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  1. Give the St. Pavel 18 pd + the best turn rate of all 2. rates (do not nurf the Christian to achieve this god damn it, buff the Pavel so it can handle 3. rates better). That would IMO make the Pavel great again! But this exact topic has been raised many times before, but I'll support it yet again because I miss sailing the Pavel. Current major down sides (why I do not use it): Weakest 2. rate in fire power, the most exposed 2. rates when it comes to leaks because of the major heel, not the fastest, not the best turn rate and it does not have chasers.. Those are serious drawbacks, for what
  2. I like the idea. I always wanted the option to have different colors on the sails. DLC's that bring more diversity to the ships look in OW and battles, but not an advantage is in gereral a very good idea imo.
  3. I get this: If your doing a hostility with 10 players in crafted 1. rates, vs 10 NPC in 1. rates, and then 10 players use loki rune to take over the NPC 1. rates. I can imagine there will be some fire ships followed by a bording fest.. And if some defending players join then I guess it would seriously suck for the attackers and their 10 crafted 1. rates yes.. But what is the chance of that happening? 🤣
  4. Are we all absolutely sure this is a bug an not a feature? I like the idea of a player replacing any AI at any given time.. It is fun!
  5. From what I experienced today I agree that we take way to much crew damage in general from fire-ships. It is very unrealistic to take a lot of crew damage at what I consider to be long distance, 200-300 meters. If your in "Brace" at that distance the crew loss should minimal/zero. Not sure how much RNG is involved in crew damage, but imo brace should flat out guarantee that you keep at least 50% of your current crew at close range and then increase up to 100% at 200 meters. I like sail/mast damage a lot, but I have never noticed taking hp damage from a fire ship.. Looking forward to th
  6. 😭 Edit: I want a Diana and then some poods to go with both decks please
  7. I do not get how the alliances feature would help the OP issue (he needs safe zone or aggressive AI), but anyway: I would like to have the alliance feature reintroduced to the game, in a modified and limited way. So nations can only ally to one other nation. And we avoid the big chain/blob alliances we had (server basically had 2 nations because of the previous alliance system). Anti Zerg measures is also needed. So the nations with the most ports and the nation with the most players should be excluded form entering into alliances with other nations. If a nation that is in an all
  8. It has been suggested before, but why not make all ports upgrade-able to 55 point ports, just by investing large amounts of victory marks.
  9. Most of it sounds very good. My concern: If AI is only aggressive in their own nation waters then I'm fine with aggressive AI. But for example if a french AI fleets outside La Tortue will attack me when I'm sailing into the port and when french have no ports in the area, I will find it annoying..
  10. If owning 1 port in the region would allow the enemy nation to jump to next region then yes! If enemy nation needs to take 3-4 ports, then the regional capital, just to pass a nation they are not interested in fighting it will be to slow to be fun imo..
  11. I disagree. Could exclude basic cutters maybe, but the PvE damage must count or patrol zones die for obvious reasons.
  12. Just make the scroll tick 1 up or down, then it is fine.
  13. All chest will show as "Dead mans chest" in OW, I belive. Bug reported this over a year ago.
  14. We have this, chat window. Logg is from you logged on last time.
  15. It is annoying to jump around and use doubloons in search of something, that you thought you had somewhere. So maybe a warehouse content view per port in the outpost window would be nice addition.
  16. Hey! Main issue: I find it annoying to have to claim my rewards after doing a patrol. Now we do not have to take the mission before we sail, this is great! But this was just 1/2 of the issue. I seriously do not understand why it can not auto collect for us @maintenance. Why do we have to remember to claim our rewards? It is just not user friendly imo.. It auto claimed for us by the game when maintenance starts would make this 100% user friendly/idiot proof.. Then there is the weekly: light ships, frigates and line ships. Why can this not be auto activated for all players who log on?
  17. I'm against this. AI fleet have good loot, compared to hostility and mission AI at least. If you get enemy AI fleets sailing to you capital you will sit at the docks and attack them when they are inside the capital zone. This is fine for rookies learning the game and ranking up, but not for rear admirals. As mentioned earlier that is what the PvE server is intended for.
  18. This is a word around. A button for docking all ships you currently in and have in fleet would be a good addition to the game imo
  19. Random fire should seriously be removable/ possible to deactivate. Make it a DLC and I'll pay for it!
  20. The GPS perk is a bit over kill, we should have a way to find our position with out using a perk and the trader tool triangulation imo. Sitting stil for 30 sec and then getting a marker on the map is a very good suggestion imo as standard knowledge for all.
  21. I sailed straight trough it 2 times, I stopped in the middle then I just restarted and it finished perfectly the 2. time.
  22. As long as it requires a player to actually sail into OW and do something, I like it. If it is just for logging on and then straight out again I do not see the point.
  23. I encountered this issue in 2 tutorials also: When I'm told to enter circle it just does not register when I enter it, so I can not finish. 1. time was the tutorial for manual sailing, so I just reset the tutorial and do it all again and then it registered when I entered. 2. time I sent a bug report, and that was the capture tutorial. My repair was stuck at 12% and on that one I also sent a bug report.
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