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  1. michaelws

    How do I "save" ?

    okay...thanks sterner. I appreciate the reply.
  2. michaelws

    how do i move a unit

    thanks Sid that helps. I did have the unit selected when I pressed H. I will learn. Right now I don't play to win...i am just trying to learn the game mechanics. Thanks for the reply.!!!
  3. michaelws

    How do I "save" ?

    I am doing the first part of the campaign. I have taken the town but wanted to "save" the game as i have to go to work. In the menu the word "save" is grayed out and cannot be selected. Is this function still under development or are there specific points where one can save but not until then. If so where and when can I save my game?
  4. michaelws

    how do i move a unit

    Do I left click on the unit flag or icon to select it? then do I left or right click where i want them to go? Also when I hit the "H" key for "halt" the unit keeps going. If I click the icon at the bottom for "halt" then it stops. Fun but frustrating. Need help with basics. Thanks
  5. I got a bit lost in selecting units and then giving them instructions to engage or fire or halt, etc. Is there a manual or a discussion where this topic is covered? Thanks...looks to be a great game. Just bought the early access. I played the iPad version Gettysburg but that was a long time ago and I have forgotten much of how to play.
  6. So hard wipes are due to new patches coming in? Thanks for the reply and the info on becoming a pirate. I think I will go with my second character...being a midshipman and being part of Great Britain. Might be easier to have friends when going into battle...and have their guidance to help me learn the ropes. Thanks again.
  7. I am new...and I was not aware that when I created my first character and redeemed that million in gold and was automatically made a rear admiral...that I would not be given this same opportunity when creating a second character. I was told that to gain better and quicker experience in sail handling and gun control I should come in under a nation. I did not know this. So I created a second character. Lo and behold I saw I could not even afford a repair kit and I have zero gold and am a midshipman. Why is that? I cannot play two characters at once or capitalize anything using two characters so why limit the redeemables and high ranking to only the fist character? Can I remove my first character? The neutral? And if I do will I then be able to redeem the gold and rank with my remaining character? Thanks for any information on this.
  8. Thank you Spork and Prater, I appreciate the advice. Going to read the link on crews now.
  9. Thanks Spork. I just sailed to my first port. I will check the global chat next time I am in game. One more question...I am in a Lynx...and I only have about 4 hours in the game. Do I have to earn my way to a larger vessel of can I purchase, say a brig and outfit it? thanks for your reply.
  10. Thanks Naval Scientist...so there are no practice areas where one can duel with a similarly configured ship? I am in my original cutter.
  11. I haven't and a chance until recently to play, I selected being a neutral and it seems I am initially dumped in Pitts Town. I have only seen another live player there once and only for a few minutes. It was nice to learn how to sail, even at my miserable frame rate of 10 fps, without being immediately attacked by AI ships. But how do I tell which ships I can practice attacking? There are four or five anchored ships there. They don't move. Most are frigate size. Do player names appear on player ships? I saw no names on these anchored ships. I have entered the game three times and each of those three times those same ships remain anchored. Am I supposed to or allowed to attack these ships? Is there a specific thread that deals with these issues...for newbies like me? Thanks for any help with this.
  12. michaelws

    I thought PVE would be a practice environment...

    Thanks guys...I just take this in stride as a spiritual lesson. The goal is to enjoy the journey more than to be the victor. So I will take pride in small steps. Thanks for the tip on the lynx. I thought we had to start with the yacht...and then make five kills to get the lynx. That helps.
  13. michaelws

    I have no Home key on my keyboard

    Sorry Mirones I don't follow what you're saying. Maybe I wll wait until there is an explanatory user guide. Thanks for the reply though...appreciate it.