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  1. C'est quoi cette nouvelle galère ? Il faut donc traverser les mers en trader pour aller dismantle un ship dans un port capturé à l'autre bout de la carte pour ensuite pouvoir fermer le port ?! Quelle en est la raison ?
  2. Ce forum c'est une excellente chose mais combien de joueurs le consultent et combien même savent qu'il existe ?! Les plus gros joueurs le savent bien évidemment mais une très grande majorité d'entre nous, dont quasiment tous les "casu" ne le consultent pas. Rendre une capitale neutre ce n'est pas rien. Alors oui tout ceci n'a de conséquence que durant 1 à 2 mois, le temps du Wipe, mais je persiste dans le fait que cela aurait mérité une annonce in-game comme celle qui vient d'être mise en place à la connexion pour avertir du Wipe à venir. Si nous n'avions pas récupéré NO (en catastrophe hier), combien de joueurs se seraient connecté dans les jours à venir et seraient tombés sur le fait accompli : plus aucun de leurs bateaux disponibles. Merci en tout cas à ceux qui se sont bougés hier, et à ceux qui le feront encore aujourd'hui, pour récupérer tous les ports de la Louisiane.
  3. Je vais alors rapatrier les bateaux et attendre le wipe. J'aurais cependant apprécié un redeem avec le nombre de Tow to Port adéquat. Passer une capitale en zone neutre aurait franchement mérité un message d'avertissement ingame depuis au moins 1 mois.
  4. Barberouge, tu peux transmettre tout mon désarroi et mon amertume aux dev. Je joue à NO depuis le dernier grand Wipe >1an. J'y ai tous mes bateaux, mes productions, ma fortune... et je ne sais vraiment pas comment rapatrier ces 18 bateaux d'ici la semaine prochaine. Il me semble inconcevable et complètement irresponsable de leur part d'engendrer un tel désagrément, sans même penser à mettre en place un redeem pour aider les joueurs dans mon cas.
  5. Hello, would it be possible to activate big waves in combat instance. I understand that it's quite difficult to do it in open world, but in a unique and non permanent seperate instance, as a combat instance is (?), it should be possible ? Maybe not in your short list at the moment, but later it would be very cool to rebuild sea management to make it adapt to weather.
  6. France is under populated and it's getting worse all the time New french players play few days and leave because of cornering and ganking Many active players have left the nation and it's going on We don"t have enough conquert marks, and moreover, many players who had some disappear So we have no boat, and not enough (skilled / high level) players Stop thinking we can fill a pb, we can't and i think we won"t be able to do it for a long time and probably until the next wipe French fleet is the ghost of itself.
  7. Make a square is the best way to build your map. If you'r looking for full source code have a look on https://github.com/Rodrive/na-map
  8. zyzko

    combat music

    Hoist the colors - The Full song Have also a look on http://naval-action.arcantia.net/?lang=en-US On the nav menu you will find a link with many songs. Cheers
  9. Now, on HTTP pages with an identification form, the following warning message will appear directly below the field in which the user has just clicked: "This connection is not secure. The identifiers entered here could be compromised. " With the launch of this new warning process for Mozilla users, Mozilla is pursuing the policy of securing the entire Web and continues to urge sites to switch to HTTPS. Firefox 52 has a new warning on HTTP sites to remind you that your login is not protected from interception because there is no encryption on HTTP connections, your username and password are sent out over the network as plain text. For administrators : you just need an SSL certificate for the domain name and the port number involved, and it will be solved ; most of SSL Certificates need to be paid for, prices depends on encryption level. For Firefox users : and only if you want to disable that message, which is not recommended : (1) In a new tab, type or paste about:config in the address bar and press Enter/Return. Click the button promising to be careful. (2) In the search box above the list, type or paste insec and pause while the list is filtered (3) Double-click the security.insecure_field_warning.contextual.enabled preference to switch the value from true to false Cheers,
  10. I understand now, gonna see what i can do to add that.
  11. There's an option via the link "Manufacturers of Ships" where you can select a server and the ship you are looking for, it returns all characters able to craft that ship. I'm searching now where could be the bug with flags. it occurs with people and not with others, looks strange, let me know if you find any clue. Cheers
  12. You right. I'v made some change, it's now possible to register up to 3 characters, 1 by server. I have also improved security, password are now encrypt inside the database. To do that i did a reset on the databse so you have to register again. It's possible that some bugs still exist, if you find one please send me a PM, About German translation here is a text file in english, ty for your help. o7 lang_en.txt
  13. I mean a standalone password, do not use your primary password. I will change it soon and add a sha1/salt encryption
  14. Just add the type="password" missing on fields, it's covered now, forgot it. Password storage has no encryption so use a trashlone password,
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