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  1. except there is no context to your screenshot, just that u traded with someone 50k dubs
  2. koltes u do realize if the spanish take the port all the port improvements will drop by a lvl then when u take it all the improvements will drop another lvl so your tribunal is pointless and the devs since vco still owns the port since it was taken on release by vco wont step in ur complaining because someone demolished 2 upgrades by 1 lvl in the port their clan owns. which is a game mechanic. what ur doing is going to drop all upgrades by 2 lvls . you also do realize that many alt clans own many port in other nations and you dont see them trying to justify the actions of 1 clan to an entire nation by making 3 tribunals about the same port in the same day
  3. you made it about VCO and BL4CK i am part of VCO, so yes this is about my clan,
  4. there is no logic there consider about half the clan is still pirate and quite active in port ownership only those that chose to go russian went russian many stayed pirates, there is no this port is owned by an enemy nation its owned by a pirate clan in the pirate nation and some of their members went to another nation. u only want this change so that u can justify the actions ur clan took in helping the spanish to flip neuvitas cause u see vco as a russian clan rather then a pirate clan with more then 40 members active in it and it changes it to the largest clan/strongest clan in the nation can steal any port they want from weaker clans that they dont like or dont want owning ports. its basicly becomes join us or die.
  5. never gonna stop people who have more then 1 pc tho side note sandboxie works fine for me i just logged my alt in
  6. u realize your endorsing gold sellers, basicly ur saying if they dont talk about it on the game chats its ok. cause u wont take other platforms like discord or reddit as evidence of these transactions. ur also not stating the consequences if people are buying game assets for real world currency. or the penalty of those that are selling it but not using the game chats to broker the deals,
  7. why a 24 hour timer tho, why not a 3hour timer
  8. u didnt need to double post that on 2 threads
  9. this player has been breaking the ToS for NA for over a year by selling game assets for real life currencies, this player should face the full force of authority and face a perma ban and any account linked or logged in on that IP before for player Black Market from EBAY clan
  10. u cant green on green even if u tell them if they take your loot u will shoot them by firing on a green named player on your side u are actually in violation of the green on green rules regardless of the situation.
  11. regardless if u tell them not to loot ur kills or stay in ur battle u are still not allowed to green on green in any circumstances
  12. the ability for pirates to join both sides of a battle has been around for more then 2 years. its been around since outlaw battles. other nations only complain because us pirates use this feature to our advantage as pirates should.
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