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  1. What about giving L'Hermione a figurehead ? Couldn't the lion figurehead of La Belle Poule fit on L'Hermione ? What about giving the Surprise a figurehead (and a new 3D model behind) ? What about a DLC with figureheads ?
  2. Give the Surprise, the Rattlesnakes, the Cerberus this paint scheme of L'Hermione :
  3. Not for Prussia, but for France as it was an ally of the French Empire, headed by Jérôme Bonaparte, Napoleon's young brother. 😀
  4. I'd love to see the Vanilla paint scheme of L'Hermione or La Renommée on the Surprise and the Rattlesnake.
  5. Ain't the Old Wild West C'est le bon vieux Brest
  6. @Tenet Some more facts : 1) Optimal crew of LRQ in war time : 300 (according to her captain). 2) The surface of the Mediterranean = surface of the Caribbean Sea (more or less) 3) Cerberus (you mentioned in OP) length = 118' (imperial ft) breadth = 33' Pandora length = 115' breadth = 32' LRQ length = 123' breadth = 28' This is my last post in that thread. Please, take the time to look for and use reliable sources. Have fun in game. 😀
  7. The fact is you make up your own History to support your opinion 😉
  8. Historical facts : The Majorcan shipbuilders built LRQ to take onboard 300 crew and 50-60 days of food Crew on LRQ (in 1752, in peace time) : 245 (according to A. Demerliac, Nomenclature des Navires français) In 1753, Chevalier de Fabry, Captain of LRQ, spoke in favour of 200 crew in time peace and 280-300 in war time. In his letter to the French Navy, he forecasts one only objection from the Admiralty : the cost of the crew wages... Crew lists of LRQ in peace time show 187-245 crew. One crew list of LRQ in 1759, thus in war time, shows 228 crew. But other crew lists exist and would show other crew numbers, especially in war time. According to crew lists, crew seemed more numerous on xebecs of the French Navy than on the corvettes and frigates that carried the same armament. Thus, 250 crew for in-game LRQ seems fair.
  9. Devs have better sources than you (Boudriot, Le Requin) and had great forumers' help to animate the model and make the stats of LRQ. You can trust them. In fact, up to 300 crew could embark Le Requin IRL... Yes, they are.... French 8-pdr = British 9-pdr Thus I say 'no' to the following part : LRQ has nothing to do with a 5th-rate Trincomalee. LRQ is a 9-pdr ship that must primarily fight other '9-pdr ships' (USS Niagara, HMS Cerberus, HMS Pandora, La Renommée, HMS Surprise) and smaller ships (6th-rates).
  10. Le Requin was IRL a 9-pdr ship that would have been considered IRL as a 6th rate by the Royal Navy and that can also carry 32-pdr carronades in game. Thus she must be compared with ships that actually carried IRL 9-pdr guns or 32-pdr carro and were considered as 6th Rates by the Royal Navy and that carry in game 9-pdr guns or 32-pdr carro, that are : USS Niagara HMS Cerberus HMS Pandora La Renommée HMS Surprise All those ships like LRQ are shallow water ships in game and LRQ is not the most powerful one of them. While HMS Cerberus, HMS Pandora, La Renommée, HMS Surprise were IRL 6th rates and are shallow water ship in game, they've kept their in-game designation as "5th Rates" (for the missions, I guess).
  11. What about 2 other questions : 1) AI agression as an option you can choose in game : yes no 2) AI agression on : PvE server PvP server both
  12. AI aggression is a great feature (with or without an option to disable it, on one or both servers). May attract lots of ppl Enemy (whatever human or AI) attacking you is the rule is a war game. A recurring project... Will it survive the few vocal ones this time ? Suspense... 😉
  13. +1. + paints for the Surprise and the DLC ships such as LRQ ?
  14. Ancient Greeks then Ancient Rome with their embarked troops or Venice and its marine corps created by the Doge Dandolo during the 4th crusade (ca 1200) and later renamed "Fanti da Mar" could also be considered as the ones who 'created' naval infantry. But I'm sure the first Homo Sapiens had this very idea to put warriors on boats or trunks 😉
  15. Everybody seem to have forgotten that very Leopard is likely to be one of the unfortunate candidates of ship poll 2017... which is understandable (don't ask me to tell what is understandable)
  16. btw the French Navy sold Le Requin in 1770 (and her sistership in 1761). And there weren't any French-made xebec in the French Navy anymore from 1779 on (all replaced by standard Corvettes). However, during the Revolution and the Empire, a few foreign xebecs were captured and used by the French Navy. And some French privateers kept on sailing ones.
  17. Surprising rates, indeed ! Le Cerf a 5th-rate or La Créole a 4th-rate ? No... (Not to mention the Mercury as a 5th-rate.) btw, it must be La Sirène, not Le Sirene.
  18. I guess this is Sané's La Sybille (1790), a 18-pdr French frigate.
  19. French Frigate L'Égyptienne (1799) 50+ guns A monograph about her by Gérard Delacroix recently came out : http://gerard.delacroix.pagesperso-orange.fr/Egypt/plaquette_egypt.htm Boudriot reports :
  20. + quelques (énormes) victoires décisives remportées par Napoléon : 14 juin 1800 : bataille de Marengo (met fin à la Campagne d'Italie) 14 juin 1807 : bataille de Friedland (met fin à la guerre de la 4e coalition) + le 13 juin 1777 : Lafayette débarque en Amérique, pour participer à la guerre d'Indépendance, à bord de... je sais plus... Et toi, Surcouf ? 😉
  21. Si vous aimez les navires à voile(s) avec des canons dessus, allez jeter un coup d'oeil à ce mod (encore en développement) d'ArmA3 🙂
  22. M'est avis qu'il est grand temps de sortir ce jeu... Bonne sortie à tous ceux qui y joueront. Et merci à Barberouge pour avoir été sur le pont toutes ces années d'EA.
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