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  1. I do not see any illustrations or pictures. Were they recently removed? Thanks for any information on this. Would love to follow along with your tutorial series here.
  2. Thanks, folks. I will be more careful in the future. I already abandoned that mission. I sure appreciate your replies. Very helpful.
  3. I just did a mission to deliver a person and when I got there and clicked on "Deliver" it said the "Rewards would be sent to the Money Chest." When I clicked "Confirm," it said, "Couldn't deliver, Item not found." So where do I get this "Money Chest?" Thanks for any help with this.
  4. Figured out what I was doing wrong.
  5. Am ready to put my money to play the closed alpha! Any estimate timewise before they are ready to open the alpha?
  6. okay...thanks sterner. I appreciate the reply.
  7. thanks Sid that helps. I did have the unit selected when I pressed H. I will learn. Right now I don't play to win...i am just trying to learn the game mechanics. Thanks for the reply.!!!
  8. I am doing the first part of the campaign. I have taken the town but wanted to "save" the game as i have to go to work. In the menu the word "save" is grayed out and cannot be selected. Is this function still under development or are there specific points where one can save but not until then. If so where and when can I save my game?
  9. Do I left click on the unit flag or icon to select it? then do I left or right click where i want them to go? Also when I hit the "H" key for "halt" the unit keeps going. If I click the icon at the bottom for "halt" then it stops. Fun but frustrating. Need help with basics. Thanks
  10. I got a bit lost in selecting units and then giving them instructions to engage or fire or halt, etc. Is there a manual or a discussion where this topic is covered? Thanks...looks to be a great game. Just bought the early access. I played the iPad version Gettysburg but that was a long time ago and I have forgotten much of how to play.
  11. Would like to keep my name in the hat for testing...if possible. Thanks. Look forward to this release regardless! Keep up the good work.
  12. Good luck with all of this. I am sure everyone is wishing you the best.
  13. Lots of anticipation. Good luck. Will we get notification here on the forum about early access or somewhere else?
  14. Early access means what? It is exciting to know that you guys are this close to a release. I still cannot believe how enticing the graphics are. Good job. Can't wait. Hopefully your work will raise the bar for other strategy games and other developers/designers will be inspired to produce such quality.
  15. I can' tout any prerequisites that would make me more qualified to beta test your games. I am an artist and I love your graphics...in Gettysburg and the Naval Action game and would love to play them both. To be able to participate in the beta would be wonderful. So I am putting my name out here for consideration. Thanks!
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