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  1. @Haratik According to Winfeld, British Warships in the Age of Sail 1793 – 1817, HMS Vengeur and HMS Redoubtable are part of the Armada class. Maybe it is the other way around... I must admit the concept of 'class' remains foreign to me. 🙂
  2. En parlant de ça : "fessons" du verbe fesser : donner la fessée petit canaillou 😁
  3. not sure the UG/UA series can be defined as 'casual' (but I am no expert in video game science) 🙂
  4. I imagined that a clan calling themselves Normandie-Niemen (NN), the name of a WWII Free French squadron still active in the French Army, would defend la belle France, whatever it takes...
  5. ça, ça me fait penser à une réplique du Général Spontz dans Papy fait de la Résistance : (de mémoire, j'ai pas trouvé de vidéo sur le Net) "Saloperie de pays latins, tu les aides et ils te crachent au visage !" Et après il s'en prend au robinet qui "lui résiste". 🙂 J'espère avoir détendu l'ambiance.
  6. Le Redoutable, 74 guns, built in France in 1794 (Téméraire class), sank in the storm following the battle of 1805, before any change of name HMS Redoubtable, 74 guns, built in UK in 1806 (Armada class) If I ain't mistaken 🙂
  7. See Steel division's solution for aircrafts : airbases outside the map (delay to arrive), ability to call them in, timer between each call (refueling/repair time), decks (allowing to pick them up or not)...
  8. I for one understood it as an harmless private joke 🙂
  9. four years of 'Yes we can', now four years of 'Make (my breakfast, my holiday, my girlfriend, my dog...) great again' 'Looking forward to' the next one... 😉
  10. The first submarine sunk by seaplanes may be the French Foucault on 15 sept. 1916 by Austro-Hungarian planes : Bases of the French Naval Air forces in 1918 (certainly shared with the Allies) against enemy submarines/bases/ships : (dark blue : airships ; light blue : seaplanes ; red : captive balloons) Info (in French) and source
  11. ^ You think it is a conspiracy... You may be right 'They' are everywhere! 😁
  12. Any piece of fiction (movies, video games, novels...) is driven by a set of values. No one really interested in 'historical truth' would turn brothels into plain buildings to craft 'morale boost' or 'efficacy increasing'... Up to you to suggest an acceptable implementation of brothels in NA. Just my 2 cent You can also go to the tavern of Sid Meier's Pirates to pick up ideas. Needless to say, up to the devs to implement whatever they want.
  13. We all know you favor very long voyages around NA OW. But someone has to say it to you : you've been staying in the OW for too long... 😉
  14. Forget about brothels, instead suggest something about taverns. No need to promote the sexual exploitation of women. 🙂
  15. But the custom for a Sol not to shoot first at a smaller ship is true, right ? If so, this constraint could be implemented into an Age of Sail game to compensate their speed. (btw, is a Sol faster than a Brexit? 😉)
  16. Doesn't the official website advertise a single-player game vs AI fleets with 2 options : a campaign or instant battles (which is fine) ? btw there is a misspelling : 'against AI fleets'
  17. I saw on a youtube vid that there was an interesting line of sight tool for land/landing battles. If there were to be a French campaign implemented in game some day, I guess it could be fun/unusual to have the French Aerostatic Corps with balloons for reconnaissance. They took action from 1794 to 1802 (battle of Fleurus, campaign in Egypt…). One of these balloons, L'Intrépide, is exhibited at the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum in Vienna. 🙂
  18. A crane lifting a seaplane back to the seaplane carrier after a sea landing (may 1914):
  19. A Greek/Roman warrior as an allegorical figure of what is "redoubtable" (ie the name of the ship) would be a logical choice for a figurehead made during the French Revolution at the time of the name change (1794).
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