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  1. A rare pic : the take-off of a Caudron G3 seaplane from the ship La Foudre on 8 may 1914 :
  2. ^ Indeed and that's why those sculptures of Tourville, Duguay-Trouin, Jean Bart, Duquesne (...) from the Naval Museum are an invaluable source about the production of the French figureheads of the period, especially ' for the Téméraire or advanced classes ' (which was Admin's initial question). For now, with the info in this thread including the ship model, figureheads of, at least, Le Duquesne and Le Duguay-Trouin can be modeled with some details in the game... ie, what was or what could have been their figureheads, according to what we know. 🙂
  3. Naval Museum, bust of Duquesne for a figurehead, c. 1822 (?) : See also here
  4. land battles and naval ones are connected via trade, troop landing and transportation, invasions... Nice to have both in a same game. I for one wouldn't understand if there was Chesapeake without Yorktown or Yorktown without Chesapeake, in a given campaign.
  5. Do you now when this ship model was made ? ____________________ From the collection of the Naval Museum of Toulon, sculptures of Tourville, Duguay-Trouin, Jean Bart and Duquesne : Also, Bellone (c. 1815) : And more : here.
  6. According to the French Navy : Laid down in 1888 Launched in 1890 Layed up in 1910 Sold to the Peruvian Navy in 1911, renamed 'Commandant Elias Aguirre' but never delivered because of WWI Guns disembarked in 1915 Sold to Belgium in 1918, renamed Péruvier and used as cargo ship Condemned in 1920 Characteristics : 6400 t ; 14000 cv ; 114 x 15,7 x 7,9 m ; Plans de Bussy ; En acier ; 20 chaudières du Temple ; 3 hélices ; 480 h ; II.194 + VI.164 + 12).
  7. https://www.rtbf.be/info/regions/bruxelles/detail_la-licorne-replique-d-un-voilier-du-17e-siecle-mise-a-l-eau-a-bruxelles?id=10206395
  8. I for one (and Destraex also, I think) talk only about the OW, not battle instances. Needless to say... As for AI aggressiveness (the subject of my post), it still hasn't been implemented yet and can be discussed, knowing some don't like the idea. Cheers 🙂
  9. ... maybe meaning players of the PvE server don't go to NA forum ? About your suggestion, I find it a bit complicated. For example, with "Enemy AI chase mission - Any enemy Cerberus in the OW will give chase to your ship" : sometimes you don't come across a Cerberus for a long time... What about just two simple missions or switch-on/off button(s) you can even press in OW (I prefer that last one) ? 1) Enemy AI chase mission - Any enemy nations ships will attack you and give chase, depending on rates (6th-rates attack 6th-rates, etc.). 2) Enemy AI Run away Mission - Any enemy trader will run away from you.
  10. Real-time tactical games such as the Total War series or the Ultimate Admiral/General ones add to the difficulty the micromanagement of the troops (making them more reflex/speed/action-based), unlike turn-based tactical games such as Field of Glory (that involve more deep thinking). Some players prefer the former type, some the latter...
  11. simply put : a (not realistic) representation of Duguay-Trouin, the French Corsair (with the left hand on the pommel of his sword and the right hand extended forward) : (some representations of Duguay-Trouin)
  12. Before advocating the implementation of stellar destroyers in NA, the Aliens will have to buy the game via Steam. Afterwards, they will have to provide a sufficiently detailed plan.
  13. but land battles are vital to flesh out the US campaign during the AWI
  14. I don't have drawings or pictures. Have you look at Boudriot's 74-gun ship ? 1) If I ain't mistaken, most/lots of ships of the Téméraire class were built between 1782-1789, ie during the Monarchy and Louis XVI' neoclassic style. The lion bow figure sculpture (one sees on earlier L'Hermione and such) was replaced with decorative friezes and then symbols of the royal arms. 2) During the French Revolution, one used allegorical figures related to the names of the ships, names that were related to the Revolution, such as The Revolutionary, The Human Rights, The Unity... Example : La Poursuivante (1796) 3) Then, during the First Empire (1804-1815), symbols of the Ancient Rome related to the power of Napoleon were used : eagle, crown of laurels... Example : Le Triomphant (1809)
  15. why? what about soccer? they're number 1 in the FIFA men's ranking right now...
  16. Great idea ! 🙂 There were also seaplane tenders and... early seaplanes, such as La Foudre (1895) carrying Canard Fabre, Canard Voisin and Nieuport seaplanes from 1910 on.
  17. Not sure there is a strict correlation between having one's own nation in game and buying a game. I for one liked playing a Soviet soldier in the Eastern Front of a WWII game, a US secret agent in Splinter Cell, a French captain in NA, a Japanese samurai in the Mark of the Ninja or an Ancient Greek in TW Rome and so on because it was realistic/believable and helped the immersion (the make-believe). 'Not sure' I would play a game as a Belgian samurai or a US lancer in TW Rome. However I am no MMO specialist... And it might be cultural.
  18. Speaking of land battles, I really like the idea of connecting them to naval battles and fleets : Speaking of connections (and thus nations), I wonder why the focus of such a game as UA:AoS are national campaigns and careers of given Admirals and not a given war and coalitions. Wars were (already) coalition ones. And such battles as the naval battle of Chesapeake (France vs GB) and the (land) siege of Yorktown (with US, French, British, etc. troops) were connected. The first game of the series could have been about the American Revolutionary War with two factions/campaigns : one for the USA ans their allies and one for the British and their allies. The second game about say a Napoleonic war with two playable coalitions, etc. IMHO making it nation-focused give a partial view of History.
  19. ^ You both should think about creating a comic duo together 🙂
  20. Your reasoning : a French (Francisco Gautier) replaces a Spanish (Jorge Juan) at the head of the Spanish shipbuilding from 1765 to 1782 using his (French) system, that's what explains the defeat of the Spanish-French fleet at Trafalgar in 1805 where the British ships were 'surely inspired" by Spanish Juan, thus the Spanish system is better than French one. Ok... 🙂
  21. French 74-gun Téméraire, 80-gun Tonnant and 118-gun Océan, etc. classes, being shit ? Not sure all the Naval Historians will agree with you... 😉 The two ships are not exactly of the same type. The Duguay-Trouin belongs to a variant. See here. Moreover, Admin seems to imply that this ship will be British in game and only visible as HMS Implacable. It makes too (small) differences. And NA "is fond of" Trafalgar 🙂 btw I'd rather see in game captured ships with their original name and nationality... (or at least, both versions) From @Wagram : HMS Implacable : French Le Duguay-Trouin :
  22. The San Juan Nepomuceno was French in design while... French Le Requin was Spanish-designed 😉
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