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  1. The best i could find after a quick search was 1600-1830 hard limit though 1690-1790 preferred. Which means Kronan is just barely outside the preferred.
  2. Well, there aint alot online about the Hemmema frigates, i have thought myself of contacting them about Kronan and one of the larger Hemmemas. But it would be good if you could.
  3. You better upload those on the internet! We need more Swedish ships on this forum, get going!
  4. I also think its gonna be hard to find Swedish things before 1697 due to the national archives burning down that year.
  5. Laid down: October 1665 Launched: 31 July 1668 Commissioned: 1672 Fate: Sunk at the Battle of Ă–land, 1 June 1676
  6. So, what kind of music will you guys listen to while sinking others in Naval action when it comes? I shall be listening to some really fitting music.
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