you won't further tighten the economic screws? As for screenshots, what do you want to see?
  5. @o Barão Finally, I have time for a new campaign: 1890/Normal/USA It's now 1914, and everyone is at war and has been for about 3-6 years, depending on the nation in question. No nation has a GDP growth above 2.5% (except me), and no one has a fleet larger than 40 ships, except the Soviets at 83, but they're economically f****d anyway with their economy contracting at -2%. A lot of this reflects the concerns I had about economy changes. It's generally fine during peace, where everyone has a GDP growth between 4% and 7%, but war wrecks everyone. Growth drops to at best 2%, and the weaker nations immediately go negative. Not by much, usually between -0.2% and -0.7%, but once the AIs start losing convoys, they're forced into a contractionary spiral with no end but peace, which is why the AIs all have small fleets. The strongest nations, Great Britain, Germany, and France, have $67b, $54b, and $50b economies, respectively. The weakest - Italy, Japan, and Austria - have $23b, $18b, and $8b (!) respectively. I have a $97b economy. I have 50% more economic power than GB. In 1914. They start with damn near a 100% relative lead. It's far, far easier to outstrip the AI with tight economic constraints than it is with generous economic constraints. Oh, and I collapsed Spain by taking just her colonies. That was a 1v1 war, and Spain had fought no other wars. In vanilla, on normal difficulty, that's almost impossible to do. I'm not sure I see the merit in a tightened economic system if it makes the AI even more fragile than it already is. I'd much rather have huge, un-spendable budgets and be able to build whatever I want if it means the AIs can operate large, modern fleets and sustain long wars.
  6. That's a thing, but for the Scharnhorst class, they were designed for 15" guns. Hitler overruled the admirals in favor of 11" guns. That's generally attributed to the British reaction to the Deutschlands and their 11" guns, and the fear that anything larger would provoke a British attempt to destroy the ships in the dockyards to force Versailles compliance. As it was, the Scharnhorsts were constructed in deep secrecy until it didn't matter anymore.
  7. Oh, absolutely. It's just that most people seem to think they were purpose-built raiders from the keel up when it was more like, "How the hell are we going to squeeze 11" guns into 10k tons and make it useful?" The same thing happens with the Scharnhorsts (let's build BBs with 11" guns so the Royal Navy doesn't pound them to dust in the dockyards) and Alaskas (naval conservatism meets the apex of pre-CV cruiser design).
  8. As well, specifically considering the Deutschlands, their construction was made attractive because of limitations imposed by the Treaty of Versailles. Versailles cruisers designed to replace pre-dreadnaughts were always going to be weird.
  9. Lol. I nearly called it the Santa Fien, but that would've broken the brains of all the Austrians on the forum and created a black hole in the center of the Earth.
  10. I don't really think that's too much of a problem. Aside from your Kaiserlanta (nicely done, btw.), you're not going to be hitting anything with those beyond 2km until you get better towers and Mk2-3 guns and rangefinders. Frankenships are fun, but they're rarely effective. That's always been incentive enough for me to build more historically and conservatively.
  11. I don't think people get annoyed by the AI doing the smart thing and running so much as having to fight that battle in the first place. If you can't catch them and they're just going to immediately refuse the engagement, why generate the fight at all? Fortunately, that rarely happens with the mandatory engagements. So the engagements where it is likely to happen, i.e.: smaller fights where the player has a huge advantage in everything but speed, can just be skipped by ending the turn.
  12. I can say that the mini-map works flawlessly for me. No crashes, no weird camera changes - zoom, expansion, and drag function as they should. Edit: Playing as China, so it helps quite a bit.
  13. Oh, it's a click-and-drag mini-map too... I'm so happy right now...
  14. Just a quick addition to this - if you right-click the game in Steam, under Properties -> Installed Files, you have the option to "Verify the Integrity of Game Files". Try that first. It cuts down on your download size and is a fair bit quicker. If that doesn't work, do what Pappystein said.
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